Sunday, May 14, 2017

I am my poodle's mother

Happy Mother's Day.
Mother's day is not just for mothers of children.

There are many ways to "mother" someone, many ways to take care of...
I have helped raise nieces and nephews, children of my friends, and myself.

Yes I have had to re-parent myself with kindness after a less than kind childhood.

At the moment I am parenting a poodle puppy.
 He seems to be a bit like a toddler at the moment. Everything goes in his mouth and he wants to do it himself even though he isn't big enough (to do stairs, get fed, jump in the car etc) He has opinions and a temper. And he takes naps
He only weighs 12 lbs and is quite thin according to the Vet even tho this angle gives him a tummy
My goal is to have a well adjusted adult poodle who obeys me (the rules) because he wants to, not out of fear. I was parented by fear. I was well behaved which was all they wanted but I was left fearful with little self esteem.

Better to teach than punish.
Better to show a pup what you want, and present motivation to voluntarily follow the rules.


Fatigue takes it's toll in payment of patience.

There are times you break. You've been pushed beyond perfection and go on automatic and just demand the rules be followed.

He is learning that the noise I make in the back of my throat, and uh uh,  mean stop it. He is learning he can trust me to always say no to certain behaviors. He knows I love him.
look at that wild look in his eye... Fun-loving Poodle boy!
 He tests me but knows I love him.

Sometimes for safety (power cords for example, or running into the street) one might sound harsh, or loud, or even gasp! say NO! So do Mommy-dogs.

I must not only watch the baby to protect him from eating rocks and dirt, but teach him how to get along.
Hi Momma!! Want to play??? teehee
Our goal is to raise a well adjusted adult that knows societal rules and enjoys society and friends. A dog who is enjoyed by society as well.

Just as with children you must teach them not to hurt anyone even accidentally.
My baby-Milo  has been on earth less than three months and is learning lessons  quickly. My goal is to learn them happily and voluntarily so he's happy to be good. He is teaching me as well.

He will be gentle as he grows, not a brute who demands his way. We've all known humans who are demanding. To get there he may be frustrated at times, and feel I'm unfair. He is learning how to cope with disappointment and "NO" while learning what toys are better to teethe on.
Milo trusts me to be consistent, to protect and offer good things. He understands when I am not perfect just as I understand when he makes mistakes because we are less about perfection and more about understanding. We both forgive and forget. And move on toward the goal of being happy and peaceful and exploring the world....
so much to see, hear, taste, and learn!!!

I hope that he is raised to want to be good ...not to be afraid to be bad.

I am aware of differences in raising a puppy from a human...
But there are similarities.

It's not easy to be a good mother but it's a worthy goal.

This dog-mom rap video is from my friend Bonnie
Enjoy! Happy Mother's Day to all who mother 


  1. Happy Pup-Mom's Day :D From your friend who is also a Pup-Mom!!! Hugs!

  2. Happy Poodle Mom's Day to you...mothering is definitely an art.
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Cole proved that you are an excellent mom and Milo will be raised the same way. Hang in there, exhausted new mom. You are experienced and know that it will get better...especially with each doggie kiss and puppy snuggle!

  4. From one dog mom to another....Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Happy Poodle mom's day too. You are very correct that raising a pup is very much like raising a human. I am sure he will be loving and kind, and well socialized.

  6. Happy Poodle mom's day to you wise, loving mom! Great post and could easily apply to humans too. Hope you have a great day. mary in Az

  7. Hello, your puppy is adorable. Love the photos. Puppies can be difficult until they are trained. I was away for two weeks and I am so sorry to be late commenting and visiting your post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Happy mothers day, poodle mom! I look forward to watching Milo grow.

  9. Sweet post! Wishing you a lovely day!

  10. What a sweetie ~ cute poodle ~ they are a very bright breed ~ Happy Mother's day to you ~ ^_^

  11. Happy Mother's Day to Milo's Mom. He is so lucky to have you and Drew for his family. Your thoughts are truly those of a good mother, and he will grow up to make you proud.

  12. Excellent job raising a happy fur-baby! Besides - Mother's Day is not always a happy holiday even for us mothers of children.

  13. Happy Mother's Day. You're doing a great job with Milo.

  14. Sounds to me like Milo is a smart puppy and learning a lot from his smart mom! He is such a good looking guy, LeeAnna! Hopefully the challenging times will get less and less as he grows and learns.

  15. I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful. I always try to remember that most of us grown women learned our mothering skills first as pet owners when we were younger. Never underestimate the importance of raising a good soul, human or other!