Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Like Thursday #39

Welcome to this week's I Like post! Here are a few things I found to enjoy this week

I Like:
1. My Southern comes out in my love of Magnolias. Oh the large blooms and the citrus-y scent. The big glossy leaves. I cringe when I see someone plant a sapling in too small an area as these are BIG trees.
There is one on the Naval Academy grounds large enough to be a house!

This photo or one of my others, could easily become a quilt. 

One of my fave videos! 

3. The finale of both Survivor and Dancing with the Stars. Next up Amazing Race.

My husband and my neighbor both wanted to do the Race. If they had, they could have been "the Engineers and neighbors" as they both work at the same big firm. She's in a different dept but still. I do not want to do the race. I could not bungee jump off

4.On Memorial Day, We are so grateful for all the World Citizens who have fought the fight to keep Freedom for us all.
We are connected to all countries in the World who value freedom and their citizens.
We have worked together throughout America's history,  with our allies against totalitarianism.  
We know that Freedom must be protected. 
And We love America around here! Baby Milo is only 12 weeks old but he lives with people who hold their hand over their hearts when a flag passes. We love all countries who protect freedom.
5. I love the day lillies bursting out in bloom. All season they will bring happy yellowness.

6. I enjoyed going to our neighbor's big birthday celebration.
So many nice people to chat with, so much good food, her husband is also a musician so he had friends performing, kids had a fun yard full of candles to run around. I can only imagine how it would feel to kids!
We aren't drinking alcohol these days, so we're happy they had fresh squeezed orange juice and specialty sparkle water to go with the barbecue! 

7. I like that Milo took his first ride in the car in his sleepy time crate! He laid down nicely after a bit of whining, and snuggled into one of Daddy's old candy cane shaped pillows. 
this is the side door area with a seat removed.He can't jump up yet but it won't be long! 
and even enjoyed his kibble filled kong that Auntie Nancy sent! Home Jeeves!

8. I Like Spring roses blooming...
They have one burst of blooms then it's all over for the year.

We don't have much success with roses near Annapolis as they get black spot.

I wish I would have bought one of those non stop rose bushes but I've wasted much money on failed rose attempts.

9. Which brings me to Milo's like for the week
A big plush sleeping bed! He jumped into it immediately upon coming out of the box! We ordered it from Khols, since we had one for our Cole who loved it as an older dog. Milo LOVES it. He jumps in it like a kid jumping on their bed! He lays all over it, burrowing into the edges and falling asleep with legs all akimbo.

He forgets it's not a toy sometimes and chews on it looking for a squeaker.

I remind him it's not a toy so don't chew it up, not that one's bed shouldn't be fun to lay in lol!

It has rained a lot here, but we had a dab of sun and I was grateful it was sunny but not scorching hot. Then it rained again.

Please visit with these fine folks keeping it positive this week! It's so much fun to be a part of this group who finds happiness in the every day things. Sorry I won't be able to add any names this time, so leave your link in comments and check back to see if there are any more fun posts being written!

6, craftscaviescontras

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  1. the pictures of little Milo honoring the heroes is super cute and very touching :o)

  2. Scout actually wrestles with her big Seamus bed. She drags it as far as she physically can. Seamus did the same thing. I loved the photos you shared today and that video is fun to watch! Milo you are such a handsome boy! Sending puppy kisses from your sissy! Have a great day!

  3. I have seen wild dogwood, they are kind of tall and spindly trees, but never a "real" one that was planted purposely. Great sentiment about Memorial Day, we owe our freedom to many, not just the ones from American Soil. Lovely roses, mine are blooming but they bloom all summer.

  4. We saw magnolias on our trip through S. Carolina - they are amazing blooms! I love Milo's new bed! It looks very comfy!

  5. I love magnolias too. Milo looks at home in his new bed!

  6. I love Magnolias. We don't have them here but when the blooms are trucked in I love them at the store. Milo looks likes he's settling in. Good for everyone. Thanks for including me in the posts. Enjoy your day! mary in Az

  7. I noticed a theme this week - enjoying the outdoors. Lovely flowers. I have a brown thumb and don't enjoy gardening, but I do love having flowers blooming in my yard. So I planted some annuals in big pots over the weekend with the help of my 5 year old granddaughter.

  8. Love the magnolia! So pretty. That cake looks mighty tasty!

  9. Love the picture of Milo honoring the American flag, so touching! That cake looked amazing, yummy!

  10. Such fantastic scent and form, Magnlia are such wonderful flowers. No matter how big or small, a blessing is a blessing, and we must never forget those blessings and be thankful for all that made them possible.
    Purrs, ERin

  11. Where did the week go? I don't think I ever looked at last week's like links. I'd better get busy.
    Some people do plant magnolias up here, but they often get blasted by a frost. The flowers are gorgeous though. I think I have some magnolia fabric somewhere. Now I must get out to the garden and plant some things.

  12. Love the shots of baby Milo...especially the ones by the flag!

  13. We have a couple of big magnolia trees at our place and they sure are pretty.. Yhat is some nice bed Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Magnolias are such pretty trees. The flowers are really nice too. Milo, you are such a lucky boy to have a nice new bed. Sure looks comfy. Have a great day.

  15. Milo is so are your roses! Love that summery birthday cake too! Hugs!

  16. We have some humongous magnolia trees in our neighborhood. They need a LOT of room. ☺ You have a lot of wonderful things to like this week and I think they are all fabulous.

  17. Baby Akimbo, er I mean beyond adorbs! Such a fluff ball. 🐩
    P.S. I have a hard time with roses too but have two Canadian shrubs that have done amazing! Just a thought. Hybrid teas or Floribundas and me don't live happily together but the Canadians-now those guys are super friendly! 😁

  18. That Milo looks like a real sweetie. You have much to be thankful for. It's amazing what one can come up with if you just sit and think about it. That photo of the Magnolia is stunning.

  19. Dogs are such great companions and Milo looks like such a sweet boy. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend.

  20. I love Magnolias!
    That video was great, but I got a slight headache trying to keep up with her. Maybe I should watch it after I have had a good night's sleep!
    Milo is growing too quickly!

  21. I'm so glad to meet you Milo! There's so much to be thankful for... and I loved your post. Enjoy that new bed!

  22. I share these likes all except I know nothing about magnolia trees and was surprised to hear how large they can get. I always thought of them as a bush. They are a symbol of the U.S. south to me. My day lilies are just budding so that is how 'behind' we are this year...still well below average temps.

  23. LA, your new pup is a handful and adorable all at once!
    Here we are in between daylilies and magnolia's the size of a dinner plate! i love the clean lemony scent they give off.
    Have a yellowy weekend!

  24. what a great and happy post...milo is adorable and i that cake looks really yummy...we're not drinking lately either so the sparkling water sounds good! i wish i had a magnolia in my yard, love them too! thanks for linking up and i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!