Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Like, Thursdays # 47 "lawn jewelry"

Inviting isn't it?

Welcome to this week's list of likes... mostly lawn ornaments from Wethersfield Connecticut. As usual I noticed so many fun things on our evening walks, and want to share them with you.
There are a couple more "likes" after I show you the lawn ornaments!
Milo noticed the Hydrangea walkway in front of this historic house... I have never seen them in pots, and lining the walkway made quite a statement!

This yard was covered with little ornaments... guess they just couldn't say no!
of course I had to make note of flamingos
especially so far north...

Imagine the home owner, they must always think just one more ornament! There were little ornaments all over the yard!

Look closely at the next house... you might miss them...

The elephant, and the giraffe peeking out the front door??
The little "watch-hog" hedgehog hiding in a stand of hostas under a tree on the front lawn??

The bike lane was clearly marked...
We didn't see any of these but if we had I would not have been shocked! The homes were built in the 1700's up to the present. Time is fluid here!

Another flamingo and a pink door

with hydrangeas again. Like pom pom trim for lawns!
This was one of the first towns formed in America, before our independence was won. 
And the most of the neighborhood had these signs out front...good going y'all! 
We're all immigrants in America. All of us including Native Americans who came first.  
 Milo liked walking with his people, and meeting dogs, sniffing new scents, peeing where he's never peed.
I like enormous granite sidewalks.

last but probably most important was a sign of friendship this week.
I Like Cindy! My friend surprised me this week with a bracelet she made for me.
She tried a new kind of bead, and a new weaving pattern, and decided it should come to me... the day she surprised me with it, I was wearing this lime green skirt and purple top! Perfecto!

I Like friends who know me so well...
I liked writing about our recent trip to CT this week, reliving the trip in photos.

 Bridge of Flowers  see that post with pictures HERE!

I do an I Like post every Thursday and welcome you to do one, and join us on our journey to  notice the little things that bring joy each week! Let me know in comments or email if you want to join in! Meanwhile visit these fine folks keeping it happy!

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  1. OMG the pink front door!!!! While pink is not my color, I loved it on that house. Hydrangeas are gorgeous and in pots too. I wonder if they get taken in during the winter to protect them. You mentioned they looked like pompoms but the flamingo lawn sculpture was awesome. I love yard art like that. I would see something and Jeff would make it for me.

  2. wow. Don't you just want to live on those streets where people are so welcoming and fun! That is not the case where I live. oh well.I think I need to buy some yard jewelry. It's such a fun statement. But, not sure if HOA will allow it. Ugh.
    I not only like your bracelet, but your outfit as well. Thanks for including me and have a great day! mary in Az

  3. Wow! You saw so many things in CT that I have not seen. I think I have to take a trip to Wethersfield. I have been to that quilt shop in Simsbury and I agree that it's a great shop. They have a wonderful large room downstairs where a few SAQA meetings have been held.

  4. I, too, love yard art, and I think my favorite in your photos is the little elephant peeking out from the garden. I need something like that! The Bridge of Flowers in your previous post is really amazing. I think I would really enjoy visiting Wethersfield!

  5. I feel almost like I got to go on the walk with you. What a welcoming community to have signs like those. Love it!

  6. I like pretty gates. Love those flamingos! And that bracelet is really cool. Fun stuff.

  7. Those walks must have been so fun! The surroundings were beautiful!

  8. That gate is amazing! Its so funny to see what people put in their just have to look a little harder sometimes! Fun stuff!

  9. That gate is fabulous, as is the giraffe in the window. I love subtle stuff like that- makes you do a double take. And the bracelet from your friends is beautiful! Love the fun pattern!

  10. Hello, I love all the yard arts and the pretty gate. The house with the flamingo is cute. The hydrangea walkway is pretty. Great series of photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  11. I like purple and lime green together, too. I think flamingos show up all over these days. Lots of neat lawn art. I lean toward the more subtle ones, but I do have a purple and lime green hummingbird perched in my front garden.

  12. Lovely bracelet that I can tell means so much to you. As for the lawn ornament house, can you imagine what Christmas looks like? Bwahaha. LOVED that gorgeous garden gate. Yes, very inviting.

  13. The bracelet really is gorgeous! I love anything handmade...don't you? And the flamingo you saw is cute! Now I wonder if I could grow a hydrangea in a pot! Hugs!

  14. Love the bracelet! And that pink flamingo with the matching front door, love!

  15. You have a great collection of photos. I haven't seen Hydrangeas in pots, either. I hope they do well! Thanks for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week.

  16. Believe it or not, flamingos are familiar here too...all the snowbirds who winter down south love to decorate with them. I loved that sign...what a welcoming neighbourhood! And grey house with pink door...wonderful.

  17. Scout tries to chew the cast metal rabbit in our back yard. I had to take it away from her because I love the bunny and it was a gift from my son. I enjoy accompanying you on walks, you find such wonderful things!~ Milo sure is getting big! We have signs here in our neighborhood like yours, except that they say "Hate has no home here" in a variety of languages.

  18. i love all this lawn jewelery! i have never seen hydrangea lined up in pots like that either...what a clever thing to do! that bicycle sign is cute! thanks for linking with willy nilly and have a great weekend...tell milo hi!

  19. Oooh! What a fun post! The lavender gate is marvelous! Would it be fun to actually see someone riding a bike like the one on the sign? In pictures, it seems someone could be truly injured falling from one of those . . I'm not volunteering to be a modern day rider . . I've never seen another work of art like that crooked neck flamingo . . . what a fun adventure! thanks.

  20. Met up with dear friends last evening who just came back from Connecticut to visit family.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  21. Oh that house wit the pink door! So charming! Nice post! Love the elephant!

  22. What a cool old bike lane sign!! I like your neighborhood. A lot of creative people!

  23. I had to laugh at the bicycle sign and the funky flamingo!