Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Milo's first Howl-aween!

Milo is brash and full of energy... and he barks a lot.
What a little pumpkin!
He's a scaredy-cat!
We recently took a trip up to CT (avoiding what I hope was finally the last of the mosquito spray) and stopped along the way in Mt. Holly NJ.
This town goes all out! Milo was plenty spooked!
Enjoy some pics

Very imaginative store fronts!
We saw lots of decorations in Wethersfield CT including the skeletons scaling this house. How creative! They were all over the place!

Look at this awesome home!!! Now look closer, closer into the parlor...

 The scariest thing to milo is a statue... with a face... he approaches with back feet waaaaay back, and telescopes his neck out, like he did with this poodle
He spied it first, stopped causing us to fall over him like Keystone Kops...
Yesssss very suspect. No REAL poodle would be this still!
Milo: That thing ain't normal! It's a ghost-poodle. I have never, in all my 7 months, seen a poodle so still!" 

Approach. Back up. Approach closer. Back up startled...
Milo: I saw it move I tell ya! It moved, for reals! My pawrents didn't believe me!

Anyway, I needed a break to recover from the fear! 
 Nom nom   this stick isn't quite big enough to take the edge off. 

after all the ghost poodle angst, he spied another dangerous item...
I couldn't get a picture as there was a lot of shaking and barking going on. 
Image result for child's moccasin with fringe
from the minitonka shoe site

There were two of them! Lying there looking like some kind of spooky poodle nightmare! 
back up
approach with loud barking! 
back up startled and run for mama's legs while never never taking your eyes off them! 

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween walk. As the sign says


  1. What great fun! I LOVE the big green house. The East Coast has such pretty, old houses. Hey Milo, my Aria is a big scaredy too! I like to think she is just making sure I am safe on our walks. (Do you think it will work?)Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent decorations! I think a ghost poodle would be pretty scary, too!

  3. What a great post. The skeletons scaling the house was really creepy. How fun.

  4. Great Halloween tour! Thanks!

  5. What a fun way to start my morning! I have a perfect mental image of Milo and the poodle statue.

  6. Love your story about Milo. Enjoy!

  7. What fun! Thanks for the smiles.

  8. I think I'll walk behind the two of you! heehee! Looks pretty scary...and very neat! Happy Halloween!

  9. Fun decorations. Luckily Milo had his Pawrents for protection.

  10. Happy Howl-oween to you guys :)

  11. Wow, those are some amazing and creative Halloween decorations. I love Milo's reaction to the poodle statue.

  12. How fabulous! I have been to Mt. Holly, but not at Halloween. The Victorian homes make for a perfect Halloween backdrop. Thanks for sharing! Milo is a cutie!

  13. 7 months! Milo is just a baby. He won't let Hallowe'en scare him again after he has seen your wonderful photos!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Oh, Milo is so cute! Love all the great decorations! The mansion window is great :) Hope your Halloween was full of treats! xx Karen