Friday, July 7, 2017

The gift of play!

A box of stamps and punches, lettering, and art making supplies was sent to me by my friend Ellen.
A box of fun! It inspired me to get out the paints!
First step, get out the freezer paper and hole punch and start punching! Now I have positive and negative images to use with fabric
press shiny side onto fabric and start playing...

These are from the scrap bins, I often use small pieces to test something.

One has the daisies pressed in a circle, one has the cut-out paper ironed down. One other long strip has daisies pressed down the length in order to try sunprinting again.

let's go outside with paints, sea sponges and a covered board.
whee! color! Daubed on right out of the jar, either thru the holes or around the daisies. Mix the colors!
After it dried I pulled off the paper, and stenciled on the word peace. Went around it with white gel pen.
Great! Now let's pull up the sheet of paper...
and see what we have...
Nice! But it could use a few stamps, like butterflies and words, don't you think?
I went in with a Seta pen that holds paint, and dotted the red on the butterflies! I used a black marker to draw around the daisies and add spirals
Now let's look at the sun print Using diluted paint daubed on around the daisies on the border. Then put it in the sun...
light green, darker green, and turquoise

Look at the pretty watercolor effect...

with the little papers still on while drying
When dry, pull off the little paper daisies and this is what I have

This is intensely pretty in person.

Next is press the fabric to set the paint. Even if you don't plan to wash it, you want no chance of it running or crocking off. I mean, once acrylic dries on your clothing, it would be near impossible to get off! Still...

I'm pretty jazzed about quilting these. Then beading. And giving them away!

If you've never tried painting on fabric through hand made or commercial stencils, try it! So easy. Make sure to mix colors for a richer look. I mix right on the fabric usually as I'm an impressionist at heart.

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  1. Sun printing is so much fun. I've always just used found objects, never thought of using stencils. The stamps and pen additions really make it an art piece.

  2. Wow those are gorgeous. What fabulous fabric.

  3. Oh my gosh, LeeAnna, love visiting your blog and this post is why. What creativity with wonderful interesting results.

  4. love it!!! it remonded me a little bit of john lennon as I read Peace and imagine... and now I sing the song in phenny's poor ears LOL

  5. Oooo! Very inspiring!
    Even your little freezer paper masks are pretty! Did you find a spot for them, too?

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun! I love that little green sunprint strip especially. Gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  7. Very cool - I like those flowers.

  8. It's fun to see how this turned out.

  9. Oh the joy of crating with a gift box of fun! Outstanding stuff going on here!

  10. Amazing and creative. Love the flowers!

  11. Sometimes it's just fun to play and create. :)

  12. You are having way too much fun! Love what you're doing with this.

  13. That looks like a lot of fun! I love your creativity, LeeAnna!

  14. Way cool! Enjoy putting these into a finished product.

  15. Interesting techniques and lovely results.

  16. Oh my! You certainly had fun - these are beautiful pieces! Thank you for sharing them on Midweek Makers this week

  17. Very pretty what a kind friend sending you those!! I loved painting of fabric and making reusable bags... I did that for ages... So fun!! Love the vibrant colours you used!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Beautiful fabric print as pictures
    great Ideas!
    Happy Sunday

  19. This beautiful art just looks like fun. Well done.

  20. Lovely and supplies are always a yo ever make anything from the painted fabric? Visiting from ppf, number 12...xx