Thursday, May 2, 2019

I Like Thursday #139

Welcome to this week's list of likes! There's always something to like even if it's small, it may bring happiness in the moment, right?
We returned to the garden center, and found some white eggplant... plants to purchase. I have to set up some containers for vegetables still and we just had more snow but I wanted to make sure we had them. I loved the owl planters and the chess table with budhas. Now that's a zen game!
clematis were in bloom there already.
ever see funny things on a walk, and break yourself up with captions? DH said, "The Emperor's new clothes, now on sale at H&M"
If thats the trend I'll continue to be not trendy
got this whale of a mug at the garden center because he made me happy
Going up? High rise?
"House for sale. Open floor plan, plenty of light, move in ready!"
I didn't get a picture, but one of our trees is blooming yellow and a little yellow bird built his nest there. Great camo.
We'll test the sun (if it comes back) when pigs fly... this should make me smile when I see the piggies lit up at night!
I liked cutting up this little quilt, gifted to me long ago never used. I cut it up into mug rugs, and now it's useful.

We met and talked to a wonderful beader at the bead show last weekend. I did an interview and will post that tomorrow. I sure loved talking to her and her husband! (she gives lessons)

I am enjoying the Amazing Race again, finally. Love the book I'm reading (look at Monday's post)

Milo's moments 
Hi everyone! You know I like being with my peeps. On a walk through a shopping center I saw this fellow outside a chocolate shop...
I might not be the bravest poodle out there, but I love adventure and meeting new friends, so I had a sniff. And a look.
He didn't move at all, so that was good, means he isn't aggressive. I'm a lover not a fighter.
He smelled like candy, and human puppies.

I had to get my hairs cut last weekend, and I decided to try to stand still to help the Mama. ( a poodle could get an ear cut off if they wiggle too much) so after that I decided I needed something special as a reward.
Aside from playing with Gracie and Little Murphy, my last like this week is macadamia nuts. I love nuts! Mama calls me nutty.

UPDATE*  I just learned Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs!!! He will not get any more but he did have a few! Yikes! I've heard of so many toxic foods for dogs but never saw this on a list til Molly mentioned it in comments! Thank you!!!

Also doing I Like posts this week are...(I don't know why they came out so weirdly spaced)


Minou's Minute  

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  1. Love those beaded bracelets, LA! Milo's meeting with Mr. Bear, is so funny--great pix Milo looks so dapper in his red collar...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a fun friend you found, Milo, and you look so handsome with your Poodle cut! Check on this but mom is pretty sure that Macadamia nuts are not good for us pups.

  3. Love the flying piggies solar light. I have a turquoise peacock solar light that hangs over my deck from the rain gutter. It puts out a pretty little blue light after dark. The bracelets are awesome.

  4. Enjoyed reading your post! LOL at the Emperor's new clothes being a hit fashion although I did read where yesterday or maybe today was garden naked day. Even *if* I was remotely in shape, I think I'll also pass on those two trends. Hope you'll take a pic of your flying pigs mobile all lit up when you get it set. I'd like to see that. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and rest of your weekend.

  5. the mug is something I would buy immediately too! and I love the owls!!!

  6. Those owl planters are really neat! And what a good idea to make mug rugs out of an used quilt. I bet I have some I could do that with, too. Milo with the bear on the bench must have been hilarious!

  7. The flower is so pretty. I like remaking something to have a new use. I am glad the bench bear did not move, Milo....

  8. Hi LeeAnna! Oh that whale mug is SO DARN CUTE! As is Milo (all the time) sniffing the animal outside of the chocolate shoppe. I love all of your likes this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. One of the best things this time of year is visiting garden centers. They often have such nice things. Love the owls...of course! Have a thing for mugs and that one you got is a beauty. The mug rug to rest it on is cute too. I keep thinking I should make some of those...definitely my speed.
    Love how Milo gets to have these outings too.

  10. I love the pictures of Milo the best and I'm glad you found out about those nuts. I didn't know this either.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  11. Good Afternoon, LeeAnna ... So much fun seeing your I Like finds of the week. No macadamia nuts for Milo means more for mama ... and me. Pass 'em please. I like Trader Joe Macadamia. nuts. My clematis is not in bloom yet. Too coll and rainy here ... but no snow ... or so I hope ... I will count my blessings ... :) Pat

  12. Your 'mug rugs' are just precious. Love them!

  13. Love the owl planters, and the mug rugs!
    Looking good, Milo!

  14. What a great idea to make mug rugs! I love seeing what Milo is up to! I would love to go to a bead show and find some treasures. You sure did! Thanks for I Like Thursday. I just posted my first one!!

  15. Love those owls in the first picture. I think Milo knows how to make friends wherever he goes. Thanks for linking up today.

  16. What a neat chess table/set. White eggplant? Not too sure. Great reuse of the tiny quilt. I have to be careful too. Bobbin seems to insist that she thinks she likes pistachio nuts. I insist that she doesn't.

  17. Love those owls! Goofy little flying pigs! I hope they light up well. I like those mug rugs.

  18. Oh the owls are planters as well! I would like to have a collection of them - so cute. The chess with buddas would be nice, too...

  19. So funny seeing Milo checking out the big bear on the bench. Priceless shots!

  20. Milo looks so pretty with his new do!! He is so black yet (Scout is just about all grey-blue at this point! Love your finds and Milo with the stuffed animal is hysterical!

  21. I love all the pictures of the beautiful bead work. Your pyrite cabochon is so cool- I can't wait to see what you do with it. And I had no idea about the macadamia nuts. Blue licked a small section of chocolate frosting off a cake for a work party this week- I was so grateful to find him before he ate any more of it- a chocolate toxicity reaction would have been awful....