Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Like Thursday #61 chips, trips and Turkey Tales

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
There are too many since we went on a walkabout to CT and I saw tons to like. It will become two posts so stay tuned y'all.
I learned I love antique shops. Quirky stuff, history, variety. Why just look at the little lady above!
A pin cushion extrordinaire. I can't imagine why I didn't purchase her... wah! The house was awesome and I chatted to the owner for a long time about it.
I LOVE Fall! Look at how the sun illuminated this tree, already glowing from a variety of yellows and oranges. No one can beat New England for Fall color.
I love walking in a little town and visiting lots of little gift shops. I Like owners who invite a certain poodle in for a rest on a cute carpet. This owner and I shared a moment after DH and DPoodle went outside. She and I discussed house buying/moving stories. She and her husband lost a house before closing like we did, he left her with 4 small children to start work. They eventually had to rent like we have to. The really fine news was she eventually found the perfect home to move into.

My dream.

Her friend is also going thru this at the moment, and we talked about Faith in the unknown and holding onto hope of better times to come.
Don't you love sharing real lives with fine people you meet. Just for a moment but the emotions and needs were real, and we held hands at the end of the conversation, just to continue the connection non-verbally for a moment. A real moment of sharing life.
I didn't take pics but we had lunch at an outdoor patio in cool breezy fall weather and it was delicious. Milo barked at just about every person passing by.

I liked this coolest Doorway! The owner was putting bones in the yard for Halloween, and I quipped, so THAT"S where the body is buried! He came back instantly with "shhhhhh, don't tell"
From that exchange and the doorway I bet he and I would be friends!

We had no agenda, so we spent the whole day in Whethersfield. I shopped, and looked at old homes, admired Halloween decorations, chatted with people, went into a home where George Washington discussed the revolution with a foreign emissary.

There is a turkey here.
He was shunned by the flock down the street so he hangs out alone.

Townsfolk have taken great care of him however so he is not lonely. He wanders around while every townsperson takes care of him. There were many signs, protect Kevin.
Vote for Kevin for mayor
We chatted with a woman who often stands at the busy crossroads to protect him from cars.
While we had dinner outside again, we watched several people stopping traffic to allow him to cross, one woman chastising some random out of town driver, saying, "don't honk at me! He's crossing, take a moment!We're Crossing Here!"
 (I don't know why this image is so cloudy)
Lots of signs suggested not eating turkey at Thanksgiving.
Good luck Kevin! We wondered if we'd spot him!

I LOVE history, and almost majored in Archeology so when I spotted a dig....
Of course we stopped to chat. This is the oldest town in CT and was started by a group out of the Mass. Bay Colony who built their homes (around 1600) and taverns eventually, around a fab town green. The new owners of the oldest tavern (1700's) still standing want to build an addition so the archaeologists were called in to check. They have discovered a palisade was originally around the house. They are also finding a lot of artifacts. I used to work for Historic Annapolis Foundation, cleaning and marking artifacts found at sites.

It was joy to stand in sunshine, feel a cool breeze and talk to them about discoveries. Milo wondered why they got to dig?? When he dug (and ate dirt) he got in trouble.

We decided this town is just like the one in Gilmore Girls, my fave show. We located who would be each quirky townsperson! Wish there were jobs for DH here. 

I have a lot of fun pictures from an antique store and an estate sale we attended. I got to see historic buildings both times. I was in heaven! I will show those later but wanted to share this find at the estate sale.

If there is one thing I don't need right now, it's a cut glass pedestal bowl to move but it was not a case of need... it was pure want.

It spoke to me.
Me:I told DH, it is $2 and I can use if for so many things!
DH: What he asked....
Me:  jello!
DH: Are you going to start making jello?
Me: ... or fruit salad at dinners! it would make a great holder for sweet potato casserole! Or for holding stuff by the front door.

obviously it's a miracle bowl. It made me happy to just look at it, reminding me of other times. Of times sitting around a dinner table laughing and talking.

He got it for me. It's already done Halloween candy duty!
 I like old quilts and this antique wandering ways was so interesting to me. Hand pieced and quilted. Subtle colors too. 

I love a pile of pumpkins!
and these were outside a seed company. I went inside to find an organic market where I discovered these chips.
made of veg and whole grains and the three of us devoured them! Crispy, sesame nutty, delish. We went back to buy three more bags for the road. I admit another of them is now gone between Milo and myself.
two thumbs and paws up!
Milo  loves a chip. A woman in a giftshop was eating chips and offered to hold his leash while I looked upstairs. I jumped at the chance but warned her about his chip obsession. When I came back she said he did lots of tricks for chips. I said, He'd build you a house for a chip.

Milo loves chips... and meeting dogs. He met so many dogs on this trip, and since the dog on the left is so small and was intimidated by my baby, we put them on an even playing field. 
On "Kevin's Crossing"
Much more to come, but that's enough for today! 
Please enjoy these people keeping it happy by noting things that made them happy this week!

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  1. Oh my - lots of great likes today! I just got the chills reading your story with the gift shop owner and moving experiences. I just KNOW you will find the perfect place once you have moved. It just wasn't time to be found yet, but it will happen. And it will be perfect - better than you can imagine and fulfill your dreams. Just wait! {{Hugs}} Aww, I love Milo - what a sweet picture of him meeting a dog friend, nose to nose. AND chips?!! Milo and can visit me any time - he won't have to do too many tricks for some chips. We'll munch and chat together. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I'm so glad you had a good trip and found so many things to like! That picture of Milo in the pumpkin is so cute- I have tons of pictures of my nieces and nephews in cutouts, but don't think I could get my dogs to do it....

  3. That town sounds like a wonderful place! I loved thecstory about the turkey, and the interesting people you talked to. You are so good at that! The last picture of the two dogs is just precious! Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

  4. The town looks wonderful, love your finds. I agree...when we are struggling sometimes it is good to share our story. LOL Milo and chips huh? I wonder if it is the salty? Maybe he would like cheetohs! Cheese and salt.

  5. Wow what a fun post! I had to read it twice and look forward to the next part. Thanks Lee Anna- you inspire me to get out more. I didn't know your new house fell through. Are you still moving to Colorado? Have a great day and thanks for including me. mary

  6. So sorry that you are having to rent for awhile rather than getting into your own place. So frustrating, I'm sure.

    I should have been with you in CT, as I have ancestors who arrived in 1630 with Mass Bay Co on the Winthrop Fleet. I just smiled all through your post. Thanks!

  7. I'm not sorry the first house fell through although I'm sorry you have to rent for a while. This will turn out so much better for you; you'll find the perfect house in the perfect area.

  8. I am glad you were able to enjoy a warm fall day! We got 2.5" of snow last night up here in the north country!! Sigh. Sorry to hear about the house frustrations. Things always seem to work out. Being patient and flexible is SO hard. Glad you could find some joy on your CT trip. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

  9. It looks like you had wonderful time in CT. I'm sorry that my schedule didn't allow us to get together. It would have been fun to meet Milo.

  10. I love reading about your travel adventures!

  11. I am also sorry that we weren't around to meet up with you guys, love your adventures...
    Looks like good news for my husband, so we are both thankful and feeling relief...hugs, Julierose

  12. I think I would have bought the pincushion and the bowl! Both are wonderful finds. So glad you had a good time.

  13. Wowza, CT looked like bunches of fun. So cute with Milo and that littlest friend... too cutsie;)

  14. Love you Milo! What wonderful adventures you are having! I'm stuck at home so keep the adventures coming! Some of us are living vicarously through you these days!

  15. The glass pedestal bowl is pretty and something like this is hard to find. What a bargain for $2, too. Have a good weekend! I'm visiting from Skywatch Friday. ;)

  16. What wonderful walking adventures you have and you really do have a knack for sussing out the most interesting sights. I too often have long chats with strangers and find it always uplifting. You have listed so many of my favourite things too and I love the Kevin story. All charming!

  17. Wow! I live in Connecticut and didn't know about Kevin or Whethersfield.
    Thanks for the tour.

  18. Loved taking this little stroll with you. I love that the townspeople protect Kevin the turkey. Antique shops are my downfall, but the $2 compote is a steal! I have one like it and I keep tomatoes in it on my windowsill :) Chatting with strangers is a reaffirmation of all that is right with the world, I think. Milo is so cute. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. xx Karen

  19. So interesting about Kevin the turkey. Glad he is being protected!

  20. This is such a delightfully cheery post - I smiled through the whole thing. Thanks for boosting my spirits - I have been fighting a sinus infection and you have helped distract me. When I was working, I was always in a hurry - even when having 'fun'. Now I feel I can take the time to talk to people - and as your post shows, everyone has a story and we make connections in unexpected ways. Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I love your trips out, and your gift for connecting with the people you meet along the way.

  22. Hello, your Milo is a sweet dog and well behaved. I like that doorway too. What a an interesting place to see a turkey, I hope it was safe. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  23. What a great list of "likes" today. That Pin cushion was so cute. It's so neat that your dog is welcomed at so many places, she's cute too. - Enjoyed your post very much.

  24. Once the bag of chips is open! You know what's going to happen!

  25. I love the way you see things and loved this that Kevin and Milo and your cool new dish! Thank you so much for linking up!