Friday, August 25, 2017

Neutral Stars

We are to use our neutral scraps for the Rainbow Scrap challenge this month.
My hexie star blocks are already using beige and white neutrals mixed up for center stars as well as outside the brightly colored stars.

So, I use the month to focus on the suggested color.

How about a bonus NY beauty block in neutrals? I love making these blocks especially with created fabric from scraps! 

Everyone seems to be seeing the word neutral as equal to the colors beige and white and tan.
We all know from clothing, neutral is a color that allows most other colors to shine.
Black, gray, brown can all be neutral.

If we use the word neutral to mean background to important shapes, then my favorite lime green is a very good neutral!

I have planned out some very low contrast blocks this month, just didn't get them done in time. These components will have to do...
Grey both light and charcoal
Different light colored points to go in a neutral gray background
the start of another gray and black pointed center
These are all photographed on the lid to this mesh, spring basket... the kind that can collapse, but spring into shape when released
I just love this container! It's like a magical flower. What's it holding at the present you ask???
other containers, and a heating pad! I just gave away the clothing yardage I'd had in here for years.
This little vintage  IKEA container is coming with me!

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  1. Great neutrals and fun photo background!

  2. Just proves that neutral doesn't mean boring! Those stars are cute in every color.

    I gave away a lot of clothing yardage a couple of years ago, knowing I wasn't going to use it. Our church gals used it as backing for some donation quilts going to a homeless shelter or somewhere similar.

  3. I admire the fact that you are doing any sewing with all that's going on in your life. Or is that what keeps you sane?

  4. Love your neutrals. I love lime green as a neutral. Wow you should have seen me try to explain it to quilt guild for the challenge.

  5. You've created such beautiful photos with your neutrals. I can't believe you can do this and sort for a move. Go, you.

  6. Fun storage container! Is your New York Beauty block hand pieced, or paper- pieced, or...something else? That is definitely a beautiful block!

  7. Neutral is in the eye of the beholder. Red makes a great neutral to to tie together bright scrap blocks. Love the pop up flower, too cute -- and handy.

  8. Glad that you are stitching up some NEUTRAL scraps for the RCS!! I'm with you on lime green being a neutral, along with the creams, beiges, and whites. The dark side of neutral may in the works for some other month. We'll have to see what Angela has to say!

  9. I'm never sure just what a neutral is but I've always used creams and beiges as neutral. I love your NY Beauty block!

  10. It tickles me that your neutral stars were sitting on top of a neon flower!

  11. I love your neutral creations and that container is great.