Thursday, May 23, 2019

I lIke Thursday #142

welcome to this week's list of likes! I still haven't talked about our trip to the Botanic Gardens, so I'll just show you some pictures here. There were many views that caught my eyes there. We got a pass so I can go back and sketch to my heart's content.
Keep in mind, I made the decisions about cropping the images, but they all pretty enough to paint
tropical building
in a lovely glass house

There were tulips and iris blooms not opened yet,

and it looked like many of the plants had not fleshed out yet but the sun was out on full blast, so shade was appreciated

Brilliant blooms dazzling me with their construction. Look at the interesting depths here, the shape in the center, the swaying pistols brilliant colors and textures

The bonsai garden had only a couple trees so far, the monet garden had freshly planted vegetables, the hard-scaping was so interesting...

this is called a "ting" there to look at and see beauty
areas to sit and contemplate
lovely pots waiting for flowers
blue and yellow
places to have a really good lunch
cool rock paths
inspirational views
sweet scents of peonies and lilacs and stunning deep colors of tulips
as well as oceans of white
views through hexagon windows

and skylights
pretty things to purchase in the gift shop

It was very sunny and very hot, then this week...
7" of heavy wet snow, for 24 hours it snowed causing stress to a certain poodle
Milo here... I like snow. I even grab a bite just before I frow-up. Hmmm wonder if eating snow makes me sick? Nah...
I don't like the ice balls in my feet and leg hair though, so I took a moment to relax after helping with the shoveling and thaw out in my new chair
Mama had just shaved off my hair because it was way hot (90F) and now I was cold so back on when my little sweater.
Don't worry, I survived!
Oh and before that we had just gone to the plant store
where I saw this weirdo plant, and got a shock when I tried to sniff it
Mama pulled me back in time, whew! and she saw this there
(you didn't think you were making it outta here without a flamingo did you?)

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  1. that#s like a balm for the soul... how beautiful!!!! I would like to have a glass house for tropical plants... but glass is banned in this house now LOL

  2. Thanks for the virtual Garden Trip--I remember thawing out my poodle Jou-Jou's paws too...geeze Milo that must have been so must deserve a little treat!! lol
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful garden. I get a warm sunny day then days of cold (not snow cold) and rain.

  4. We just aren't seeing flowers around here yet, so a botanical garden would be a welcome visit. We didn't get snow here but it has rained for a week now. In 2 weeks we'll be vacationing out in the Black Hills with the grandkids, and I sure hope the 2' of snow they got yesterday is long gone.

  5. We were happily scrolling through all of the beautiful flowers when we suddenly came to the rude snow! I will be right over, Milo! I would love to play in the snow with you!

  6. I sure wish I had a botanical garden near me. This little trip you provided is just so cool. Thank you.

  7. Hi LeeAnna! I love hanging out at the botanic gardens. We have one right where I work and they always have the coolest displays and fabulous plants. Ugggg, SNOW. Seriously. We just had some in northern WI just last weekend. Way too late for the **** if you ask me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. So many beautiful things to see at the Botanic Gardens! We went there several years ago when the Chihuly exhibit was there - that was really amazing. I bet that snow is cold on Milo's feet and legs - especially when it gets stuck to his fur. I definitely hope that's the end of it!

  9. Love the gardens and then you hit me with the snow. Poor Milo. It's not fair.

    Have a woof woof day, Milo. My best to your peeps. ♥

  10. 7" of snow? Really? I'm glad you got a membership so you can go back often. Visiting gardens is a balm for my soul. Working in my own garden is a lesson in frustration. It's been raining here although the sun is out at the moment. I'm heading into the studio to sew for the rest of the afternoon.

  11. What a lovely visit to one of my favorite spots in town. Beautiful photos.

  12. Love the garden pics. Poor Milo. You look cold.

  13. What a gorgeous place to spend time!
    And snow..ugh...we have had it cool but thankfully no snow, but Quebec just got some. THe best thing is it doesn't last long this time of year.

  14. WOW, the botanical garden is beautiful and I love those octagon windows. Oh no Milo, that cold white stuff doesn't look like much fun. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. OMG, it did snow, sheeeeettt. It was wool socks cold at the beginning of the week and I was about to put the fireplace on which I hadn't for a good five years or more until the Vortex. That is just bat shit cray cray. Poor Milo, well a snazzy sweater is always the answer to many a dilema except how to spell dilema...We were late to the party for the lilac peak today even though I've checked them a number of times this months but the heavenly scent is still there, aahhhh.
    When is your birthday Taurus Girl?

  16. Lots and lots of photos! How cool! Lovely gardens. I really like the ting.

  17. Such lovely vistas you painted with your camera!
    I can't imagine the change from full sun to full snow! Wow, your weather doesn't stay boring! or at least not for long.

  18. The flamingos sure are pretty! Love seeing some of your photos from the conservatory too. I like Bonsai trees! Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have fun with your art! (I will too) Hugs!

  19. I love those flowers and that is a place I would surely visit. Nice to see Milo wearing a coat :) So cute! Thank you for linking up today and always. Have the very best holiday weekend!!

  20. Amazing how it can go from sunny and warm to all that snow! Beautiful gardens, and so nice that you have a pass so you can go often.

  21. Excellent post, I think you captured the gardens perfectly.

    We were in Colorado Springs earlier this week. Before my wife took ill we were going to spend an extra day to go to Denver and see the Botanical Gardens but then it snowed and got cold so we just went home. We visited the gardens years ago and loved them. Oh well next time.

  22. Hello, I enjoyed the tour of the gardens, beautiful flowers and scenes. Cute photos of Milo, I am glad he survived the snow. NO snow in Maryland. I like the flamingos! Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  23. I do like the aliums. Such a pretty flower.

  24. Such great pictures from the Botanic Gardens.They'll be great to use for sketching. I wish I was more artistic. Milo seems like a great companion!

  25. Wow, there's no medicine to calm you down that can compare to a beautiful garden!

  26. There are some lovely shadows here and there in this collection. Thanks!

  27. I just love that garden!! wowsa! Scout wishes Milo were closer so they can play and play and play.......
    I'm so sorry about the snow, at least we don't have to contend with that here...just tornadoes and hail but we are holding up. Think nice warm (tepid) weather!!! Hugs!