Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Mischief... Milo has it all tied up!

 Milo here to save the day! And tell my doggie friends how to do something....
While at the Lake the other week, I was sitting around thinking GREAT POODLE THOUGHTS

You know, about impawtant issues like how to keep your peeps close to you. They tend to wander off after forgetting me in my crate... who knows where they go.

So far they have found their way home each time, but to be honest, I'm not sure Mama has a sense of direction, so I worry. I may look like I've been asleep but it's from the exhaustion of sending them silent messages of come home! The poodle needs you!

Anywho... when we are out together they are smart enough to leash themselves to me, so they do NOT get lost.
I have a GREAT sense of direction and always know the way home, and the way back to the car. They wander around so much I doubt their noses work at all. 
So on this day I decided, while I have them leashed, I'd round up the posse...
I don't want to brag, there's way, way too much of that going on nowadays, but I know my way around a leash!

I often run around my peeps just to keep them on their toes, and to remind them who's in charge!
Come on dog friends, you know what I mean, right?

I dart around, grab the leash, and flop down mid stop any time I want. When they try to get me up I laugh, and go limp.

It's hilarious! They pick up my middle, my head and rump stay on the ground, they roll me onto my feet and I fall right back over laughing and pawing at them with all fours! You should see their faces! (snorting water out my nose, cough cough, sorry)

 So I had tired them out with my shenanigans and at the end decided to take action!
Quick as a cowboy, I hogtied that Daddy! Round his knees, draw in the leash, and boom! He's under my control!! That's all there is to it.

Of course somehow, I don't know how, the Daddy got out. Mama helped, they double teamed me. They will do that y'all, be careful and fast.
Still Daddy won't soon forget my ability to keep him close.

Milo, the wonder poodle!

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  1. that was a very wise Milo... with lasso-ing your dad he can not fall in the water... very clever :o) I enchained my dad at my training lesson yesterday too and then I pulled my leash through his legs while hunting a fly ...technical ko for dad, fly escaped but a happy pup ;o)

  2. Milo is so smart! He is such a lovely boy :)

  3. YEE-HAW, Milo--round em' up you cowboy-poodle!! LOL
    Hugs Julierose

  4. LOL - Milo and my daughter's little dog Ginger must think similar thoughts. On Easter Sunday Ginger hogtied me by the ankles with her leash, but I didn't know it until I tried to take a step. I took a major fall, and scared the poor dog and the grandkids.

  5. Oh. my. gosh. Milo! You are fur-bidden to show any of these kinds of moves to Elsa or Sam. As poodles, they get enough poodle ideas on their own without your help. 🐩

  6. Good job keeping everyone safe and under control, Milo! You are the smartest poodle!

  7. Milo, you're amazing with that leash!

  8. Tricky work Milo! Good thing you're on the ball!

  9. Keep em close Milo - humans do tender to wander...