Thursday, August 24, 2017

I Like Thursday #51

From Eliza at Forest Poodles
Welcome to this week's short list of I Likes
We're overwhelmed really. Doing our best.

So here goes
I like this bead embroidery

My friend Cindy sent the image to me. Thanks Cindy

Receiving instructions on the intricate lashing system of Milo's brace was overwhelming. Being given a list of requirements for care, a pack of meds, appts for the future, and then handed a seriously injured puppy to take home was really too much. Thankfully Drew took a video of some of the instructions. We drove home but were very frightened and stunned at the cost.
Seeing this bouquet at the front door was so comforting. Eliza sent them from Washington state, and it felt like she was standing next to me while I considered my new normal. Unending gratitude for her.

I like friends like our Neighbors Maria and Mike. They always have a smile and a greeting for us, and have proved they are friends through the hard times. I know they will never come to visit in Colorado but I wish they would

I LIke, love, the show So you think you can dance... and the song the first time ever I saw your face. Behold a LOVELY interpretation by contestants here
link to youtube is Here

I like using measuring cups with handles as ladles and scoops. I collect fun measuring cup sets, and this one shaped like bundt pans is a favorite.

 Every day tools are a source of enjoyment.

I liked this ramp for Milo, as he's gotten too large for me to pick up. He is tired of being carried too, so this ramp is on both our I Like lists. It was $120 bucks at Petsmart but what's another hundred after the $5000 plus already spent on this injury.
It telescopes out, and we'll use it in the car as well as the front steps. Mil first was afraid of it, but with gentle patience, and treats, and placing one foot on it and LOTS OF EXCITED PRAISE he was using it within an hour. What a relief.

Milo likes his little nest. Cole would not have voluntarily gotten into his crate for anything. Milo gets in himself with the door open, just for safety and rest. He has a nylabone, and a pillow but often wants to just lie flat. 
The pain meds knock him out for a bit, then he's up and ready to jump and run. Oh no.

I'll end with a recent picture of the sky... in reverse. It's the reflection of the sky in water!
In honor of the recent solar excitement!

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  1. Scary, Mom. You have your hands full....sending hugs and prayers for you both.

  2. I don't know how you are dealing with everything. How is your foot? Milo's set up looks great. You are doing a great job!

  3. I am sure you are struggling with the move, Milo's injuries, it is all so overwhelming. Hugs and good thoughts. My friends who have dogs swear by the ramps. One has one just for inside their house (little dogs) so the dogs can get up onto their couch.

  4. The ramp is a great idea - good for you getting him to use it. I am glad he likes his kennel, too. That is important as a retreat.
    Take care of yourself, worry less and breath more.

  5. So glad you got a ramp working! Happy Thursday, Lee Anna. You will make it through the week!

  6. I like that ramp and so glad he is willing to use it. We tried some steps for our aging cat to help him get on our bed, but he just refuses to use them. Don't forget to make some time for YOU as you deal with this move and Milo's recovery.

  7. Oh my goodness. $5000!!!! Your wonderful friends are such a gift. That money was well spent on the ramp. You will need it in the future as well. You seem like a strong woman and these are just bumps in the road to a better future. Keep the faith and I hope you can find some down time with your plate so full. Best wishes. mary in Az

  8. So much to handle. I'm sorry you and Milo are going through this. The flowers are beautiful. Hang in there!

  9. I love the ramp and Milo's "nest." So sorry that you all have to go through this tough time, especially when a puppy's norm is to play. May it go by quickly!

  10. Such kind words! We've been there for each other through the good and the bad.... that's what friends do! We will miss you three:(

  11. Milo's ramp and nest look great. Milo's surgery was necessary. You three will get through this experience. Pace yourselves, remember to breathe and find moments to enjoy. This healing time is a necessary investment in a healthy future for Milo. Hugs.

  12. $5K...eek. ­čśÁThat ramp will pay you back in the months ahead. Those things can be a real life-saver on any huMom's backs. Ear scratches for the little fella. See you soon!

  13. Pet surgery is so expensive; my son's Kota just had ACL surgery--and it cost about the same as Milo's...and then keeping them quiet and med costs--are tough!!
    Hope Milo is recuperating well..hang in there...hugs, Julierose

  14. I'm a loyal fan of So You Think You Can Dance - some of the dances are extremely moving

  15. That ramp is a great idea. Too hard to pick up big pets! Thanks for linking up today!

  16. Hi LeeAnna,
    A likes blog post when you're under a lot of stress is a good thing. Sounds like you are coping! Hang in there! One step at a time for all of you! Thinking of you often!

  17. What a cool reverse sky shot! Love it!!

  18. Lovely reflection sky shot and lots of healing energy hugs for you and your doggie ~ ^_^


  19. So smart to get this ramp. We needed one when one of my sibs was in a wheelchair. Had to get a carpenter; wish we'd had one of these.
    Best wishes for the next few months. So many changes.