Monday, July 10, 2017

Milo's Monday Mischief Big Bed edition

I had to laugh this morning.

Milo has gotten in the habit of getting Daddy to lift him on the bed to snuggle with Mama in the mornings, but wakes me with his squirming and licking, and bumping around before he settles.  While he was eating downstairs with Daddy this morning he heard me get up.

 He ran up the stairs and met me as I opened the bedroom door.

Rushing in wagging furiously, jumping his two little front feet on the bed, he was frantic to think he missed his "big bed" time!

Oh no! Get back in bed Mama! Now!
He placed his front feet on the bed several times and while I was hugging him he vaulted off me onto the bed!

Nothing left to do but get back in bed for a snuggle.

Wriggle. Lick, bump, move around, bite the quilt, lick a foot, turn around, dig in the covers, lick, turn around, head on my arm, bump, wriggle...BIG sigh..... snore.

 While I'm up here I might just have a nip of this nylabone. Think of it as reading your nightly novel...
What do you mean "let's get up?" I've been up! I went out, had breakfast and I'm ready for a snuggly nap!
Mama: " Well, I need to get up, which means you need to get off the bed, and we'll agree to do this all again tomorrow, okay??  Shake on it!"


  1. Awe how awesome to have a furry snuggle buddy.

  2. I bet it's hard to say no to that face! Snuggle times are one of my faves too.

  3. what a great way to start your day!!

  4. Hee, hee. I remember pleading with Elsa to jump up on the bed early in the morning. I'm still ruing that day! LOL

  5. Next week he'll be jumping on the bed all on his own. New skills daily.
    What a darling boy.

  6. Milo, what a sweet face you have! You sure love your Mama and Daddy!

  7. So cute! I'd definitely be happy to get back in the bed to have a nice snuggle.