Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ahhhh Summer... what's on your coffee table?

What is on YOUR coffee table?
Mine is usually cluttered with whatever holds my interest that day. On this day, it was my IPAD for research on Colorado, nail polish, salad bowl from lunch, writing notebook, book on living a great life, magazine, and home listings.

I'm joining a new link party today, ABC  and the posts written are varied and creative!

It's up to you to interpret the letter of the week, and this week it's "A"

So I'm writing about "A is for, Ahhhh, summer" and "A is for Art"
First is the Ahhh, summer. In summer it's my joy to sit on my porch perch and read, write, paint, meditate. I miss my quiet companion especially this year, my 14 year old poodle Cole who also enjoyed just sitting and looking and meditating on the porch. Milo is too young at 4 months to contemplate anything much. He just runs everywhere he can and bites something when he gets there.

I am still doing the exercises in the book, Five Wishes by Gay Hendriksen. An important book for those striving to live a complete life. I'm also enjoying the insights from this well written book by E. Kubler Ross.

I took a moment to look over the well illustrated quilting patterns by Angela Waters too.
Product Details
I painted my nails, and looked up stuff on the little IPAD after eating lunch.
(Are you bored yet?) (I'm never bored BTW, too much to discover and learn! )
My friend Carol at quiltedfabricart  made me the most useful notebook holder reminding me of the Adirondaks and mailed it to me for a surprise gift. No reason but friendship, and isn't that the best reason?
I use it for my writings of any kind while on the porch. It makes me content and feel connected. Note the reading glasses... aging eyes need some help. When I was young no one told me about all the things that show up as you age, all I know is I didn't order these problems!

While on my perch one afternoon the sun came in at a good angle to remind me of a still life which brings me to the "A is for Art" portion of this post
ps, on this day I had a magazines out, to read then recycle.  Being an artist by inclination, (a recovering social worker by trade) I look at the world in terms of interpreting it in paint or fabric, writing or photography. Telling a story. I noticed the sunlight. dancing around. Then this...
How many artists have drawn spheres??? I noted the shape, the lines on the ball VS the lines of shadows both from the ball and the post. The lines water create falling VS the curved lines of the fountain itself. Lines of ferns caught in a split second of movement. Note the organic colors VS the bright primary on the ball.

How would I capture the moment? Words? Paint? Fabric? Memory?
Then I saw the light playing on another still life... so rare this kind of still life!

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  1. Napping poodle - what a wonderful sight!

    Our table has a laptop, box of tissues, a bunch of remotes and a camera. And when I'm near it, to Rob's chagrin, it often contains my feet as well. ;-)


  2. That is your uncommon poodle still life! enjoy because it is short lived,ja? I love how the light drifts through sunny windows with trees filtering patterns on the floor!
    I also enjoy light filtering through lace curtains, charmingly romantic .

  3. As a poodle-owner, I love the last photo the most ofcourse ;-)
    On our coffeetable.... some candles, and a bunch of flowers in a vase... I don't like messy tables ;-)

    Thank you for your first entry in the new home of ABC!

    Have a splendid and ♥-warming ABC-day / -week
    Melody (team abcw)

  4. Oh love the poodle ~ favorite of course ~ great post and creative too!

  5. I always love your porch, such a peaceful atmosphere:-)

  6. Your porch looks so inviting - definitely a spot for reflection.

  7. Lovely post - have not read this book by Kubler-Ross - looks very interesting.

  8. Still can't get over how big 'baby' Milo is getting. Too cute and how sweet he's a sun puddle worshiper.

  9. Right now my computer is what's on my coffee table and I'm working on all these posts

  10. we currently have no coffeetable, because someone needs the space for his race track...:o)

  11. Hi LeeAnna,
    I was just watching a Youtube Man Sewing ...how to add netting to a landscape quitl
    Then I saw your picture with the ball and water fountain seen through the netting !

  12. The pictures are so lovely.
    My coffee table is normally empty. An occasional laptop or the book I am reading.

    Lovely start to the ABC

    Click Here to see what Mrs. Dash Says

  13. I love your photos. So relaxing. The still poodle is probably the most remarkable, though. ;)

  14. Such a beautiful view off your porch. And it was probably better with sleeping Milo at your feet. Everyone got a rest!

  15. Looks like you are busy. Such a cute poodle.

  16. Well first of all I love your porch!!! My coffee table is full of gardening books and usually a cup of coffee.

  17. Love that "still life"! Our coffee table has a bunch of dog books on it. :)

  18. What isn't on my table? Even Molly the Cat jumps up and lies on top of everything.

  19. My table is a mess, but I always say that I don't live in a model home. However, I probably should throw out the newspapers from the last few days. Too many magazines pile up too. I love your porch! The view is beautiful. I guess you lost Cole. I lost my Sophie, but now have Chloe. It just never gets easy though. If we live long enough we go through that heartache many times.