Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mama likes Fabric!

Look at this adorable fabric I found on sale in CT !
Designed by my local friend Deb Gabel. I  love it! I want to live there. Complete with dogs and cats and birds!
I also got this stash at the same store (sew inspired), most on sale!
I think I'll use the floral batik, really pretty in person to make the purse... if I can follow a pattern instead of making my own that is!

Let me backtrack a bit, and let Milo explain what went down...
Milo, here. I know my Mama is more fun when she's happy, and if Fabric makes her happy, let's visit some fabric stores in Connecticut!. Furst I looked through her directory while lounging around on the hotel sofa.

Yawn! Lots of decisions here, and I have to get Daddy to agree to drive us from place to place and entertain me while she roots around inside for goodies!

I picked out some good ones and we hit the road, Jack!

LeeAnna here... Milo chose some fun places.
I didn't buy stuff at all of them but isn't it great fun to look??!!

I got the Ginny Beyer yellow on sale for $4.99 in one store, and the hocus pocus precuts at another. I love halloween fabric, and these were adorable. I think a very simple design will make the most of them.

Along the way we stopped in NJ at the Olde City Quilts shop where they allowed Milo to terrorize greet the staff! I just love Fossil Ferns, and the row by row patterns at each shop. Both the yardage is extreme sale ($5/yd) and the deer fabric sparkles. The words on the other one are in scrips and French!  The tiny precuts are all polka dots in bright colors. Perfect for ready made hexies. 

 Milo here... whew! I dragged that Mama to enough stores. Time for a wee nap before we go to bed.
Gotta let Mama calm down before bedtime, so I'll just keep the quilt store directory safe til the morning!
It's nice when you can keep a Mama happy!
(No fabric was eaten in the making of this blogpost)


  1. He does look like he's guarding that book! LOL. What fun quilt shop finds. I think the cute town fabric was from a previous Row By Row collection. I believe I still have a piece of it too. I was planning to use it in a bag - which I haven't made yet.

  2. Just great fabrics you've snagged...Milo is such a good helper..hugs, Julierose

  3. I love it too... I would make me a handbag with this fabric (if I had not 10 thumbs lol)

  4. SO ADORABLE!! I want to move into the Quilter's Inn, where they give you free chocolate and wine!! I love how your dog enables your fabric shopping habit, by the way... ;-)

  5. I want to live in that fabric neighborhood too, full of pretty houses with cats on top the roof and little dogs sitting out front to make the house look all cutsie!

  6. Oh, that fabric neighborhood is delightful! What a treat for you.
    Glad Milo likes trips to the fabric store... or at least, taking walks with Dad while you visit the fabric store.

  7. That 'city' fabric is beyond adorable! So colorful and whimsical. 😁

  8. Fun fabrics and good choices to stop on Milo's part!

  9. Seems to be less chewed up stuff photo's!
    Well done Milo!
    Fun creative time ahead!