Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Like Thursday # 50 ! lots of pink!

I like caladium's pink-ness
Pink Flamingo in hiding...
 Uh Oh Flamingo down!
Pull yourself together! Jump in a box and get ready to move, and bring those Pink quartz rocks!

My friend Cindy made me another beaded bracelet. Look at those colors!!! (so me)
It is lime, pink, turquoise, purple and black!Swirls! With beads on top of beads for dimension
With sparkling crystal bicones in the swirls. With double edge treatment in aqua and Pink!
Pink inner border chosen for the tiny Flamingo quilt

with a fat lime binding and Pink rick-rack. Probably Pink beads! I want this one fun, not tasteful.

Pink flowers on Milo's outside bed sheet 
 Tired puppy, who has an appt at the orthopedist. So much pain for my baby.

Milo has tried to recover from the injury, and looked like he beat it, until last night when suddenly he couldn't walk, and got worse, and X-rays showed possible tendon tear in his shoulder. (update: We went to the orthopedic sports medicine vet, who said it's likely two ligaments behind his shoulder and needs surgery. He is going in early this morning, pray for my boy.)

He will need a 4 month recovery wearing a restricting brace on both front legs and no playing or running.
He will also need PT during this to keep his ankles, knees and back flexible.

All of this during our drive to CO to find a new home, and subsequent move, requiring he get PT out there.

I'm very frightened for him, and he has to spend the night at the surgery center. My baby.

 He enjoyed tearing up his toys this week. Suddenly he has big teeth and is into destruction especially with the enforced quiet time.

And just because it was on pinterest... and OMG...
Miniature poodle pup.
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  1. Oooh poor Milo--saying a prayer for him with every sorry, Lee Anna to hear this...hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh no, poor Milo! And hard on Mama, too. I hope the surgery does the trick and he can be on the mend right away. Have a safe trip out here and successful house-hunting. And I love your pink things - a happy color, which we all need right now!

  3. Scary time and prayers for good surgery, and calm for you.

  4. Perfect choices for the pink flamingo quilt. I don't envy your having to keep Milo from running and playing. Hope all goes well for him.

  5. That sounds like a daunting task, keeping an active puppy quiet. Good luck with that and your packing.

  6. Poor Milo! Healing thoughts coming his way! Good luck with that process of finding a new house and making this move. Think of the new neighborhoods to explore.

  7. Poor Milo - he's so young to be going through this! I hope all goes well today. Hugs.

  8. Wow. Love the "pink" theme but all does not sound pinky in your daily life. Glad to hear you are moving to Colorado. Such a good state. I hope Milo is recovering well from the surgery. The pink border on the quilt piece really pops the center panel! Best wishes during this stressful time but there is light at the end of the moving truck! mary in Az

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    50 Likeable weeks! Love the Pink and Lime! Flamigo fun!
    Wishing Milo a speedy recovery! And wishing you all what ever it takes to get through the big move ahead!

  10. Oh poor poor Milo! I hope he's ok and recovers well! But I love all your pinks!

  11. I know how worried you are for Milo. And this long recovery period will be tough during a move. Thinking of you both.
    Beautiful pinks!

  12. Milo is lucky to have you as a Mom. Vet medicine is amazing. All will be well. Love the pink and I'm not usually a "pink" person!

  13. Prayers to Milo for a quick recovery !

  14. OH NO! I will be praying for Milo. That is a long recovery period, so I will be praying for you also.

  15. Oh, dear. One of these issues would be enough to handle, but poor Milo and a big move. Take deep breaths and keep calm. You need to take care of yourself, too.
    Love the flamingo piecem. The borders are perfect. Travel safe.

  16. I must have missed how Milo was injured. I can only imagine how stressed you are with moving and and injured puppy. He'll mend well. And you will endure. But, it seems overwhelming now.
    We'll be waiting for an update on all your travails.

    1. milo was rolled while playing with the dog across the street. As he hit the ground the dog jumped over him and stepped on Milo's shoulder. Tore two ligaments.

  17. The colors on that bracelet are just divine. Such fine detail work! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  18. Poor Milo! I hope he came through surgery with flying colors!

  19. Prayers for Milo, and his parents. Gorgeous plants, what a scary, wonderful, exciting time. Getting ready for a new chapter. The bracelet is super cute.

  20. Ach! Poor pupster . . . Fortunately, he has a terrific mom.

    Flaming Down made me laugh right out loud . . . the bracelet is astonishing . . . So glad to visit you this morning.

    Happy weekend,

  21. Pink goes so well with black standards. We have excellent vets in the metro area, so your baby will be in good hands. There's a vet here that can probably even fix the downed flamingo (Dr. Fitzgerald) ☺️ You're too funny!

  22. Poor Milo! I am so sorry he is going though that! It will be hard on him AND you! Love that bracelet! Funny about the downed flamingo. Nice post.

  23. My daughter's favorite color is pink...she'd LOVE all this. I love the bracelet myself.

    Wishing your furbaby good luck and hope it's all better soon.

    I'm here visiting from Willy Nilly Friday.

  24. Thank you for always bringing a bit of color and beauty in our lives. Abby T. Lab and her Mom and Dad The Johnson's in Chicago

  25. Milo we are so sorry you are in pain, we are sending healing purrs and POTP. Tuiren sympathizes with the restricted activity for 4 months, but she wants you to know that once it is over you will feel so much better.

  26. Lots of healing energy for Milo and healing hugs to you both ~ xxx