Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mountain Climbing Poodle Puppy Style

Milo's Milestones!

Milo mastered the three  back porch stairs about age 10 weeks. He mastered the two slightly higher front steps soon after.

One night I was surprised by his attempt to climb Mt. Everest! Without gear or a safety net!
Armed only with motivation and desire!

And bravery only a puppy who has no sense of danger can muster.
Eeeeek So tall! Where is my climbing gear??

Each night I wait up til after midnight to do the last potty run before going to bed upstairs.

 Milo takes the "Mommy Elevator" up the stairs to his sleeping crate in the bedroom.

He's gotten so heavy already that I had to take a load of stuff up first then come down to lift him.

Last night he didn't wait at the bottom for me, but started scrambling up. No whining or crying, just followed Mama!
I dropped stuff off quick-like and headed down to see him stopped at step four because he was trying to do two stairs at once. I picked him up and we went to bed and that was it.
Til this morning...

 I was once again awoken to the dulcet sounds of yipping and barking, his morning song with Daddy. I came downstairs and was met with him coming up to the landing! Like it was nothing at all! Done it forEVER he said! No biggie!

Milo: wow! I didn't even knew I could do that! Go me! I was so excited I took a bite outta Mama's hand, and licked her and danced around... then noticed where I was... Ooooooooooooo

 Then he looked around the landing and spied Dad through the railing spindles and what fun!
Milo: "I'm SO BIG he said! Yip! Look at me! King of the Hill! Tall as Daddy! Hey, what is all this stuff? This carpet smells different, I should dig around to see what could be buried in it!

Dig dig dig

Oh there's mama! I'll pet her a while so she feels loved! (dig dig) what's that? A book? And a pair of socks?

Mama! Hi Mama! Oh Mama if I'd only known how much fun this was! "
toys Cole never played with
Milo:Oh my poodles! Would ya look-a-here! At the top of the stair-mountain, a poodle could go shopping for a new toy! I think I'll have, er, this little chicken! Squeak! Yep, that will do, no need to wrap it up, I'll carry it out in my big teeth!
LeeAnna: Anyway we spent a lifetime on the landing (then shopping at the top) until I needed a cup of coffee

Then Milo did a bit of  schoolwork (learning my words and meanings) and surprised me by going all the way up the stairs after Daddy!

Milo: "Oh the freedom! The happiness! Look at me! Here's my sleeping crate and nylabones! Here's Daddy! So this is where he goes! Ha ha! Hahahahahahahahaha! 

Huh? What's he doing picking me up... hey no manhandling the puppy!  what in the world, oh elevator down to the first floor! 
(sports equipment, dog toys, ladies wear going down..,.) 

Heyyyyyyyy..... nobody needs that baby gate there! Wha??? You know I'm afraid of the baby gate! 

How am I supposed to practice the stairs? 
I can't go down them? I might fall and forever be afraid of stairs??
Oh yeah, hmmm, didn't think about that part. 

I'm a BIG BOY now! See???
LeeAnna: yep so big! He's all legs and teeth! He grew about 3" and is up to 19 lbs at almost 13 weeks. And those feet!
( Good luck  humans!)

(Shall we discuss freedom and peeing in the studio??? Hmm??? As Mama was cleaning it up with close supervision by the puppy, he began to bark at it! Bad pee! Bad bad ! Bark Bark! ) 

LeeAnna: Ain't that the truth! How ya gonna keep 'em down on the Farm now that they've seen Par-eee? 
Milo: well this gate is a bore! I'm outta here! Later gators!


  1. Milo I guessed how that freedom ends... the same way like in my crib... with a gate...and no chance for a GATeaway ;o) the mama noticed that she is no longer able to carry me ...what a surprise... I have~ 60 lbs now ;O))))

  2. Great post! What is with them peeing in the sewing studios? The two times we took her upstairs she had to pee in there as well. Maybe the scent of the thread? Egads! He is such a big boy! :)

  3. So cute! It looks Milo's stories are going to be fun, too.

  4. A new guinea pig facing a ramp is kind of like that - one day they can't do it, the next they're up and down like a billy goat.

    Yay Milo! oh, boy, have fun with the gates.

    It's terrific to see him progressing. :-)

  5. So funny! He won't be a baby much longer. We had our daughter's kids and Old English Bulldog this weekend. The dog is old - about 9, and pretty mellow. But last time he was here he peed in the house a couple of places. Fortunately, he behaved himself this time or he would have been banished outdoors for the whole visit.

  6. My standard love to go upstairs but, at three years old, he is still afraid to go down. We really have to coax him. He thinks twice before darting up when the gate is open.

  7. LOL Yep watching puppies learn stairs is very funny. Once they master it, no place is safe.

  8. Love your Milo stories! He is definitely growing amd learning!

  9. Yay! For Milo climbing those steps, such a big boy! I love the yardstick measurement- what a great idea. (his very own growth chart)

  10. As a dog lover, I couldn't help but smile all the way through this post. So adorable. Thanks!
    Also love your work with green in your last post, LeeAnna.

  11. Those days of learning and discovery. Priceless.

  12. Too funny! Thanks for making me smile!

  13. What lovely long legs you have! I suspect you may be a tall boy!

  14. The barking at the pee bit had me in stitches. He certainly is a lively little thing, isn't he? I love to hear more about him.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  15. Hello, cute story on Milo. Once the dogs learn the steps there is no stopping them. Wonderful collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. He'll be taller than the gate soon, then what ;)

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