Friday, August 18, 2017

solid mosaics... I see a house

Do you see an abstract house?
As I was cutting a lot of black and white scraps for "remote sewing" in the car, I thought bright solids would look good with them! So out came the little scrap bag of solid color scraps.

The really small ones were like confetti, and my original thought was to sew them together to do hexies.

It was so much fun I just kept sewing odd piece, to odd piece and enjoying the colors. Then probably because we're moving house, I thought it reminded me of an abstract painting of a house.
this is the piece with rough edges lying on blue fabric.

After sewing choose one place to straighten it, I chose the straight dark piece at the bottom
cut away one side... then use that side and the line I first used to cut the second...

only one more side to trim!

After they all went together into a piece about 6 X 9" I thought of how to frame it and embellishments...
Look at the first picture... it's showing you bead soup along the side.
What about a word of encouragement?
A few random gee-gaws... This is exactly why I don't throw things out... you never know when you'll need a little mime face from a broken bracelet, or a random palm tree! With sparkles!
I love words and collect them when I see them on sale... I picked out a quick 11 words, just to see...
I am kind of surprised that I liked working with solid colors. I love how the odd curves went together.
Note the bottom right area....  the angles create doorways. I couldn't have done that by planing... I don't know much about perspective except when something is wrong or works.

Some of this must be intuitive because I force myself not to over think, just enjoy sewing one piece to another. Then I seek meaning in it.

I think your subconscious thoughts  lead the art, what do you think?
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  1. Your subconscious mind is working well! I love the lower right. And it is close, but I think I prefer the words to the beads. But either one is a good option.

  2. I totally agree--else why these sparks of inspiration and links that lead you to "see" something you didn't "plan" to do? Also, when something just feels right--that "Aha" while auditioning border fabrics and your little piece...hugs Julierose

  3. This will make a darling little house - with words or beads or palm trees. Just too cute!

  4. You have always inspired the inner me. This piece is no exception. Bravo!

  5. It does look like a construction yard. The parts are all there. I love it.

  6. Not only doorways, but opening to Purple Mountain Majesties. Looking ahead to your new home in Colorado.
    And surely you aren't choosing beads in the car??? How do they not roll off?

  7. Those primary colors are very striking and especially good looking. How fun you save those little embellishments. I've kept some for years and NEVER remember to use them. You are so creative!

  8. Love it! Very creative and inspiring. I also love the words along side of those beautiful colors!

  9. What a super fun project! I love where you took all the little pieces and embellished the block at the end! Very nice!

  10. I always enjoy the creations you share. This one has extra "sparkle" to it and exudes hope and heart. I wish you happy home making in your new location. Thanks for the inspiration to "go and play". I love just letting a piece develop all on its own.

  11. I keep trying to sew all the little random sizes and shapes together, but they never seem to be very inspired or inspiring. And I seem to have too many dark colors, even though I've made tons of kids quilts in bright primary colors. Maybe someday something will click. Good luck with the home buying trip. It's a long drive (did it two years ago from western NY) and you are even farther east than me. But I know you'll find great places to visit along the way. Hope Milo is doing okay.

  12. I love the things you add to your abstract pieces - especially the words, and that palm tree! I always enjoy reading about your process, too.

  13. Intuition often knows more than the logical mind. In any case, the end result is beautiful.

  14. It certainly does look like a little house. What a fun fabric postcard this would make! Perhaps for someone moving to a new home.

  15. I love seeing how you progress on these pieces! Thank you not only for the art but the words!

  16. Sooooooo cute! It does look like a little house. Love your fabric art.

  17. It really looks like you've had a lot of fun with the solids. Have a safe trip . Best wishes for sweet Milo.

  18. Definitely a house in there; it's funny how images sometimes just grow!

  19. Love those sewing moments when you just sew and not think and it always amazes me at what happens. You have a wonderful piece of art there - love the scattered bits on the side with the palm tree but the words are cute too! Enjoy the decision process and safe travels.

  20. Very creative! I like the bold colors and the addition of embellishments. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  21. Intuition often knows more than the logical mind. In any case, the end result is beautiful.


  22. That is so great! I loved seeing the progression.

  23. Definitely a fun piece, with lots of doorways! Love the tile buttons on the side, as it adds the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Lovely improv, playing with scraps is so much fun, and the little touches at the end takes it to a new dimension. Wonderful.