Thursday, December 26, 2019

I Like Thursday

welcome to this week's list of likes.
Actually I almost forgot to write this in the Christmas Haze, so just a few things this time.
On Christmas eve eve we visited the town of Ft Collins and I saw so much to like. The little tray was in a store (no I didn't get it)

right?    am I right?
I do enjoy a pun
finally a cow stocking, where've you been all my life?
an array of flamingo ornaments
painted wall murals through the town
adorable calm poodles in a store who don't beg for gifts
DH has been off work starting Monday, so we have been going and doing. I have lovely stories of meeting people at the Post Office, and going to the science museum, cards and gifts sent by friends from afar, and more. I've been enjoying writing the Together Tuesday posts about encounters with others, I hope you've enjoyed reading them.

I liked Call the Midwife holiday special on Christmas day... the books it's based on were terrific too.

I liked that When calls the Heart is back on, and we watched the latest series of Midsomer Mysteries. Exciting news, Mrs Maisel and Murdoch murders is back streaming! Yea!

downtown lights in Ft Collins
warm-ish temps the last few days are making a dent in the street glaciers from over, (OVER) a month ago's storm, finally. Oh they aren't gone, but are starting to melt.

DH got me a turquoise fountain pen that I am currently in love with. I want to write and write and write!

Sorry to see the end of Lawson's advent calendar but the games remain for me to play as long as I like!

Milo's Moments
Check out this cutie I met and charmed in Ft. Collins while shopping with my peeps. Great sweater and scarf right? We wanted to play but both our peeps said, it wasn't a great idea.

I wondered if people sitting at this outdoor cafe might get a frozen butt lol, BOL!

I've been doing a lot now that daddy has been home. I'm kind of tired from all of the fun so I make sure to nap a lot. I'm also playing with my new toys.

I make sure to eat and drink lots during the winter, and take these words of wisdom from me,
if you get a chance to eat a cookie do it.

now mama says after saying hi, please go see the other people to see their lists this week!

toodles poodles!



  1. Great likes! Did you get the cow stocking? Thank you so much for the lovely miniquilt! That fabric you printed Scout's photo on is fantastic! Can I ask what brand you used? Are you noticing Milo naps more now? I see that with Scout, mostly around 4 or so. She is not an evening pup! Have a wonderful week with Drew! Thank you again!

  2. Flamingos AND flying pigs, Oh My! Hope your Day was jolly. And, yes, I enjoy your "encounter" posts.

  3. Downtown Ft. Collins definitely has beautiful Christmas lights! Love that cow stocking - amazing what you can find. We loved the Call the Midwife holiday special! It was the perfect thing to watch last night.

  4. We missed Call the Midwife on Christmas. Thanks for the heads-up! We hope that Santa brought you everything on your list, Milo!

  5. Looks like Milo has had a busy time of it...great pix...hugs, Julierose

  6. That cow stocking is a hoot - oh, wait a minute, maybe it's a moo. LOL Glad the ice is finally melting. Our snow is almost gone again. Milo is such a social butterfly. Enjoy your time getting out and about.

  7. Lot of good stuff! The complimentary colors made me chuckle. Enjoy the time off!

  8. The cow stocking is cute. Great like for the week. Milo always finds such interesting friends. Enjoy your family time.

  9. Well, you sure found some fun items on your outing. I would've gotten the turquoise pen too! I love puns too, so I enjoyed that one!

  10. Hi LeeAnna! Ft. Collins looks beautiful and a fun place to check out. Milo, as always is adorable. That jacket looks quite fetching and warm. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Looks like a fun place - love the moo-sock! Milo is so sweet and always making friends. Hope you had a nice holiday and the New Year is a good one. x Karen

  12. Comment about your last two posts.
    I am so glad you are finding a niche with fellow writers too LeeAnna. There is so much to learn and I find sometimes if someone says something, that will be a spark for a great writing theme for me. It is all inspiration.
    It sounds like DH has an amazing workplace. Good bosses are very hard to find!
    Meanwhile, Milo is sure enjoying the holidays as well as his Mom with all her nifty things. |Enjoy it all!

  13. ...yes, 'life is better with friends' and wouldn't it be nice if 'we're all on the same team!' Thanks LeeAnna, Happy New Year to you.

  14. Milo, I absolutely love your jacket. It's beyond adorably cute!

  15. Stunning photo of lights! the doggy is cute.

  16. I love flamingos and I love Milo. Awww.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  17. What a bunch of fun goodies. I love the flamingos and Fort Collins' lights are so pretty! Happy New Year!