Friday, October 21, 2016

Riddle me this... a giveaway

Okay, ready for the riddle?
Your goal is to entertain me by answering  
(No need to show your work)

* A woman leaves her home at 2 pm traveling on average 45 MPH to her local quilt store in order to buy fabric for a quilt border. She needs fabric in a certain color, and she owns conservatively, approximately, a meeelion yards of fabric in that color already. If she spends approximately an hour shopping there,  how much does she leave with at the end of the shopping trip and how much has she spent?  

Take your time.
I already tested my husband with this and he said whatever she buys will be a quarter yard too little.

He's not wrong, but he's not winning any of this loot.

Disclaimer, some of this is not new, in fact you will be winning "RESCUE" items.

Let me know if you have a yearning for anything in particular. I expect to choose several winners, one for each of the numbers,  and will end the competition on Tuesday Oct 25th. I may give preference to anyone who follows me regularly so feel free to tell me how you do that.

Good luck.

Put on your thinking caps.

Make sure you leave a contact email addy if you're a no response blogger like I am, ( thru no fault of my own as I've tried, I really have, to correct the problem, and no tutorial shows the buttons I see on my screen)

Ready to see the loot?
1. first of all, nearly 200 vintage hexies. They were not done with EPP they are seamed. LOTS of them.
They were given to me, and I cannot take on this project despite LOVING a hexie. I need to wash all fabrics before using, and wouldn't wash these.
These need a home! 
Anyone out there love vintage items and want to give these hexies a good home?? 
2. This little book by Robbie Eklow sharing her life as a quilter
3. packet of scraps of truck fabrics, perfect for someone... want to receive these??
4. Almost a yard of fabric, pin cushion, pattern and reproduction civil war button
Who wants this??

There you go... answer the riddle even if you don't want any of the loot (although they all need a new home)

Looking forward to creative responses to the riddle! 
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  1. She doesn't buy any fabric. Here's why: if she has a million fabrics at home that aren't "it," "it" is a small statistical probability. She therefore has to go to ten other fabric shops in the area to realize that the best fabric for the quilt is the one she chose as second-best at home. Remember: there's no stash like home. However! She does buy some consolation prizes at the last store because she can't go home with anything! So she buys some new pins, a ruler, and a couple fat quarters. She spends eighteen dollars on these items, and puts forty miles on the car. So that's my answer: zero fabric, eighteen dollars, forty miles on the odometer.

  2. Heh. At least a yard of fabric. As far as the price - depends on how much was on sale (unfortunately, that generally brings the overall price up, not down!). Maybe $20?

    I love the trucks. Those hexies are overwhelming!

    I think google+ has finally stopped flipping people over to no-reply bloggers (yay!). Mine has stayed intact for the last three months. But they have hidden where to set it. If you want to try it:

    Go here, first:

    Switch to blogger. Enter the blogger name you want to go by (probably will default to what it was before).
    It will show another screen. your profile name should be in the upper right corner. Press the drop down arrow. Pick Profile. Once in the profile, pick Edit Profile button in upper corner. Fix the email address, scroll to the very bottom of the screen, press Save Profile.

    Now go to

    Choose Google+. Accept stuff, and return to Google+, and you should now be a Reply blogger.

    What a pain. But that should do the trick. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi LeeAnna, great question. I believe that she will have bought as much fabric as she can, in the colour she wants for the border and many more - just in case. The amount spent? Again as much as she can, aka what`s available on her credit card.

  4. She buys at least three yards of any color that she merely thinks will work with her project. Of course, she hasn't brought the project with her so the colors she buys will all be a little off from her ideal. So, after buying at least three or four (or maybe more) of these three yard pieces, sh'll go home and use something she already had. How much did she spend? She wouldn't tell, because not all of it was on sale.
    If I have a choice, I'd love the hexies.

  5. Ok, so this was a planned outing and she definitely took her time getting there - so had lots of time to get up her courage to bring home bags of stuff she never needed to begin with. She has a rule, one yard if she likes it and three if it will work in a project she is ready for and 6 yards if she can't stand to let anyone else dig into that bolt. I predict she bought three fat quarter bundles that were calling her name but are not good for the border she is planning, and 6 yards of the most brilliantly coloured hand dyed fabric that called out to her and will end up somewhere on the back of every quilt she makes for the next two years. And she had to leave it in the trunk for a week until she could sneak it in the house when hubby was away. So about $230 went out and fabric came in. Happy wife, happy life! I love the vintage hexies!

  6. she buys 3 yds for quilt boarder, 8 fat quarters, 1 jelly roll. She has charged her great finds and will only admit to less than $100. Not much less. Hexies would be my first pick, Truck fabric my second. Thanks for the chance to win

  7. She leaves with 3 yards of 2 different fabrics which she thinks may or may not work for the border. She also has to take home that jelly roll that just called her name when she walked by, and that new ruler that "spoke" to her as she checked out. She spent around $100, plus $20 for lunch at that new little sandwich shop and bakery. This is so fun!

  8. Ok........2 pm times 45 mph equals 90 pm2h. Plus a meelion equals 1276589.3562 to the 7th power. THAT means there was some amazing sale fabric of which she needed a couple of yards; a few FQs for a soduku quilt and that border fabric. Oh, yeah, there was a couple yards of a particular poodle print that needed a home.

    I am going to sit this prize out, as I have no place to put anything since the flood. But I do have to show you what I bought several weeks ago........if I can find it again.

  9. Hmmm. Let's suppose she needs red. She gets to the shop and sees some lovely new fabric in pink and yellow--always fun, so she buys some half yards of that collection, then a yard of a fun green, then a couple yards of a prints from the sale room, some thread to match the pink and yellow, new machine needles, and an impulse nail file at the register. She spends $123.62. On the way home she realizes she forgot the border fabric, so she sits down and orders 8 more yards from 4 different online shops, none of which will eventually work, so she'll give up and go back for a blue border. And we start again! :)

    (I'll take those trucks off your hands if you need to get rid of them. I have a grandson, you know!)

  10. Unicorns. That's my answer because....yes. I would love the trucks, but I think it is someone else's turn to win stuff!

  11. Okay, let's look at this. She travels at 45 MPH to local quilt shop. So, obviously she's in no rush (cause in Canada we drive faster than that) and has plenty of time to kill. She gets to the shop and walks around the store to see what they have. The lady asks her if she needs any help. "No, just browsing, she replies as she realises she already have all of the loveliest prints in that colour at home. Whatever is left doesn't please her. So, she walks around again, to make sure she didn't miss something fun and enjoys all the eye candies. The clerk lets her know about the new collection that JUST arrived this morning! Oh! This is such a lovely quilt. She needs this kit for sure. She hasn't done a hexagon basket quilt before and wants to do this one. Oh! and she needs threads to finish the quilt waiting at home and then there's this darling charm pack that is soooo cute (might as well get two!) and a jelly roll because the price is so ridiculously good! She starts towards the cash register and ... Oh! Wait! She needs a backing for her new quilt as she turns around to see what wide fabric is available in a certain colour. Later, much later, with a spring in her steps, she heads back home with more projects than she needs, lots of inspiration, a head full of possibilities, a much lighter wallet and an almost empty gas tank! That's "approximately" my answer, lol.
    Would love the hexies, please! or number 4 if the hexies are gone. Thanks for the chance LeeAnna. Hope all is well at your place.
    scrap(dot)and(dot)quilts via gmail (dot) com

  12. She is completely distracted by finding a different long sought fabric and buys 4 yards of it for a future quilt not even planned yet. 3 yards for a unpieced border and 1 yard to play with. She is inspired by a shop sample and takes a picture of it. Then 5 different new Kaffe Fassett fabrics that insisted on joining her stash, 1 to 2 yards of each. On the way to the register the helpful shop owner points out a fat quarter of poodle fabric, so she buys that too. And a new quilt book by Kaffe Fasset is added to her haul. She spends $120 and decides that the quilt border she was shopping for will either be her #1 stash choice or pieced. She forgets to buy the thread for her current quilt.

    Any semblance of this account to my real life experience this week is accidental. LOL

    The book looks interesting.

    Diane in TX

  13. Definitely more than she can carry in one trip and she will spend a lot but thinking of all she saved by buying on sale. And she will save on gas because she will have bought what she needed for the next quilt.!

  14. I tend to agree with your husband... whatever she bought, she will always need more! I'd love those vintage hexis, simply gorgeous!

  15. Well, as she had to stop for gas and got the munchies for that rice krispy treat on the counter of the gas station were she left her credit card, so when she passed the fabric store for the second time, she came home with zero as making a choice from her burgeoning two rooms full stash of fabric is more creative move than buying more it turns out, her neighbor found her credit card and returned it before lunch and was rewarded with the extra rice crispy treat the shopper before mentioned here, bought.Our mystery shopper washed her hands and found a graet fabric choice under a stack of ufo in the second fabric filled room.

  16. Border fabric . . . let's see. If she already has a meelion yards of that color, it means she loves it but it's a tricky color so I'm going to guess 6 yards total of at least 3 or 4 fabrics (you know, just in case one or more isn't quite "it" when she gets home). At full price that would mean close to or just over $60 BUT this woman is one who also loves to shop the sale table so I'll guess $45.00. As far as the loot - I love the look of hexies but have no desire to make them so that vintage stack would be perfect for what I call a rescue project (I've been wondering when the next one would arrive in my life - these may indeed be "it"). Oh, and how do I follow you? I use Bloglovin.

  17. I asked my husband to answer this since he's good at riddles. He says, "It doesn't matter how much she buys as you can't have too much fabric." I've trained him well! (The yard of fabric/pincushion etc. would be fun)Karen kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  18. This sweet lady didn't get a chance to buy a thing, not even a single needle. As soon as she entered the fabric store, the FAA (Fabric Addicts Anonymous) surrounded her and held her for 3 straight hours in the yarn aisle. There she sat crying and answering questions about her addiction: where she got the money; where she hid the goods; how it made her feel; how it affected her loved ones; and the this addiction is weakening the floor boards of her sewing room. She was released after being walked out through the wicker basket department and the artificial flowers swayed in the slight breeze caused by her wheezing and gasping. She said she'd begin the 12 step program on Monday nights at 7:00, but the moment she got home, she logged onto her laptop and ordered that border fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop using her neighbor's name. And that's the truth. She also likes vintage hexies and small trucks on fabric squares.

  19. I'd say she wanders up and down the aisles of fabric and decides that she needs just 3 more yards of her favorite color that happens to be on sale. Then she heads to the remnant bin and discovers some great treasures at such bargain prices she scoops up an armful to add to her cart. She leaves happy with her "buys" and surprises her husband by spending less than he anticipated she'd spend. I'd say she paid about $40.00. The hexies sound challenging and fun!

  20. Quarter yard too little! that.

  21. I think she stopped by McDonald's for a large Coke on the way to the store. Then she went in the quilt store and went straight to the sale fabric. After holding her quilt up and auditioning fabrics the saleslady came over and threw in her 2 cents worth. It came down to 3 yards of 2 different sale fabrics and a few fat quarters while she was waiting for the fabric to be cut. Then a trip to the scrap bin priced at 9.95 a pound finding a few batik scraps, some Christmas fabrics and some low volume prints (another $8.00) for a grand total of $54.55.
    The insaneness in me likes the hexies and then the pin cushion.

  22. Your husband is a wise man. Whatever she spent, it will be about half what the exact same stuff would cost her here.

  23. My answer--Not as much as she could have and not as much that she won't be back soon.

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  25. She needs a specific color, print and texture, but she's not sure that any of her stash fabrics will work, so a trip is in order to the quilt shop. It's hard to look for specific fabric when she gets to the quilt shop. There are racks of fabulous fabrics. Then she sees it new fabric from her favorite designer, there are 9 designs. Upon looking around since she hasn't been at the shop in 4 days, she sees the best group of blenders, there are 2 designs in 6 colors how fabulous she thinks. Upon chatting with the owner of the shop she hears that there is a new collection of thread that perfectly matches the blenders and had she heard about the new class? She doesn't want to miss anything so she does a second go round in the shop. She finds the perfect pattern for the fabric from her favorite designer, and she peruses a beautiful Kaffe Fassett book she's not seen before. In the back of the shop she sees the clearance rack. On Clearance she sees a fat quarter bundle that she already has a few fat quarts of.

    So the answer to the question, she bought 9 full yards, 12 half yards, 1 bundle of fat quarters from clearance, 1 full collection of thread, a 3 day class, a pattern, and a Kaffe Fassett book because she loves the colors. She goes back home with her fabulous finds, so excited to make that pattern into a quilt top. She forgot all about the fabric she needed, so that project gets tossed into the UFO bin, thinking to herself that the next trip out she'll find the fabric she needs. So that she doesn't waste her time doing housework, she starts cutting out the new fabric into the perfect pattern.

    She did get out of the store spending less than $500, but just in case her husband see the loot, she eats the receipt.

    1. Oh, and I think I'd love to read the Robbie Eklow book. I hear she's quite funny.