Friday, October 7, 2016

Dancing Foam

Dancing foam. 
We escaped to the Beach for two days, hoping to reboot and find PEACE

Strong winds curtailed our plans to sit outside, me painting while Drew played the guitar. We got there Monday afternoon and it was still sunny, so we took a long walk along the shoreline and it was renewing to our spirits. I have more pictures and thoughts on that for future posts. 

I grew up in Florida walking on beaches, sitting and watching the waves roll in, hearing the swoosh of the water and cries of gulls. Smelling Coppertone lotion. Feeling sand sift through your fingertips. Breathing clean air. Seeing clouds change shape as the light changes thru the day. The soft tickle of sand eroding under your feet as the water comes and goes. 

Nothing stays the same really, and nothing changes.

We did not know the weather would take a decided change by the following morning.
The video (bottom of page) is of dancing foam at the shore line on Rehoboth Beach DE this week.
They were just cleaning up from a storm the weekend before and are facing landfall of Hurricane Mathew. Big tonka trucks were removing huge benches as we walked along the shoreline. Metal shutters were being lowered onto windows.

We managed to take several long walks around town, and on the boardwalk but it was tough. The wind whistled through our room when the door opened.

 These kites were tugging at their moorings... look closer... see the one near the bottom? Wonder why it caught my eye...

 We watched as the wind created something akin to tumbleweeds with sea foam too.

I tried to capture it in the following video. I don't know why it formatted into such a narrow frame, but try watching it from youtube ( LINK) where you can put it on full screen.

By the time I taped it, the foam was rolling along in slightly smaller units but about midway you can see them rolling along if you look closely.

It's oddly relaxing to watch the video and see the waves repeatedly building and crashing. I caught a brave gull trying to find a snack, and  toward the end, I pan full circle to give you a sense of place.

I hope you get a feel for that moment.

We visited the beach, Wish you were here...

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  1. I know that area well. My brother and SIL had a house at Bethany Beach (actually Middlesex, I think) that I visited several times in the 70s and 80s.

  2. Wow....your cover photo for this post would make a GREAT quilt....go for it!

  3. Beautiful pictures, and it sounds restorative. Happy weekend!

  4. Love these photos! Watching the waves is my favorite thing to do at the beach. This was a wonderful and restful post! Thanks for sharing and hope it is rejuvenating you too! Hugs, Mickie

  5. Oh that Coppertone perfume--ummmm ---it just brings back so many beach day memories of when my kids were growing up and we went to the Beach every Day in the Summer...I still find the shore relaxing...don't get down there enough...I too wish i had been there to kick up the sand and feel the salty breezes and actually taste salt on my lips...hugs Julierose P.S. am on my road to trying out water is short--do new things is my mantra....

  6. There is something especially soothing about wind and water at the beach. I felt my blood pressure subside as I watched the video. Thanks for the Calgon moment. 😊

  7. Ahhhhh. That refreshing feeling of watching the sun go down as you are buried in beach sand. Nothing quiet like it.

    Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah

  8. What a great trip! Thank you for sharing. Your video took me down memory lane. There's a stretch of highway going though the town where I grew up. It's is about 100 feet above the rocky beach below. When the winds would pick up and make the waves dance, they would make huge poofs of foams that the wind would then pick up and sail across the highway. It was always fun driving through that little section and always a surprise when one or more of the big balls of foam would hit the windshield, even though it was to be expected.

  9. I also find the beach to be so relaxing - the sounds, the smells, and the sand between my toes. Unfortunately I live too far from any beach - other than a lake or river - and only get to visit a beach on a rare vacation. Loved the video!

  10. I love the sound of waves crashing, swirling or lapping the shore, makes for great sleeping. we are expecting a swell tomorrow so i look forward to pleasant dreams!

  11. Great video! Thanks for sharing your trip - almost as good as being there myself for blowing away the cobwebs.

  12. Hurricanes are terrible. We get strong winds on the west coast, but nothing like that. - Margy

  13. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing ! We stayed at Rehoboth Beach 5 years ago... I love it there!

  14. The colourful kites are so pretty! Storms are horrible. I am glad you got to enjoy the wonderful walks.

    Thank you again for linking up on Wandering Camera!