Thursday, May 16, 2019

I Like Thursday #141

Welcome to this week's list of likes! There is always something to like during the week, right?
We went to a little mountain town called Georgetown last weekend. We hoped to go to Santa Fe for my birthday but it was raining so we decided to postpone that trip. Georgetown was a center for a lot of mining towns, holding entertainment, courthouses, hotels, etc. It still has many original buildings so we walked around and absorbed the history. I enjoyed an antique shop where I saw something called a square baby grand piano... never heard of that. The lovely ladies in the first image, and lots of architectural details
lovely doors
concrete sidewalks
unusual fences
pretty outbuildings
inviting porches, look at the carved balustrade
fancy solarium's for mid 1800's mining town

It snowed while we were there... oy vey!
I liked this saying carved on a ceramic cup
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" by Helen Keller
and that Milo picked it out
I loved that a jewelry store owner told me that every day she wakes up and asks God to help her to do good things for people, that she be able to say or do something to make someone's life better.
That's a really nice balance to people who are only out for their own good.

all this and a flamingo sighting...
Milo had a good time meeting people... this woman said he looked like he needed a good ear scratch
Milo here... I like attention. I like new smells, and going with Mama and Daddy for a rideinnacar.
I like having my ears rubbed by nearly any person who feels right, and she did. I got a little worried when Mama went off by herself in the clothes shop. First of all I don't get the whole "clothes wearing thing" anyway but Mama went off and forgot that I can tell her what to buy or not. I told her when she found her way back to us, not to leave us like that again.
Then I told her to buy some candy for us. She said she would have liked to see me pretending to smoke that pink bubblegum cigar but the store was closed.

LeeAnna here... I like walking around a historic area and imagining how it looked when first built.

This week my friend Shannon sent me a proof copy of another SAQA show she is in, and that was awesome surprise. Also in the surprise category was a birthday gift from my friend Linda in MD. She got me a Jacquie Lawson Garden activity game like the ones at Christmas. Only now I can start my flowers online as well as play games. Perfect thoughtful gifts!  I got a lovely card painted by Monika too.

I loved Survivor this season, although my guy didn't win I love watching.
We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens on my birthday and that will have it's own post as it was a full day of beauty.

I loved finishing up my sketchbook revival class, and am re watching some videos. I learned so much and drew so many pretty images, I recommend doing it next year if Karen Abend does it again. I liked this method of painting faces so much I went back and painted each teacher's face on my sketch page. More later...

I'll leave you with this image...
t shirt in a shop

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  1. oh I wish I could be there with you... and you noticed so much small details what make this place to a fabulous and special one ... thanks for a super sweet tour back to the old days ;O)

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, I remember those cigars in the candy store that wasn't open. Seems to me they were bubble gum?? Milo looks like he got a fabulous ear scratching! I love seeing people with dogs who love dogs. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh that sidewalk looks like a Japanese fabric print doesn't it? All those arcs...loving the tee shirt...hugs for another wonderful week of "likes" and keeping our spirits happy Julierose

  4. Just got caught up on your posts, LeeAnna. So much of interest to me. I loved Caledon Wood and try to incorporate music into my daily activities. Also thanks for those links. I agree you need to have supplies at hand to seize the moment when creativity hits. I'm so glad Milo is so supportive of all your ventures! Lovely likes as usual.

  5. Looks like a fun place to visit, and ear rubs are the best Milo, Bobbin agrees wholeheartedly.

  6. Georgetown is beautiful and so many pretty things to see and the best part is that you got to go too, Milo!

  7. What a great birthday trip! How awesome! The quote on the cup is so true....but the last photo made me laugh! Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday trip! I think my mom used to have one of those heads (ceramics?), they look vaguely familiar to me. I like your sketch and enjoyed reading your post. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed exploring Georgetown - you always find interesting things to share. Your sketchbook paintings are fun to see!

  10. You sure got to see lots of pretty and interesting things, I love the solarium and your sketches are darn cool. Hey Milo, the ear rub sure looks like fun. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. I like your travel adventures you share with us. I need to get back to Colorado and do some sightseeing. Great quote from Helen Keller.

  12. The designated driver cracked me up!! Glad your birthday included some fun.

  13. Dad loves visiting small old towns and there are a ton of them in upstate PA. Maybe now that it is summer, almost, he will get back to it

  14. Thanks for sharing, especially the architectural features. I hope that I get to travel one day and see these things. But , for today, your choice to share has made it better.

  15. Just the kind of place I like to visit. Nothing like a good antique store and it looks like Milo made a friend too. Thanks for linking up today.

  16. I love old houses with all the detailed woodwork. That doorknob is so pretty! Looks like it was a nice trip. :-)

  17. I think my comment got lost! I love your art and the trip looks fabulous! Hugs!

  18. Oh, do I remember those planter heads!! Did you ride the train in Georgetown? It's a nice little excursion.

  19. Belated Happy Birthday! I went to the Denver Botanic Garden a few summers ago when they had the Chilully glass exhibit. I had to keep reminding myself to look at the flowers because the glass works were so attention-getting. I hope you enjoyed your visit there. And the designated driver t-shirt is a hoot.

  20. You had me at the designated driver tee shirt!!. Also wanted to thank you for commenting recently on the new kitty, Lucy. I've always wanted to call out when returning from errands..."Lucy, I'm Home"!!. love that you are also animal lover and caretaker as well as an inspiring artist.Mahalo for reading and sharing your art and thoughts and stories throughout the years!

  21. Happy birthday La, a bit late. I read somewhere that "the best time to celebrate is Whenever you can." i say yes to that. nNow i will go back and reread thursday's like post!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday LeeAnna! Scout likes me to be around her too. She doesn't even want my Mom to babysit her. Whenever we go there, she sits on my feet as if to say, "Your not leaving without me!"

  23. You're right, Georgetown is a charming little town with interesting folks and shops. Have a great weekend.

  24. Love that cup too. Very interesting likes. Beautiful sights.

  25. You always post great pictures! You have some very fun adventures. Milo seems to enjoy all your travels as well! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!