Thursday, July 13, 2017

"I Like" thursdays Annapolis edition

Welcome to this week's list of things I liked! We all like flowers and their bright colors don't we? On our recent walk through Annapolis, I saw some pretty ones. I happen to LOVE hibiscus. I had wild hibiscus bushes around my home in Florida. These were the most delicious color of flamingos!

Doesn't the picture look painted?? Does to me... trick of lighting. Low late afternoon light, angled just so...
It's a bit in shade but I chose to show you this one because you can see the tiny white circles around the dark pink stamens and the brilliant golden yellow dots. French knots in embroidery, around beads, heavily quilted with echo quilting, dabs of really dark black in the center... See it done in fabric???

I Love walking around Annapolis, seeing something different each time I go...
I Like architecture especially the details on old homes... including oddly shaped old homes in a town started in the 1600's... old for the USA.
Yup, it comes to a sharp point! I so wish I could go in!!!
Since I started blogging about living the creative life, I really notice details... I liked the long flower boxes...
and the little face!
And this little face
And this little lady, ready to hold a flag I suppose...
(click on any image to enlarge it)  then there was this little gee gaw in a planter holding one of my fave plants
caladiums... can you see them done in fabric? Painted?
So delicate yet very strong in our extreme heat.

I really liked this spray of lavender flowers... all the shades on one bunch... peeking out from a wrought iron fence, dangling near our eyes to astound us with color! My husband, the scientist walked right by.
Good thing we're opposites... we each bring so much to the table.
And one more flower image...
This is in a Children's shop... FANCY children! I would have loved this dress... heck I'd love this dress now!
So chic! And I love tulle.

I LOved this blogpost about a sheep and dog making friends!!!


Now for Milo's list of likes:
Milo here! (finally) (you've been waiting for me haven't you?)
I like to chew my leash. This one is very satisfying on my molars. They are loose, and coming in, and hurt so I love to grab this handy thing and chew away. Oh Mama yells! She does not want me to enjoy my leash AT ALL but I Like it!
I like meeting other dogs on leash, well we'd all prefer to have NO LEASHES but a leash does allow me to keep track of my pawrents...
This good looking golden is 8 months old so he and I compared notes on puppy stuff! His people had him on an easy walk leash so he never pulled.

That's okay, I pulled enough for the both of us!  Then that cutie Wheaten terrier.
He's so stocky! And his hair was so handsome! He was VERY calm only because he's 3 years old.

We all had a nice tussle, then we left the people to continue their lunch!

LeeAnna here to finish up...I'll leave you today with this glorious sky photo!
It so appealed to the artist in me. The clouds were quite lined up at the same angle as the roof line, then the color of the sky was intense, and the clouds texture varied. Between buildings, it was a little surprise as we walked back to the car, we three. Happy for our little adventure.

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  1. I have no words. Your I like post has so many wonderful things. The hibiscus, the caladiums, the architecture (I agree what does that spot inside the house look like?). Milo looks like he enjoys his days out too.

  2. Love these likes! Lots of fun and love the architecture too! Have a great day!

  3. Annapolis looks like such an interesting and historical city! I love the faces you showed us, and all the flowers. I can tell Milo is really learning how to interact well with other people and their dogs.

  4. Love these outings photos. So many glorious things to spy and I see lots of inspiration for the artist in you. Murphy still likes to chew her leash when she is excited which is every time we start on a walk. Hubby has had to learn how to mend them!

  5. deer antlers are great for those teething issues...I get them from my local pet store and my dogs love them...they are shed naturally by the deer, so no worries about harm coming to the deer. They last a long time as well..

  6. Hello, I love the pretty variety of flowers. The dogs are all cuties too. Great walk thru Annapolis. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  7. I love hibiscus. I hope my next house has a big south-facing window - I'd like to try to grow some again. I've seen some odd-shaped buildings in Boston, but nothing that pointy! And that dress is awesome! :-)

  8. Beautiful post. Your flower photos are awesome. I have never seen a pointed house like that before! I also wonder what the little faces on the building's exterior represent. Love the dress! Thanks for including me in these lovely posts. mary in Az. p.s.-i envy people walking around town (it's way too hot to go outside for months now and for the next 2 months-ugh).

  9. i like the way you see things :)

  10. That spray of lavender flowers looks like Buddleja to me. That hibiscus is glorious! Oh, and that narrow corner on that building! Got to love old architecture!

  11. so cool to see your Annapolis pictures, I've never been there. I especially like the lady flag holder! Milo is super adorable, I'm glad he's getting along with other dogs!

  12. The dog and sheep are priceless. I wonder what was around the building that brought the room to a sharp edge.

  13. Thank you for featuring my blog here! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  14. The caladiums truly look hand painted to me 2! I love to cloud watch and attempt to catch in photos to share. all your likes are such fun and Yes, french knots are a great way to enhance a hibiscus stamens. I think folks like us, your readers, are likely to pay closer attention to what we admire and our surrounds. Milo is getting so BIG and social.
    Your Thursday likes are a ray of sunshine!

  15. That's a bunch of good things indeed! Have fun Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  16. You always capture the most beautiful photos! Such pretty ones of Annapolis, things I've never noticed while down there.

  17. Wow I love that dress, and those leaves! What an inspiration!

  18. I lived in Crofton, Maryland for many years and I miss visiting Annapolis! Great photos which brought back great memories. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  19. What neat clouds and of course I love those lavender flowers! Enjoy your evening!

  20. Love the building coming out to a point! I would had the same wish to see the interior! Welcome to All Seasons and thank you so much for linking! Hope you'll make it a habit to come every week!
    One thing I like to say about that. We have only two rules, and one is: one photo link per blog!
    Enjoy summer, and hope to see you back next week!

  21. Fun post! Hi to Milo. :)
    Loved all the faces you found and your stroll around Annapolis. Happy Friday!

  22. An interesting series of photos!
    Hello Milo, I enjoyed meeting your friends
    Beautiful pink caladiums with the white and green surrounding them
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. That caladium plant was exquisite! I've only seen them indoors. Really a beautiful color. And who doesn't like lavender? Come on Drew! 😆 And for Milo, keep having fun with fur-iends on walks.

  24. Hello, I love Hibiscus too, pretty blooms. The doggies are all adorable too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  25. WILD hibiscus!!!!! Oh wow! I can only dream!! I like architecture, too! Visiting new regions is so much fun because the architecture changes! Sharing Milo's likes makes me look at my own babies and notice THEIR likes! Ha! :) Thank you for hosting and sharing!

  26. Go ahead and enjoy that lease while mom's not looking! lol. ~Rascal and Rocco