Thursday, October 12, 2017

I Like Thursday #58 Renaissance Festivals and Other Diversions

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Of course there are lots of normal everyday things to like each week but I am so distracted, busy and terrified of the changes happening to me that this week I will focus on diversions from all the decisions! Renaissance Fest, tv shows, videos and books.
I LOVE a Renaissance Festival. LOVE!
I worked the festival in Largo Florida, much like the village here it was a permanent site that created a magical moment for visitors. I was a magicians assistant one year, and a street personality the other 12 years. For 6 lovely weeks a year, on the weekend, I was not the social worker I was Malady Malaise who saw visions and sold fortune "clams" like fortune cookies made of raw clay. I developed a whole storyline, and the patron would easily crush the shell (if they were good of heart that is) and read the fortune I had written.

Amazing how the very one a person needed to receive would be the one they chose from my basket.
ship from carved wood with spooky fabric sail
 I love history, visiting historical sites, reading Smithsonian for the archeology discoveries, shows on history that give me insight into life as it was. I did a fair bit of theater as a twenty-something as well. Singing and dancing and acting.
 I love a craft show, and this festival in Crownsville MD has a great list of artisans in permanent fanciful buildings. I used to make pottery, and loved this artist's hand built work. I would have bought one but for the prices! A mug was $59! Very cool but expensive! Isn't that rabbit awesome?
This hand carved bed has stars on the headboard... that light up! There are actual lights in them!
I enjoy the people as much as the atmosphere and the shopping. The ladies in this shop were doing handwork
You see all manner of dress, people do not keep to the time period. They seem to see it as fantasy and dress in just about any weird get up possible. We make a game of finding the weirdest dress. I was watching a Shakespeare Play and noticed this guy wore no costume but his entire back tatoo
I suppose he has to find reasons to go shirtless to show that off. Not my cup of tea!
As we were walking around I spied this wench... and guess what... the advice was free! She cracked me up. When I approached her with the question, "are we making the right move to Colorado?" and "Do we tell estranged family members we're moving?" she actually pondered the problems and came up with three answers to each question! My husband had no questions for her...
Maybe he was pondering whether these magic wands actually could solve all our problems!!

I like that I met the deadline for Art with Fabric challenge this week. I stopped everything and sewed.
see the whole story click here! 
It was inspired by van Gogh, who respected and loved nature.

So along with our moment out of time, Survivor started again. NO ONE TOLD ME! Dang!
Image result for survivor 2017
 I had to go back and watch the first episode on line but I'm caught up and watching every Wednesday!

Still watching Dancing with the stars and project runway.

Last week Jocelyn mentioned the Great British Sewing Bee. What a terrific show but we can't watch it here in the US. I have tried for years to find it online to no avail. Now because of her, I tried again and found some episodes on line and have been watching them all week!!!!
Here's the link I found

This is so different from Project Runway. I wish we got it on our PBS like we do the Bake show. If you like to sew, you'll like this show.

You're welcome.

I'm reading the next book in the Laura Childs teahouse mysteries.
Cover Image
She has a few series going so when I finish with the teahouse books I'll move on and read the scrapbooking series as well!

I need diversions as the process of going through a lifetime of collections, papers, memories is draining. It's a constant value assessment. I ran across all my watercolor paintings  yesterday. I didn't realize I was a good painter til I saw them from the distance of time. I plan to frame some for the new home and to resume painting as well as write my book.
 Image result for TJ's rugelach
That's it for this week, aside from the constant desire for sugar. I have enjoyed the cinnamon Trader Joe's rugelach way too much.

Milo is taking a week off. He's having to keep his Mom calm with all the disasters happening. She is upset at her personal upheaval, and upset for Puerto Rico, for the wildfires across her loved California, for the mass shootings, and for a leader who is allowed to denigrate people across the globe.

It's not who we are as Americans. Americans believe citizens have the right and responsibility to protest peacefully, to express ourselves, to  a free press and the first amendment (much more important than the 2nd amendment that says we can have weapons for a militia).

The worst leaders take away knowledge first, then take away rights. I am constantly worried and frightened for the future because of one person's words and actions that are causing us to be divided not united.
One person.

sorry to put this in a thankful post but life is very uncertain and I'm doing these posts to keep perspective. It's difficult at times to keep your head up and keep going. We will do that, right?
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  1. HI. There are so many bad things happening in our country and from the White House everyday now that it is hard to focus on the good but I'm glad we are posting our "likes". What scares me more is no one in power standing up to this madness.
    Anyway, glad you posted your true feelings. I can so see you working the festival-how fun. Hope your purging process for the move is done soon. It is draining. But, looking forward to your happy new home. Have a great week and thanks for including me. mary in Az

  2. All the experiences you have had are so interesting and I'm thinking very "you". Such a strong strand of creativity throughout your life.
    I am glad you spoke your is all very worrisome for us too. You are (already) a great nation and I'm sure you will find solutions to these just have to.

  3. That festival looks like great fun! Where did it take place? I hope the move prep is going well. I missed Milo's Monday post but completly understand why!

  4. Were the three answers "yes," "no," and "maybe"? I wish you well in the move. We're going through much the same here, having to make decisions about what to keep and what to part with.

  5. Hi Lee Anna,
    I watch Survivor, and Project Runway too! I also love the baking show on PBS when it comes on. I will check out your link for the sewing show - I've never heard of that one. Moving is HUGE undertaking and very stressful when it is across town, but even more so when across the country. {{Hugs}} When is the moving date? I wish you all the best. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. My post name will change from week to week so it is probably better to just list the website. Thanks!

  6. I loved the Renaissance Festival in MN. I miss it. That light-up headboard is far out! and it looks like we both looked at beautiful expensive things last weekend.

    I don't generally like the vote-off reality shows - but that sewing bee one looks interesting! I always learn about new stuff from you!

  7. I would love to see such a festival... and I hope so much that we can go next year, either in UK or in France (with Phenny howlelujah!)

  8. The Renaissance Festival looks like fun, and I'm not surprised to find out that you worked at one! I am reading a Wine Country mystery right now, The Chardonnay Charade. Fun! I'm going to have to find the baking show -everyone always raves about it - and the sewing version, too! Thank you for always writing so eloquently about what many of us are thinking. I am continually baffled by it, as well as horrified by the natural disasters and catastrophes that won't stop. Hard to know what to do. Hugs!

  9. What fun! The Renaissance Fest is always a great time! Love your Art and Fabric Challenge piece!

  10. Don't apologize for putting your thoughts in the post, so many people agree, especially those with any sense of history. But you know I think all the flim flammery has had the opposite effect and many people are more tuned into the news than ever. Good luck with all the tedious moving stuff, I'm sure your distractions will help you get through to the other side.

  11. You had me me at Renaissance fair. i dressed up as gypsy going to the southern California one, back in the sixties, staying to the close and wishing i could live there. Or ride in on horseback. love that you were so rich a part of Ren life!
    Raspberry rugelach is my favorite!.
    Oh and I truly believe making art is healthy and a form of resistance i am good at.

  12. I echoed thru out the post - yes, oh yes, I like that one too, oh my! LOL Too bad we can't go to a craft store together, spend a day at the Ren fair, or just sit and eat a tasty treat and talk.

  13. Your ending comments are exactly what I've been thinking too about the state of the country. But speaking of diversions and distractions - my magazine arrived yesterday. And my husband snatched it up and sat right down to read. Thank you for sharing!!

  14. Love your post, I am a big fan of RenFaires too, I no longer dress up, as I grow older I am not as steady on my feet so the fear of tripping lingers, but I love to take in the sights, sounds and aromas of a good Faire. I have even planned vacations to attend a Faire or two, living in Florida we have them nearly year round somewhere in two weeks I'll be attending the one in Tavares. I've read several of the Teahouse Mysteries. I hope you wade through your art and crafting without too much stress, its nice to walk back through the early years.

  15. Wonderful photos of your day at the faire - looks like a fun place, for sure! Love the lady giving 'advice'! I could really enjoy that gig, because I have to stifle my urge with my grown kids :) Your art quilt is wonderful and I totally agree with you on the angst of our political situation. xx Karen

  16. We've gone to the Renaissance Faire north of Ft Lauderdale 3 or 4 times when visiting my brother in Davie, FL. Weird and wonderful, but also usually hot and humid.
    I'm all caught up on the Teashop mysteries (and several other series as well. I need to find some new ones).
    I totally agree with your comments on the current political situation and wish more congressmen would follow Bob Corker's lead. They are all more concerned with their own political future than doing what's best for the country. It is a very scary time and I don't mean Halloween.
    I don't envy you the sorting and preparation for the move. Be positive, take lots of deep breaths, consider it a new opportunity, and remember your faithful blog followers will always be with you.

  17. The Renaissance Fair sounds like a good time. I might have asked the wench many things! lol Always looking for some good advice. Thanks for linking up today. Have a great weekend!

  18. So much fun!
    Rugalach are the best!

  19. HI LeeAnna,
    here's a youtube link
    Sunday with Lubach about the American situation

    What great treasures you are finding in your own home!


  20. Great likes! My son and his wife love those kinds of fairs! Still in love with the sunflower quilt! Hugs, Mickie

  21. Rennaissance festivals are so much fun! We used to go frequently in arizona, I loved making dresses for them. And the concept of a light-up bed is very intriguing to me. I loved seeing your super fun quilt for Alida- it's so colorful and very very you! I wasn't too impressed with last weeks PR (haven't watched the one from last night yet), I didn't think any of the outfits were particularly good, and I'm anxious to see what happened this week.

  22. Thanks for the link to the Great British Sewing Bee. It was fun and didn't have all the personal drama that Project Runway has. Hopefully, I'll find future episodes.

  23. Your entire post seems full of magic! How fun.

  24. I love Renaissance Fairs and have attended several in different states. The last one in Ohio was the best because my daughter and I both dressed up. I believe in our country and our citizens and that we are capable of bonding together, sometimes despite ourselves!!! Keep the faith!

  25. Moving home can create such a sense of upheaval, but once you are done clearing and sorting you can start on building the next stage of your life, which hopefully will be joyful and full of fun and creativity and new discoveries.

  26. The festival looks wonderful! Good luck on your move.

  27. I agree with Kaja. This is a closure of one chapter but the opening of a new one that can be full of positive actions and creativity. In a way you are fortunate to be able to go through your possessions individually. So many people recently have lost them all I. A disaster. What good fortune to be able to choose and close this chapter.
    Thanks for the look to the sewing bee. I will check it out.

  28. Welcome at All Seasons. Most get addicted to it:):) Often artists are very sensitive to environmental changes, and I can see your restlessness throughout this post. Many thanks for linking up your post, and hope you'll find some peace week!

  29. An interesting post!
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

  30. I really want to go to these types of festivals.

    Worth a Thousand Words