Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Like thursday #57

Welcome again, to this week's list of likes! 
While looking through a lifetime of saved objects I have been finding some that I forgot about.
The mushroom was hand stitched by my hands as a teenager.

I always loved sewing and crewel work. It is a tablecloth full of garden and mushroom images! I went through a moment when I tired of it and luckily did not toss it since I love it again.I do not like people to say "if you haven't used it in a year, throw it away un-looked-at"

Oh no, that does not happen here. Look what I might have lost! Along with the hospital bill paid by my adoptive mother at my birth and other memento's.

Always so much to be thankful for in everyday life... this sign hung in my kind of store... old stuff and new stuff and lots to look at....
Look at the hand quilted quilts for sale...
And this pillow cracked me up...
I went through my Halloween decorations and packed the ones I want to take, and put out the ones I plan to leave... LOVE Halloween! I even shared some with friends...
Want to see some?
there are gold and brown lights around the door and on the bushes. The silver on garland is spiders!
I am from Tampa, home of the Gasparilla pirate festival, much like mardi gras...
I like my pirate booty, arggggg

I Liked putting some things out by the driveway, and having people take it away. Someone liked a wing chair, a lamp, a shelving unit, wrapping paper, glow in the dark skelli, and other stuff. Yea!

I like Honey Crisp apples!

I like bright blue skies with less humidity!
 I like that the show "This is us" is back on! Yipee! There are so few dramas on now to enjoy... this one is well written and acted. I am partial to the adopted son...

I like the tote bag some of my bee mates made for me as a going away gift. Note the poodle.

I liked using my textile paints on the latest artist inspired challenge.

 I was inspired by the work of van Gogh this time and that post will come up next week. I printed out some of his quotes, and the fabric was too white so I painted them with lime, green, and blue and a sponge. I love to paint.

I liked van Gogh's quotes a lot. He was a lovely person apparently, very sensitive and gifted. Being sensitive brings blessings and burdens. Most people don't know how to handle those of us who are really sensitive and we often feel lonely. I printed three quotes about his love of nature and God.

There are so many hours in a day for all my loves. I love to write, to paint, to sew, to read, to watch TV, to play video games, to walk, and to learn... I do not understand people who become bored. Where are their passions? As crafts people we are very lucky are we not?

Milo has been having fun meeting other dogs on our walks.

 He isn't allowed to run and play but he can sniff and rustle around them and walk next to them. Better than nothing. He is a happy boy, ready to go anywhere we do. I have to be careful to remember he's still a baby at 7 months, and has a soft heart and tender spirit. No fussing if he makes a mistake, just a quiet reminder usually works with him. He gets a hurt look that I try to avoid at any costs!

He has a like to share:

Milo here... I like Mama! I like leaving the house for a walk because you never know what you'll see! Or smell! I like my toys scattered across the floor near my bed so I can choose one to de-construct while Mama watches the talky-talk at night.

 I like when Daddy comes home because I practice biting on his arm. Oh he fusses but forgives. I'm tired of him picking me up to go upstairs but for some reason the pawrents do not want me doing stairs. But I LOVE snuggling up to Dad's legs in the big bed. Sometimes he gets pushed off, heh heh. Sorry Pop!

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  1. So glad you saved the tablecloth. I bet you made it in the early '70s when mushrooms were on everything. I, too, am clearing out for a move, came across my big brother's birth certificate!

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    I did join in the fun today! You have some fun likes this week. I especially enjoy the saved tablecloth - I don't like that throw-it-away-after-a-year rule either. Thank heavens you didn't follow that! And the blue skies with less humidity - yes, please. Here's my link: I am off to check on the other friends' likes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Milo pushing Dad off the bed cracked me up! Can't wait to see your project, looks great already! Your embroidery is great!!!!

  4. So many wonderful things to like here. I love your cloth embroidered by you; I think that is very special. Your printing on textiles is always such an interesting, creative venture. You find the most interesting stores and towns to explore. I loved your photos in the last post including the "Live Wives" and all the extraordinary huge items.

  5. What a fun list. Your tablecloth is priceless. The decorations will be so different and cool on your new home. You will LOVE Colorado skies. I love your new tote. What sweet friends to make that for you. Have a great week and thanks for including me! mary

  6. The tablecloth is amazing! Milo is just so cute!

  7. Hello, Your Milo is so cute. Your embroidery is beautiful. It is great to have time to do the things we love. I love the honey crisp apples too, yum! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day.

  8. Your table cloth made me think of Jefferson Airplane's song White Rabbit. Wow we know where my head is this morning. Isn't interesting going through packed boxes, some of the things you discover. Your younger eyes may have overlooked them completely. Great Halloween decorations. I am with Milo, I like my stuff spread out all over so I can just choose what floats my boat at that moment in time.

  9. I am so glad you saved that embroidery!!! It's fabulous. I've been on an embroidery kick lately and it's so cool to see yours! Do you do much embroidery any more? And I'm glad Milo's able to get around some- snuggling my monsters always makes me feel better. And hairier.

  10. I'm with you on the topic of being bored. There are too many things I enjoy. Lately I've spent more time reading and doing genealogy research than sewing. And that is OK with me. Love that piece of embroidery! I wouldn't toss something like that either. I have a daughter who isn't a "keeper of things", and I just don't understand.

  11. I think that tablecloth is priceless, too! How fun to find it again! I just bought some honeycrisp apples, and looking forward to having one today. I never really find myself bored; you're right, there are just too many things to enjoy doing to be bored!

  12. That mushroom piece brought back many happy memories. I remember with fondness my crewel work. Thank you for sharing. Hope the packing is going well. We're looking forward to meeting Milo-Pup in the furs soon and spending time with you. Found a neato bead shop not far from the house I think you'll enjoy. Hugs and tails wags. ღ, Sam, & Elsa 🐾

  13. That mushroom is a find! Maybe give it an orange border and pop it in a frame? That way you can see it all the time. And where did you find such a reasonably-sized Honeycrisp apple? All the ones around here are gigantic! When is the move?

  14. Loves of wonderful things to like here. Love those Halloween decorations. It's been a few years since I've felt festive about Halloween, but I'm glad to say that I'm feeling it again. There will be Halloween decorations here at the Goofin' Off house this year. Thanks for your insights.

  15. Oh, I used to embroider all the time when I was little. (Had to give away all my embroidery and cross-stitch stuff though when I kept getting a recurring problem with my hand.) And you've reminded me I need to get out my fall decorations! Doesn't feel very fall-like right here right now (hot and dry for the next few days) but at least I can make it LOOK like my fave season. That Milo is such a cutie!

  16. Howdy Milo! Hey, we like that magic mushroom, it's very pretty! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  17. Glad to see you are enjoying your trip down memory lane as you sort and pack. I tried to resubscribe today,since I'm still not getting notified of new posts, but it just said I was already subscribed. Aargh!

  18. Love your Halloween decorations, so festive! Honey Crisp is one of my favs! :) Happy Weekend!

  19. Enjoyed your memories and your thankful thoughts

  20. I like that packing is a moment to sort through memories too, and that you can leave unwanted stuff out and people take it (we don't really do that here),

  21. What a treasure you found! Just imagine the treasures as you open up the boxes at the new place soon.

  22. I love that mushroom & garden tablecloth you made, I can't believe you did that as a teen. You are so talented! Milo is so adorable, what a sweetie. I can't wait for the cool weather of Fall, it's still unseasonably warm in NY.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  23. i am going to the fridge to get an apple, a Fuji apple right now.Have a great week, sonja

  24. I love that Mushroom table cloth. I'm starting to practice embroidery again...wait I was and will be again. As you know by now, my days are filled with a five year old and a puppy, and now according to my daughter the fast pace of the coming days will be filled with fence, chicken coop and storage building making! (Can I say that it's a good thing her true love is a fantastic carpenter!?!)
    Milo is such a handsome guy! It looks like he is much kinder to his toys than Sadie. She is brutal with everything. I have already thrown out a few household items that I didn't rescue in time! That why puppies are so darned cute, if they weren't we wouldn't tolerate their behavior!

  25. Beautiful needlework and Milo steals the show ~ what a sweetie dog!

    A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

  26. I never throw out anything handmade, even if I no longer like. Either I will like it again or someone I love will want it. That mushroom tablecloth is adorable. I like Honey Crisp apples too, but I hate Halloween. Growing up with the maiden name of Trick will do that to you. Milo is looking good.

  27. Honey Crisp and Fuji apples are my favorite.

  28. So many great finds there - I especially love the Halloween decorations and of course Milo always makes me smile!
    Lots of licks, your friend Morrie :)

  29. What a fun list of what you are liking! I like those mushrooms too. Handmade items like your mushrooms are treasures to be kept and brought out when we feel them calling to us again.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs.