Thursday, October 19, 2017

I Like Thursday # 59

Welcome to another I Like Thursday post!
Let's get started shall we?

I like Mums in the Fall! These were on sale today at ACE for $2 a pot. I got 4 colors!

I liked this Halloween display on a house near me
 Simple really large spiders!

I Like finding treasures while excavating the basement.
this shirt I made before I was really into art quilting. It was a way to express myself before I studied painting.
9 things to love about Tampa... all that and a flamingo on the shoulder! 

And this one made for Christmas

And this one because not only do I love the image
It reminds me of being in a Cajun//zydeco dance group in Tampa. We danced the nights away in Ybor City, Tampa's latin quarter. I held a little alligator once... it was about 5 inches long and so strong it almost got away from me. Respect the gator.

I like seeing some "negative space" in the basement again, and in the upstairs, as we get rid of stuff we no longer need. It's hard to accept a "mis-purchase" so I just store the item instead of admitting it didn't pan out. We no longer have that luxury so we gave lots away, sent better stuff to donations including Habitat for Humanity. We had a yard sale...

OMG! After the last yard sale bust my husband had me swear on a Bernina that I would never put him through that again. Then I said one more... gotta try. It is a sad 5 hours, putting stuff from inside your home that you bought and liked, out on the lawn for random strangers to paw through... and often reject. We made 10's of dollars but the important thing was, we moved stuff we couldn't move to Colorado out, and someone took it that wanted it.

For instance an art teacher took 12 stencils for 3 bucks... never used, each one probably cost at least $5 but she will use them with students. Someone was elated to see a set of flatware in a holder for $5. We under charged but then we are exhausted and wanted someone to have it. We've stored it for maybe 10 years!

We met some lovely people and because I chat and want to know everyone's "story" it was fun to meet some very entertaining sorts. We boxed up a load for goodwill and put the rest in the front yard again. It all disappeared except for a few items.

Milo had a great time visiting. He is too mouthy though and scares people. He doesn't bite down but he puts his mouth on them, and if you know how to break him of that, please tell me.

I liked this flat bread by itself or holding sandwich fixin's

Monika let me know the Durells of Corfu was starting on PBS, so I watched a favorite show again! Yea!
Image result for durrells of corfu
I was excited to see "finding your roots" also back on PBS.
Image result for finding your roots
I love an ancestry show,. and this one takes three well known personalities and traces their roots back often to each other! Last night Mary Steenbergen and William H Macy found out they were 6th cousins!

I'm still reading the same book because I read at night and fall asleep after three pages.

I did check this scrap quilting book out of the library and absolutely love it.

I like the cooler temps we've had this week.

I liked watching most of season 4 Great British Sewing Bee shows and look forward to tomorrow morning and the finale. You have to google it as it's not all in one site.  I couldn't find them all but found many.

Milo showed his real spirit this week
wearing his sun hat. Here he is throwing a party of one...
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  1. I did an I like post..... I love checking out quilt books at the library then if I love them I will buy one. Mums are the best. Mother Natures last floral hurrah oh and the wild asters that grow along the road, before we are coated in white stuff.

  2. Glad you had good luck with your garage sale! They are a lot of work. We have enjoyed Finding Your Roots, too - I'll have to find it in our listings. I wonder if you can past seasons of the PBS show you mentioned on Netflix. We always love those types of shows. Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

  3. Hi Lee Anna! I don't know how you find the time to post all these fun Likes! $2 for mums? wow. Those are cute t-shirts you made. I'm not into garage sales-have never had one cause it's too much work. I just donate to Goodwill and Salvation Army.
    I forgot about Durells! I need to find that show again. I follow Amanda's blog and also perused that same book at B & N last week. how funny. Thanks for including me in the "likes". Have a great week. mary

  4. Good Morning!
    WOW - what a great price for mums! I love them - they look so pretty for fall. Ooh, No Scrap Left Behind - I love that book and the patterns. Ugg, I feel for you and the yard sales. They are SO much work - I'm glad you were able to get rid of some stuff. My friend always has one - she loves them - and then what is left we just pack up and take to Goodwill or the closest resale shop. HAHA - party animal - too cute. I don't know how to break a dog of the mouthing thing but a friend is a trainer - I'll ask her. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Swear on a Bernina---ROFLMAO! Glad you got some things sold and have less to move! Milo sure is growing! How big is he now? Scout was 35 lbs last she was weighed (about 10 days ago). Hugs, Mickie

  6. I've made a couple of negative spaces in my basement too. You've been inspiring me to purge a bit. 2 big crates of good stuff to goodwill, and 4 garbage bags of throw aways. Yay! It's a start and I am loving those negative spaces too.

    I'm a huge fan of Finding Your Roots as well. I had to record Tuesday's episode since I was playing cards that night.

  7. Love the fall plants - a fav part of fall!

  8. Yay for mums. I like your shirts. And we were excited to see the Durells again. :-)

  9. Cute art shirts! What a precious dog too. Oh, "No scrap left behind" is such a great title for the quilting book. Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh I loved the Durrells! It was like Under the Tuscan Sun if she had dragged 4 whiny kids with her! I haven't seen the British Sewing bee but I will check everywhere. Also, I like Finding Your Roots but also Genealogy Roadshow, which hasn't been on for a while. I like your dog but I know about the bitey pets, I have 4 cats who like no one, most of all my grandkids. No touch the kitty!! Kitty bite!! lol

  11. Wonderful posting today--there are British sewing shows??? And i didn't know? Where oh where???;)))
    It is so hard to de-stash, but it is nice to now your loved (stored )items will be put to use and loved by someone....
    I, too, love Mums a lot...
    Colorado sounds like a super place to live...(too far from CT though ...) . enjoy your transition; we have finally landed here and will stay put...we hope...hugs, Julierose

  12. I like your posts I look forward to reading your stories.
    I can identify with the not wanting to get rid of a purchase that was a mistake but not wanting to admit it. When we moved a year ago after 44 years in the same house to was like an archeological dig in my basement. I gave so many items away because I did not have the energy to have a sale. Not with packing, purging and working full time. I still kept to much and had to get rid of more. I am still unpacking and purging a year later.

  13. Oh, hooray for you. So good to move the stuff out; the hard part is going through it. Now you've finished most. That light at the end of the tunnel is hope. I wish you so much peace and joy in your move.

  14. 2$ a pot for mums?!!! What a DEAL! I love them in the fall with some pumpkins all around. Thanks for linking up today and I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  15. Maybe we should sell our garage and our yard. The garage is full of stuff and the yard is full of crabgrass. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  16. Well, I can't match you in the cleaning out department, but I did manage to fill a contactor trash bag with broken pots, black walnut shells and accompanying debris, and miscellaneous junk. I had to do a partial cleanout in our garage (which hasn't housed a car in the 30+ years we've lived here), because we were having the broken garage door replaced. I would clean out more stuff, but my husband is the one who wants to keep everything, even expired food in the cuboards! I have to throw things out when he's out of town.

  17. Merci pour votre post, il est magnifique et cette positivité Bravo !!!

  18. I love Jerry and his beloved rodger. So glad it's back

  19. The mums are beautiful, and one of my favorites as well. Your photos are so good too.

  20. After my last move in 2011 I learned a valuable lesson every six months go through cabinets, closets and garage and label the date of the stuff I didn't use and put the seasonal stuff I didn't use toward the back to revisit at the next 6 months, at this point you could rid the stuff. Sometimes I don't get rid of anything on the first 6 months but at a year it goes cause if I haven't use it by then I won't. I love Mums too they say Fall to me more than any flower.

  21. I am like your husband, I don't do yard sales well. Lee will sit out there all day long chatting with people. I stay inside and make coffee, hot chocolate, etc.