Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Like Thursday #49

 Welcome to this week's list of "likes" 
Let's get started, 

Help me... Mama took the shaver to me!
I Like a freshly shaved poodle face. Look at those eyes... so sincere!

I Like this tea kettle we got recently. It's got a nice shape, has no teflon and no whistle, but it has a temperature gauge. It is made for tea, because from my Tea Shop mysteries, I learned you brew different teas at different temps.

Anyway our old kettle had a teflon coating that always smelled to the end, and eroded meaning we were all drinking some kind of chemical. Made in China like so many other problematic items. We now seek cookware made anywhere but.
 Sorry, China.

I Like this link party... It's a our world
Our World Tuesday Graphic
the link is
People from all over the world link their small town lives. I feel like I've traveled when I visit blogs new to me.

I Like space created by letting go of stuff.

Two bins now empty.

I don't like the actual letting go, the decision to let go, the loss of anything. I do however know in my head that the things I've let go recently, are not vital to my well being. Most of it was given me, and I take it " just in case" or bought thinking I'd need it and I never did.
We weighed this drawer of blue fabric... 35 lbs!
and I have many, many, bins. Hmmm... gotta let a bit go... I mean after all I only have one life to make all the projects I have planned. Plus some of the other crafts no longer call to me.

It pinches my emotions at the start, then later when I see a bit of open space or at least breathing room, it feels great.
Funny how looking at an empty drawer is satisfying... like there is room to grow!

I cut my own EPP shapes from cleaned yogurt lids so of course I washed them and trimmed the rims, and stored them.

 Lots of them. Just in case. Out they go to recycling. I'll cut some more hexies before they go, while watching tv, but like a lot of stuff, they are not worth paying a mover a dollar a pound to take to Colorado.

Bag O'Plastic!
I liked finding these flamingo pants... they never were flattering but I bought them because of the flamingos.
Wonder if they'll be given away too... or will I wear them even if they aren't flattering! (probably)

Milo's likes this week:
Milo is a little tired of bed rest. He is supposed to rest that Bicep tendon but he's feeling like running. He is taking refuge in food (as many of us do)
He is chasing his food ball around the family room which engages him mentally. Sometimes he just picks it up and brings it to me, saying, shake it Mama! Make it work!

Please enjoy these fine folk also keeping it positive today.

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Cool teapot!
    Colorado it is then! Moving! What a way to create the mandatory clear out!

  2. Like your post. Let it go. Unfortunately in my case I am stuck in legal limbo and must keep a bunch of stuff in the grand scheme of life is not worth anything.....heck I couldn't even sell it at a garage sale. I have been trying to use up my stash though, pulling for charity quilts etc. That makes me feel good. I am sure Milo is itching to get out and play.

  3. Teas brew at different temperatures -- who knew? I definitely need to divest of some fabric if moving it costs $1/lb! At least I have some time to work on it. Have you found a place in CO yet, or are you just anticipating.

  4. I like the teapot! I've seen some electric ones, too, that you set what kind of tea you want, and it will kick off at the right temp. All that fabric! And I like how you make your templates. I will have to remember that.

    Just did a small purge of clothing to go to Savers. Finally let go of a favorite pair of pants because I just. never. wear. them.

  5. I did not know tea was brewed at different temps! I make tea all the time. That tea kettle is so pretty. 35 pounds of blue?? wow.
    Are you moving to Colorado? It is my favorite state I have visited. I'm liking your sliding basket drawers. Enjoy! mary in Az

  6. Hello Milo looks handsome with his new hairdo. I am a coffee drinker but do enjoy tea once in a while. Hubby and I have let go of a lot of stuff collected over the years, we may downsize to a smaller place a little later. Enjoy your your day!

  7. those flamingo pants look like they have an elastic waste. have you thought about using them as pajama bottoms? Or deconstructing them for the fabric and making totes, zippered pouches or included in quilts? Just a thought. Then the useful fabric could hang around and make you smile when you use the item.

  8. Milo looks handsome! Great job! Grooming will tire him out. Did you find a place in CO? Yes, it was $1/lb MD to TX 2 years ago. I kept about 25% of stash, purged everything else.

  9. I keep saying we should move so that we are forced to purge! It really needs to be done around here, too. I like that teapot, and Milo's sweet face! You'll have to tell us all more about the move to Colorado! 😊

  10. I did some purging over my move - more things that never made the cut but when faced with packing them I let them go!

  11. I like the idea of using yogurt lids for EPP templates! Clever! Have you thought about cutting up the flamingo pants to use in a quilt? I've done that with several pieces of clothes that I didn't wear but liked the fabric.

    1. they have a bit of lycra stretch. Not for quilts really this time.

    2. What about turning them into a nice shopping bag that you can carry in a handbag? That would be a useful item here in Colorado. 😇

  12. Congrats on the letting go. An empty drawer--woo-hoo--so empowering! Little Milo's face is too cute. Looking forward to meeting him in the furs when he moved to the Centennial State.

  13. I too find letting go to be rejuvenating to my creative soul. It kinda opens ya up to new possibilities.

  14. A pound of quilt weight fabric is 4 yards ... jus think how many yards of fabric that 35 pounds is -- almost ten yards!

    :) Linda

    1. Wow, my math brain is obviously on vacation! :P

      LOL! Linda

  15. I love cleaning out stuff....feels so good doesn't it?! Your pup is adorable! Thanks for linking with Willy Nilly!!

  16. Such a sweet dog face! Love it! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  17. Milo is a cutie. I like that tea kettle too. And good for you getting rid of things, I need to do more of that.

  18. we like your likes, Milo's likes too of course. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, we appreciate you!

  19. Definitely something freeing about getting rid of 'stuff'. Even living in small spaces like we do it seems to add up. Your dog is a sweety.

  20. Great likes! Scott cut her paw so she is in the same holding pattern as Milo...hmmm, such a sibling thing! Thanks for the website tip! Have a great day!

  21. I too find letting go to be rejuvenating to my creative soul. It kinda opens ya up to new possibilities.