Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Like thursdays #48

I like the bright hot pink flowers my husband brought home to make me smile...

especially alongside the croton who is spending some quality time on the back porch this summer! The yellow, green, and daubs of pinks in the croton contrast nicely with the graphic almost iconic flower shape of whatever flower these are.

Milo continues to like to read my magazines after I'm done. He waits and when he hears the last page turned, hops up hoping he can "read" them by way of osmosis, through his taste buds. When he's done, the shreds  can easily go in the recycling! This week he enjoyed the article on flowers.

I Liked this little hitchhiker that rode on my shirt at our recent trip to Ft. McHenry (post HERE).

 no photo but, I like having a friend I can be myself with. No fake cheerfulness, no pretending to care. When they ask "how are you?" they want to know the answer. We can trust each other with our thoughts and feelings.
There are many acquaintances in life, which is great, but a friend is worth gold.
I've been lucky enough this week to share several real conversations/emails with friends I trust.The connections between us are enjoyable and comforting.

I liked this quote on pinterest this week. A reminder that in a Democracy, the president is just the temporary leader... he is not the country nor a dictator. We are very lucky, many fought for our rights, and we need to protect those rights considering what happened in Venezuela this week.  I am thankful for those who protect  our Democracy

I Like walking around neighborhoods. Milo is not as good as Cole was at that, he lays down, chews the leash, and in general acts like a puppy (he just turned 5 months old) Enjoy some images from our recent trip to CT.
Floral house numbers
curly decorative iron fences
old window glass from 1700's that has swirls now
Purple doors!
Archway elements and peaked roofs on homes
Rounded design details done in bricks and stones
Love the porch details and door
Love the window designs
I don't know what this tree is but it was gorgeous with pink outlining the leaves. The Poodle butt is a bonus!

Milo was happy to play with his friend Gus but was injured playing. His Bicep tendon is inflamed (hopefully not a life long condition) and he's on meds and bed rest for two weeks.We'll know more after that.
He's not pleased, and I told the vet, forget him! Mama needs the drugs.

Telling an active puppy he can't run for two weeks?

I do an I Like post every Thursday and welcome you to do one, and join us on our journey to  notice the little things that bring joy each week! Let me know in comments or email if you want to join in! Meanwhile visit these fine folks keeping it happy! (give them time to post)

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  1. Your pink flowers are so pretty! Drew did a good job with those! Love the photos from Connecticut, too. I'm so sorry Milo is hurt though. I can't imagine how you keep him resting. Maybe you have to lie down with him? Hope it heals quickly!

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Gerbera! Gerbera's! Tha's what they are called here! Just looked it up and it's the same in both Dutch and English!
    They come in many different colours!

  3. Just so you know.....I loiter on the computer on Thursdays until I can read your I Like post. Gorgeous flowers hubby did a great job. I love your eye for architectural features and color. Glad Milo is learning through osmosis....LOL. Trying to get him to lay down may be a sore test for your patience. Good luck.

  4. the thought of Milo reading by osmosis made me giggle! They really do love chewing things up like that don't they! Mine grew out of the magazine phase, but still do it if they are lucky enough to find an unattended trashcan with a piece of wrapper or something that had a single molecule of food left on it. I find shreds all over the place!

  5. Gerber daisies is the common name for the flowers, I think. Love your Connecticut pictures. Although I now live in SD, I lived for about 7 years in NH, and I miss that special beauty of New England. Hope Milo improves every day!

  6. Poor Milo - but he will heal quickly I'm sure. Enjoyed the architecture pictures with the interesting details. And I must agree with you about friends. One of my best friends moved last week from our town in SD to east central IA. I will miss sitting down for coffee and a good conversation. Or a glass of wine with the conversation. :-)

  7. Love the pink flowers- so cheery. Thanks for the Patriotic quote. This needs to be posted all over the country. Don't get me started if we are to be happy today. Ugh.... I love those houses in CT! The homes here in my area are so plain and boring-granted they are low maintenance and built well but I love the architecture in smaller older cities. Good luck keeping Milo down! Hope you have good wine for the evenings! Thanks for including me and have a great day. mary in Az.

  8. I like the bug's black and yellow in contrast to the pink shirt! Swirly glass! Neat leaves. Good stuff. :-)

  9. Gorgeous photos! Feel better Milo!!!!!

  10. Hello, the gerbera daisies are lovely. I hope Milo is feeling better soon. Pretty collection of photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  11. That tree with the pink leaves could be a tricolor beech. The botanic gardens has a beautiful specimen, I'll have to check the name the next time I'm there. Love those hot pink flowers. They add so much interest and pop to a garden! Feel better sweet Milo; Sam & Elsa send pawsitive healing thoughts.

  12. Love the hot pink flowers, but I hate bugs. You'd think that making a continental move from India to US would protect me from bugs and mosquitoes. But no, they leave Paul alone and feast on my flesh and blood.

  13. I love your photos. The architectural details are superb!

  14. I like that Poodle butt! lol! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  15. The tree is a tricolor beech and it's one of the most beautiful trees all year round. It puts on a color show from burgundy to pink/white/green leaves.

  16. You really have an observant eye when you are out and about LeeAnna. And Milo is still a youngster doing puppy things. Gerbera daisies are one of my daughters favourites...she had two salmon pink ones in her hair for her wedding.
    Interesting info about that beech tree.

  17. The hitchiker is incredible :)

  18. I love the details in the doors and windows
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  19. Great photos! Hoping for speedy and complete healing for Milo.

  20. Great quote, and great houses! Lovely post...and YES you love hot pink! :-) The flowers are just beautiful, and how cool to see the shirt of the same color in the insect photo. :-)

  21. I lived in a house where the glass had started to shift like that. One day my whole window just popped - glass everywhere! I hope Milo gets better quickly - nothing worse than enforced rest when you want to be active.

  22. I love all the architectural details you post, and the Milo updates. Great Teddy quote!

  23. Hot Pink Flowers are quite pretty, What a neat little "hitchhiker" you had. I think it's fun to walk (or drive) around the town too. You can find really neat stuff to photograph. I liked the wavy glass you spotted.

  24. I was fascinated with the architecture pictures, especially the house with the front that looks like an "A". Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love those purple doors! Thanks for linking!