Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pink Hexie stars and a bathroom

A long car ride allowed me to make a few stars from scraps. Forgive me, I have given the link before to the pattern but can't find it. I got it from Twiggy and Opal who got it from the designer's site.
laughing pigs, they're pink. And eating pizza and hot dogs (hopefully all beef) A plaid scrap for center hexie has pink stripes.
in progress. All are from scraps, all 'white" star points are from different fabrics.
I like the tone difference in white/cream/beige/taupe
 speaking of pink (for Rainbow Scrap challenge this month was to use pink scraps) Look at the cool bathroom I saw in an antique store. The store was in a victorian home built around 1890's but this bath was added/updated in the 50's betcha!
 sink was pink

Everything was pink. Pink tiles, sink, toilet, tub hamper, flamingo tiles, toilet paper, curtains. OMG I wanted to move in.
it was a very quilterly design on the bathroom floor tiles.

yup, picture doesn't look like it but those were pink too. It's a bit disturbing to see an antique store with items in it I grew up with...
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  1. The laughing pigs made me laugh too. How fun that the block lets those pigs shine. And I'm with you on feeling a bit disturbed to find things from my childhood in antique stores.

  2. Lovely stars; I like the variety of scraps you've used there.

  3. That pink bathroom looks just like the one in my grandma's house! Love your stars, too.

  4. That bathroom looks perfect for you - quilterly floor and flamingo tiles, what more could you ask for? I'm an antique too, though still not sure how that happened.

  5. Those pink flamingos in the bathroom.. wow just wow :)

  6. Circa 1956. Tiles, toilet, and floor remind me of the bathroom in our first house... Exactly. BTW... LOVE that PINK pig block!!

  7. Love the pink bathroom and the pig fabric... so fun!

  8. I've been loving those stars right along, but those pigs are THE BEST! 8)