Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Van Gogh Inspired "Poodle in Sunflowers"

"Poodle in Sunflowers" 12" X 12"
This is my latest STAT quilt interpreting a famous artist's style in fabric with an emphasis on texture.

I am part of Alida's Art with Fabric blog hop. Please visit the others after you've seen mine!

Van Gogh: Six Sunflowers, 1888, oil on canvas.
this is my reference photo for Van Gogh's sunflowers. I research my chosen artist and try to decide something to reference. Spirals, bold use of primary color, strong lines and his words were my inspiration.I also have tried to include a poodle in each of these 17 quilts! Just for fun. Just so they reference ME!
I start with a 12" piece of peltex. I wanted to keep it simple and bold, but textured so I first put a cotton background, then added a sheer with glittering spirals on top

to form the background to my composition. I brought the overlay to the back, encasing the cotton, and basted it as I knew I didn't want a binding this time.
I chose fonts and printed three quotes as well as an image of Milo to print onto the printable fabric and cut out

The fabric is pre-mounted for the printer and coated to make it permanent once heat set.

the white fabric was too white, so I dabbed these paints onto the quotes using a sea sponge.

An easy way to soften the look and continue the color palette
Then I start cutting and placing fabric with pins

Quick, free form cutting and layering. Overlap some dark fabric for shadows, take away so many flowers from Milo's mouth.
Go to machine with it held in place with a few pins and start stitching. Some buttonhole, some spirals, some free motion, some echo quilting with straight lines.
stitched in curls on the poodle
Quickly as if I am painting brushstrokes. I know the thread color and weight will add dimension. I want to mimic brushstrokes. The photo fabric is dense to sew through. The sheer is sparkly with glitter that must be contained or will migrate into the machine.

The applique is held on with stitching only, no fusible, allowing it to curl and fray a bit, which I like.
 Immediate, approachable, momentary like a chalk painting on a sidewalk.I think it gives texture and energy to the piece. I could plan, and make a mock up, draw out lines to follow and follow them carefully but what fun is that? It's not my artistic desire to be so careful, it's my goal to enjoy the trip. Careening into the grave with a martini glass in one hand and a sewing machine in the other!

Note the crystals ironed on around the flowers to add a highlight. I might have hand beaded if I'd had more time.

The back holds one more quote, and shows the stitching. I used black bobbin to look more sketch like.

The sunflower print was short so I added a strip of yellow that I wrote the quilt's info onto.

Before quilting, I pressed under the backing edges all the way around and placed it over the edges already turned to the back. This allowed me to keep glitter from migrating to the machine.
A quick hand stitch and edges are finished off.
I think van Gogh would have laughed, and liked this tribute to him. He loved nature, was awed by what he saw, and sought like I do, to capture a bit of it in his art! 

Hope you had fun, please visit the other artists on this blog hop, finding the complete schedule at
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  1. Wonderful! I especially love the use of the sheer with spirals. And I love the way you explained your process!

  2. Thank you for this morning's inspiration! I love this piece! :) Hugs!

  3. BLue and Yellow! Van Gogh! Favorites!
    More quilters should enjoy your work and be inspired by you!
    Great looking tribute!

  4. Love how Milo looks amid those sunflowers...great job hugs, Julierose

  5. Lovely, spontaneous and totally, artistically you! Hooray!

  6. I'm always fascinated by your process. A great tribute to both artists and Milo.

  7. I'm in awe of your process as well as the lovely piece. I especially like the sheer with the spirals! This work is so intricate. Just very cool. mary

  8. You're artwork is interesting. I like how you document the process.

  9. That piece is a lot of fun to look at, and read about, LeeAnna! I love that Milo is in it and all the sunflowers! Such an interesting process. Did you watch Dancing w/the Stars last night. That is always my favorite episode, so emotional. I think I am rooting for Jordan, the guy from thecHamilton cast. How about you?

  10. I so admire your ability to create pieces like this.

  11. I really like your interpretation! Van Gogh might have actually been flattered.

  12. love ! love! and like Van Gogh your work is recognizable without anyone telling me that it is yours. I love the words and how you dabbed the paint making it look so much better. And with a face like Milo - well how can you not make a beautiful art piece with him in it? Well done!

  13. So creative and pretty. Excellent interpretation of Van Gogh's art :)

  14. Absolutely you and the inspiration is clear! Thanks for sharing your process: you always find a way to integrate so many elements in an extremely balanced way!! Thanks for sharing your talent as part of the blog hop!!

  15. This is a very fun quilt piece, and I love the addition of the sheer with the glitter. I was tempted to use Van Gogh's sunflowers as inspiration for my piece for this hop too. I'm not sure now whether I am glad or sorry I didn't! It would have have been fun to have two interpretations.... but only if mine had turned out as awesome as yours. Your piece is great. :)

  16. What a fun inspirational piece of art you created! Adding van Gogh's quotes was brilliant!

  17. So neat! I love the depth and texture in your finished project. <3

  18. What a wonderful project! Love the colors you used - thanks for sharing!

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