Thursday, May 18, 2017

I LIKE Thursdays #37

Here we are again. I can hardly keep up now that they shortened the week to four days (just kidding, I just tell myself I'm not behind, the week is shorter)
I gotta squeeze a post in between bouts of puppy mania!
1. I Like I seeing peony bushes full and smelling sweet. Especially with Iris nest to them.

2. I Like that Milo lets me take the rocks out of his mouth when he eats that and grass. Do they resemble kibble?? Hopefully they don't taste like his kibble.

3 I like Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race, and Survivor. All on TV at the moment and I enjoy them. I also enjoy Master Chef Junior
 Image result for masterchef junior
where little kids cook better than I ever will I love that they have purpose and passion at such a young age.

Lets see, when I was that age I was going to be a singer/dancer on Broadway. I saw a NYC show when we went to the worlds fair trip and I was 7 ish. Never lost my desire to perform! I lost my waistline, my youthful skin, and gained a bad back (likely from sashaying around on Candie's mules at discos) but still imagine myself a stage actress.

4. I like that the Deck Guy came this week and tore down the relic of a deck and is in process of replacing it with trek. It will take longer than we thought but it should be a strong surface.

5 I like birthday cards and gifts from loved ones! I got a couple Jackie Lawson cards too and love those action cards as well! Thank you to Nancy for these gifts, all flamingo themed.

Love them and you. That venus with a birthday cake is three-d!!!

Thank you to my dear husband who started me on my parental search again by getting this:
And.... I managed to go on a little spree of my own to buy a few selfie gifts. A maroon shirt from Anthropologie (70% off mother's day weekend!!) an ombre blue shirt from J.Jill also about 70% off! And the cool fresh sunglasses!

At least I feel cool wearing them! That's the important thing right?

6. I like sorting fabric when I can't focus on design.

7. I am continuing to like the Book Dying to wake up.
 Here's a quote on Forgiveness I especially liked this week:
 "...nothing lasts forever, and...bad moments from the past should not be left in the way of my future"

8. I like that on one of the shows I enjoy, Southern Charm, a young 20 something man ordered and got really excited to get a Brother Embroidery sewing machine.He's the one under the "R" in charm.
 Image result for southern charm
 His girlfriend mocked him for it, and he stood up for his sewing passion and said she should be happy for his happiness.
That's right! I'd be happy to see a sewing machine show up at the door!!! He said he always liked sewing.

Aren't we beyond saying what hobbies are "male" or "female" Really??

9. Milo asked me to include one of his likes this week
this bandana made by Monika at Tails from the Ranch
"thanks Aunt Monika... I love it. I am growing fast as I can and it fits! Mama read it to me, it says puppy love, and like any good bedtime story I fell asleep"

Mama says thank you too!

Now for others sharing their list of likes for the week, please visit...
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Michele McLaughlin said...

I love that combo of iris with peony!!! Fantastic visually! I loved your post yesterday about Milo. It cracked me up when you arranged his toys around him :D Have a wonderful day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm still enjoying Dancing with the Stars, too - couldn't believe Simone Biles was voted off this week! Happy Birthday! And hope you enjoy working on your ancestry - that is something Mike has spent a lot of time on in recent years, and he's found out all kinds of interesting family history! said...

Happy Birthday!! You will love the ancestry, my mom uses it for her genealogical research. The peonies and irises are gorgeous. LOL Your fresh cool sunglasses are great as long as they don't have the sunglass part on the side like the Ancient ones which I am currently preparing to get rid of. Why is it as we get older we hold onto stuff? The plastic film glasses from the optometrist? Plastic shoe horns, nail files from funeral homes, those plastic rain hats from funeral homes? Since when did funeral homes give out chotzkies are funerals? Is it like a lovely parting gift for the bereaved?

Unknown said...

I like Milo's bandana too! Those sunglasses are glam!

Sara said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you received and bought some wonderful gifts. I just got my Ancestry DNA results back last week, with some surprises and a new mystery. But I've enjoyed my genealogy searching. Peonies make me think of my grandmother. She had a whole row of them running across the front of her lawn next to the sidewalk. Big pink flowers that smelled so good!

Norma Schlager said...

Happy birthday! Presents to yourself are often the best. I also love peonies, but they're not out yet here in CT. I just wished they lasted longer.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Happy Birthday! Peonies are sew pretty. I don't see many in our part of the country.I like your Maroon shirt. What channel is Southern Charm on. I need to see that man...

LA Paylor said...

it's on Bravo. I love to hear the accents and see the homes and live a vicarious lifestyle.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some great patterns. I have been eyeing the one for Florence. I really think I should make that soon. I like Flamingos but I love Peacocks. They have attitude. But so far I have not found a pattern. But I think I saw the peek of one coming from Violet Craft. I agree with you on the men should be able to sew. My husband took up quilting a few years ago. He is a very modern quilter. aka - he can't follow a pattern so he does his own thing. He now has as many sewing machines as I do. He has only kept one of the quilts he has made because he love to gift them to others. Also love the quote. Is it the authors own works or a quote from another? I need to check out that book.

Shannon said...

I'm loving following your puppy exploits! Keep on sharing them and Happy Birthday!!

eileeninmd said...

Milo is so cute. Your flowers are beautiful! Happy belated birthday! I like your selfie gifts! Have a good day!

Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday to you!

sonja said...

A very happy birthday month to you LA! aloha, sonja and ruby.
My sweetie was a paratrooper, long ago, and sewed great big silk things like shoots and jumped out of perfectly well flying planes!!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

NICE score on the clothes. Love that Anthropologie top! Today we're 'experiencing' a lovely snow storm so I need to dig out a sweatshirt to keep warm. The cool summery clothes will have to wait a few days here. 😇

Lea said...

Happy Birthday!
I love Peonies, cards, and dogs, too - they make life special!

PaintedThread said...

Happy birthday! What fun gifts. I bet the ancestry will be interesting.

Michelle said...

I also love watching Southern Charm! I am a bit behind on the episodes. Need to see the sewing machine getting delivered!

Michelle said...

Thanks for linking up today!

Sandra Walker said...

Always love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when reading your Thursday I Like posts! Milo IS growing! Red suits him! Those were some SUPERB snags for yourself for Mother's Day!

Jackie Bouchard said...

Happy birthday! Love all that flamingo stuff! Still can't believe Simone Biles got the boot on DWTS!

Ann said...

I like your TV show recommendations.

Mari said...

Happy birthday! Those peonies and irises bloomed just for you! They're so beautiful.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Another wonderful round of likes, LeeAnna. I always read them with interest as I know now I will like them too. I had a peony bush at the last property and the blooms were so big they couldn't stand up. Good luck with the ancestry search, should be interesting. Lovely gifts and shopping. All wonderful!

Kaja said...

Happy birthday! Peonies and iris are one of my favourites - must plant a peony here. I'm glad to see you believe in buying yourself gifts - it's a great habit.

betty-NZ said...

It's so great that you don't have to look very far to find things to be thankful for.