Monday, August 14, 2017

Milo's Monday Mischief

My gosh! That's a big water bowl!

Milo has found his voice at 5 months.

 He barks at the least amount of movement on the cul de sac. Very annoying. A neighbor comes out their front door, bark

. Bike? bark. Wind moving leaves, bark.

He barked at us last night. Drew came down to get him to go to bed, bark. I closed the cutlery drawer, bark.   Bark, bark,bark.

And all the different sounds! Amazing. He's singing, or speaking German.

Here's a video of Milo at his first concert... more interested in coming to see what I was video taping and people than the music...
"A well behaved poodle has less fun!" Milo 2017


  1. Hopefully the barking is just a phase? He's getting so big and so handsome.

  2. He wants to sing you the song of his people.

  3. oh that's the "crazy puppy phase"... hard to stand... laundry on a line, people, bikes, traffic signs, trash cans, nothing ... everything is worth a bark feast ;o)

  4. Tell Milo - a barking pup means that there's something to say!

  5. He must be sending poodle S.O.S.'s to Elsa...she's been barking a lot recently too. They are too entertaining as they learn all about the world around them. 🐩

  6. I don't have a lot of neutrals - I'm trying to build up my stash in that, because I've seen some really neat neutral quilts. I like your leaves!