Thursday, October 27, 2016

Things "I Like" Thursdays #7

It's Thursday, so it must be time for "things I like" this week.
First off, I love Fall and the orange colors we see everywhere, but I also love bright colors so when I saw this last cosmo in all it's red violet-ness I had to snap a pic. It was a brilliant change from the golds and oranges all around.
1. I like Holiday kitchen towels. They hang on the stove handle, and just make me so happy looking at them.
Here are four Halloween towels. Be sure to take the advice on the bottom one.
2. I have shared my obsession and hoarding of magazines with you here. My holders got very worn and torn so I found these recently at IKEA
In case the picture doesn't show it, they are the most delicious shade of delicate blue/aqua. So pretty and much sturdier than my old ones, plus they come with a name plate to slide the titles in... being from IKEA they need putting together...
Luckily no wrench is needed, nor were the instructions needed. Whew! I would rather make up my own rules to a game rather than read instructions!
They apparently did require additional choco cookies to construct. I like them too. Too much.

3. Speaking of cookies I like a good strong cuppa coffee
We get these at the grocery store, but Target often has them at a better price. Yum! French roast. We love strong coffee with milk, but since we wanted two cups in the morning and didn't want our hearts racing, we keep a container of half reg/half decalf  ready to use by the coffee maker.

4. Speaking of drinking makes me think of lips specifically
Neutrogena lip balm.

It has fabulous colors, and spf of 20. I have to keep spf on my lips outside, and this is colorful, subtle, moisturizing, and in a good container. It's an oval shape, easy to swipe on and find in a purse.

It's found where regular cosmetics are found and a real "find" for me. I like Plum shade.

5.Now cut that out
Handle with care... they bite!
In the studio likes...

I not only like but LOVE fiskars spring opening miro blade scissors. They are just right in your hand, easy to manipulate, no finger holes to deal with and sharp.

I believe they could snip off an extremity if a quilter were not careful. Of course, y'all already deal with the weapons called rotary cutters so you know to take care with sharp objects. They have also been known to spring open by themselves, causing them to fall to the floor. Yikes! Glad I wasn't around!

6. Unexpected fabric store purchases
like these from Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg MD. I didn't need a thing so I left with this cool pattern for conversation prints or in my case, a flamingo collection. Then there's the thread on sale.  Had to get that for scientific purposes... never used Precencia before.

As to the fabric, well it was Stonehenge on sale. As good a reason to buy some as any.
The little kit is a paper piecing pattern with the fabric needed all in one.

Fall leaves. I've done these little kits before and they are sometimes challenging, but at the price ($8??) they are a steal and like opening a little gift when you make it.

7. I am so lucky to have friends who send me fabric just because...
Like Ellen sent the black and white fabrics because she knew I'd like them. It was like balm to my heart to see these arrive from her! And Karen at Tu-Na quilts sent the words and trailers fabrics to me because I asked for scraps upon seeing them used in her quilts. I love you guys! I only wish I was on top of things enough to always take a snap of the cool things you thoughtful people have sent to me. I may be disorganized at times, or overwhelmed by life, but I always appreciate your love.

8. visit this blog to enjoy the artistic journey of a person who transforms old items like trays, bottles, furniture into modern useful home accessories.

I am having fun seeing what she does to alter old furniture and items she finds for her shop. I enjoy items from the 40's to 60's and she finds some cool stuff. She just did a tutorial on how to paint a shadow onto something.

That's about it for me this week. I hope you aren't eating all the halloween candy early. As usual if you did an "I like" post let me know and I'll put up a link to it too!
LeeAnna (trying to focus on things I like )
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  1. Hadn't seen those magazine holders @ Ikea before --- I've been looking for ways to make the magazines look less cluttered on the shelf. How many (depending on which magazine you store) would you say fit in each holder?

    1. they actually hold a lot. /Maybe 12 to 15 quilting arts magazines. They cost 4.99 for a two pack.

  2. I bought holders at ikea too LOL... I bought FLUNS, I only had to fold it and I did it ... wrong, of course hahaha

  3. Neat stuff--I love those little leaf paper cute...(that durn candy is calling my name every time I walk by the glass bowl) I may just have to go out and by myself my favorite Heath bars to keep them in their bags!! Hugs, Julierose

  4. I'm a sucker for holiday towels, too, in both the kitchen and powder room. I also hang holiday potholders on the SS fridge ... too pretty to use.

  5. Halloween towels - I may need to go shopping! I love all your fabric finds and what others have sent you. I think I have some of that word fabric - I need to find some more, as it is one of my favorites! I wrote an I like post again today, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks for the reminder about towels! I love them too! I love paper piecing too and those leaf patterns are AWESOME!!! Also did another post on my blog to follow you! Thanks and hugs, Mickie

  7. I hate to say this, but thank goodness we don't get trick or treaters here. I don't buy candy, therefore I don't eat it early or at all. I lied. I do eat candy, but I make myself go and buy specific candy, just enough for one sitting. That way I don't get too much...
    I also have those spring opening scissors. Um, man, are those things sharp! They cut skin. Don't ask, I was being stupid.

  8. I just bought a small fry pan at Ikea.
    It came with instructions/warnings...such as...pan gets hot..!
    I never had a fry pan with instructions before!
    How did we ever manage! LOL!

  9. Went to the food store today without any candy purchase...i would just eat it and i wondered if a gum that was flavored like candy corn would satisfy ??? or fudge brownies??? happy howloween!!

  10. Those kitchen towels are so cute – especially the bottom one – great message. Thos Fiskrs scissors might be the perfect fit for cutting wool pieces, especially if they’re sharp! Love that text and trailers fabric! Very nice ones!
    Take good care! Thank you for sharing!

  11. You and I would be quite dangerous at IKEA! Those cookies are yummy and they actually have a very decent coffee that I like. Not bitter and it's fair trade because the liberal in me feels compelled to help others. 😉