Saturday, May 11, 2019

Orange snowballs

The color for May at Rainbow Scrap Challenge is orange, so here are my orangecicle snowballs. Like a snowcone, or some people call them shaved ice, with orange syrup.

I love the color orange for it's warmth and sparkle, and the smell of orange blossoms, the taste of a really juicy orange. Sweet and tart.

I have a small but mighty stash of little orange scraps, and since they are a bit small for my template, I had to use many of the same fabrics in both snowball blocks and chandelier blocks.
I made 12, to be combined with all the other colors at the end of the year.
It's silly but some of these are the last of their kind, and it's hard to let myself use them. But this way I'll get to look at them. I love the tiny leaves, and the moon/star orange with red orange tints. That batik that looks like rice has been hanging around my stash for long enough!

Funny the opposite needs to keep the special fabrics, and to use the special fabrics.

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  1. Your orange snowballs are lovely--remind me of the creamsicles I used to eat as a child...yummy hugs, Julierose

  2. Love your fabric choices and the snowballs!

  3. Yummy looking orange snowballs! Such fun fabrics hiding in there.

  4. Love the orange snowballs! I find myself doing the same when I know it is the last of a scrap. Better to use it, is what I tell myself.

  5. Hi LeeAnna! I don't think it's funny at all being reluctant to use those favorite scraps up. I feel that way, too; and the same way when I finish a really good book. Love the orange snowballs- you had more than enough of the white stuff so it is past time to move on to the orange variety. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Such adorable orange pieces. Especially love that bottom left one with the yellow highlights. Whimsical and colorful. 😄

  7. Those are such great blocks! I love looking at the fun prints you have - I have those moments of not being sure I want to use up the last bit of some of my favorites, too.

  8. Hi LeeAnna,
    What creative days you have! fabric painting, painting, sewing and making stuff! Looks wonderful!
    Just catching up after a trip "up north" in Manitoba Canada!
    Love your orange scrap challenge!

  9. "It's silly but some of these are the last of their kind, and it's hard to let myself use them." FINALLY!! Someone who thinks the same way I do about fabric scraps. It is SEW difficult to use that very LAST bit!!!

  10. Fabulous fabrics make beautiful blocks! I agree that is wonderful to see favorite fabrics in the blocks, but it hurts a little when they get used up.

  11. Wonderful fabrics. Yes, it's hard to use up the last bits but you are looking at it the right way. You can see them more frequently in a finished quilt. And you make me remember I want to start a snowball quilt soon. Have fun.

  12. Those orange blocks are so striking - beautiful oranges! I've sewn a block similar to that one. It was called Royal Cross or something like that.

  13. LA - it's interesting what people see when they look at a piece - first, I saw the white pieces as petals of flowers. Then I saw the orange pieces as end to end pinatas. What could this mean? Never mind … and the fabric that appealed to me the most looks like peacock feathers. So pretty!

  14. Oh my GOSH, I love your orangecicle snowballs! They are just sultry summer fun personified!

  15. Lovely!! I have that one with the tiny leaves!