Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Like #35 poodles iris sleep

Welcome to another I like post!
There is a lot to like this week but I am having trouble with blogger this morning so this may be short
I Like Iris. These were given me years ago by a friend when she thinned hers. They never thrived until this year. Shrug? Sure are a gorgeous color.
Aren't these a rich color? The shape and deep violet blue with almost golden/orange pistils. I got this plant years ago too at a historic house in Annapolis, when they sold native plants.
Obviously neglect is working for me this year!

I Like sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. If you read this post on Milo, you'll understand a new puppy has a very small bladder. I stay up late as possible (after midnight) and take him out, and Daddy gets up at 5:30 to let him out again. We had a few 2 AM calls but now seem to be settling into a routine.

Milo has a smaller crate in the bedroom so he's with us but not on the bed. Soon enough he'll be in a big boy bed of his own by ours and we'll all fall into a sleepy time routine. When I left the breeder I took one of the puppies toys so he had a scent of his siblings to sleep. I also place my clothes from that day by the crate so it reminds him we're nearby.

I like using Face Time! Eliza at forest poodles encouraged and led me through how to do it, and getting the ipad made it quite easy. We are keeping in touch. This week I expanded my horizons to include time with Monika and Mary as well. Mary and I shared our latest art projects and it was almost like being there!

It's like living in an episode of the Jetsons!

I Like getting surprise gifts in the mailbox!

My friend Pat in NY sent the cutest fabrics as a thank you for a cowl I knitted her over the winter. Awe shucks you didn't have to do that but I'm glad you did... Don't you love it when someone really listens to your likes and chooses gifts based on that? So sweet. Cows! tulips! Oh the State of Florida fabric is really special. I grew up in Tampa, being a beach babe hence my love of palm trees and flamingos!!

Milo Likes all the special gifts Eliza sent in a puppy preparedness package!

His family room bed has a soft blanke with fox pictures, his squirrel toy which is as big as he is has the absolutely best ears to chew and he's making use of the poop bags. Mommy is using the journal to note his progress. I'm loving the beautiful poodle kitchen towels as well!! Thanks Auntie Z

Milo likes meeting people... he's met several neighbors who admired him and Miss Bonnie even brought him a chew toy on her first visit yesterday. He loved her! So did Cole.

I like having a poodle to love. It has changed my outlook. I hear myself laughing out loud and that hasn't happened in a long time. It is true about the heart expanding with love.
My lesson from him this week is to see the world with fresh eyes, and all the joy there is in it. 

Please enjoy this video of
Milo Bags a Duck (
you can watch it full size by going to youtube link above as well.

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  1. He's so freaking cute! And so excited he can't decide where/what he wants to do with that duck! What fun.

  2. Another post that made me smile! Animal babies playing is as entertaining as watching human babies playing. Just can't help but smile. I love FaceTime too. I use it with my grandkids, but not often enough.

  3. Milo is cute as can be! I'm going to enjoy watching him grow!

  4. Love Milo parading around howing everyone his ducky! LOL puppies
    are just so full of joyful energy as they discover the world....
    my iris haven't burst forth as yet--we are still getting cold NW winds here....but sunny days and good waling weather...glad to hear you are's good for the soul....hugs,Julierose

  5. I love watching him play!! He is such a cutie!!! Scout had me up at 1 and 5 last night. I like sleep too...wonder when we finally get some? Hugs, Mickie

  6. Congrats on getting Milo. Loved the video. It was especially nice to hear your voice.

  7. Ooh, you like iris, too? I have even more iris fabric than tulips.
    Glad Milo is making you laugh again. I couldn't play the video on my kindle and I really need to get a new computer. I'm thinking a Chromebook, but there are so many choices.

  8. He's so cute with his duck! Glad he is bringing some laughs back into your life. Rita definitely gives us something to smile/laugh about every day!

  9. Milo is so cute! Nothing quite like a new puppy in the house. They are a lot of work, but so worth it.

  10. ...I also love Iris, too bad that they last such a short time. The second photo is Tradescantia, spiderworts. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Sleep is the best! And I love facetiming with my nephews!

  12. New puppies need a lot of attention, but they are a lot of fun, too!
    Beautiful Irises!

  13. Haha!!!!! I just love how little Milo took that duck for a walk right out the door but came prancing on back in like he has lived there for years :) :) :)

    1. and thank you again for taking him for walks today!

  14. Congrats on the new puppy! Your iris are beautiful. One of my favorite flowers!

  15. What a sweetheart you have. Three, actually, counting DH, Milo, and Cole.

  16. I enjoyed this post very much, LeeAnna. I have a vintage Iris applique pattern that when I get the right blue/purple fabrics, I intend to make.
    I have happy memories of vacationing on St.Pete's Beach and watching pelicans which we do not have here. Lots of Snowbirds to be found there too!
    Hubby and I loved your video and Milo and we are envious. We love dogs so much.

  17. Both Irises are beautiful. I have never tried growing them here. Maybe it's too hot? You sound so happy with Milo! Enjoy! mary in Az

  18. That iris is a beautiful colour - they always look so elegant too. This is a lovely happy post.

  19. I wrote a comment here a couple days ago and t disappeared. Poo. I love Milo's duck. Oscar has a goose from the same line - in perfect shape after more than four months. That's a record. He can unstuff a Pound Puppy miniature in a day.
    Makes me happy to see you so happy again, enjoying the puppy.
    Jealous that you have such a great photo of the tradescantia. None of my cameras can reproduce the right shade of blue-violet. I really prefer to call it spiderwort, makes me feel like a witch.

  20. Milo is such a cutie. Love the fabrics you received. Ooooo Cows! Your iris are lovely. My garden is growing like crazy and it is definitely being neglected.

  21. He gets cuter by the day. Love these videos. And yes, FaceTime is a wondrous way to stay in touch❣️