Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ain't Nature Grand?

Isn't this gorgeous?
Nature is the best Muse.
Like me, do you find yourself wanting to paint this? Make a quilt of it? Write a song or story about this particular turtle?
We met him on our recent beach stay.
So much squeezed into three days.

About this picture, there were lots of turtles on the culvert, and water birds with them, all getting along, all peaceful til we walked near...
They all lived in peace but alas, they didn't trust us to do the same so they plopped down and swam away.
Imagine living in harmony with nature?
Well, the circle of life is such that birds and turtles eat something in nature that once held the energy of life.
That's reality here on Earth.
Still it's nice to stop a moment, watch a view of the world getting along peacefully. And imagine it happening among people too.
My friend Glen at quiltswissy   asked if we went out to see the full moon Sunday. At her suggestion we did and it was glorious!
I didn't get a picture. My husband and I just watched it do nothing more than be there.
It gave me a sense of how grand is nature. How large, and bigger than any strife going on here on our puny planet. It was grand, and glowing, and of the moment.

The business card of Bella Luna store in Rehoboth Beach DE


  1. What a clever business card. Since I've switched office spaces with my husband this summer, my desk faces the windows. I love being able to see the sunshine, or the rain - and this past week or so the beautiful fall colors. Mother Nature is definitely an artist.

  2. Be there, enjoy the moment, yes nature is full of wonder and beauty! It's always a joy to read something on your blog that lifts my spirits!

  3. Your post made me think of teaching writing with my 5th graders by showing them a fun photo like yours and having them write about it. I always enjoyed what they would come up with. I am working on an I Like post for tomorrow, sonce I have been enjoying yours so much. Will publish in the morning!

  4. Turtles are quite fascinating creatures. I watched one on the beach in Hawaii for what seemed like forever. It totally relaxed me and was the perfect way to commune with nature. 🐢

  5. I love where I live because I am literally surrounded by nature, it is all on my property. No turtles, but lots of birds of all kinds. I love sitting on my front patio to listen to the birdsong going on at all times of the day, and there is even a bird that sings at night.
    I just finished reading the book I won. I loved it! I did a review of it on Amazon, and will do another on Goodreads. Thank you again!

  6. That moon was gorgeous! Glad we got to look at the same moon at the same time! I love it!

  7. I love a harvest moon. I've been at quilt camp in the mountains and failed to look at the proper time.