Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Be Natural Not Normal

You never know where you'll find a change of mind...
Our recent three day trip to the beach gave us a break from routine. I found two little home stores that were full of inspiration.
Would you just look at those round happy faces?!
If they don't make you smile... think about this sentiment:
check out that giraffe wearing a tiara!

Be Natural not Normal
 I want that to be my motto for a while! Or life! 
Adolescents strive to fit in with peers, which is probably an old survival instinct. We separate from parents and pretend to be original while doing  what our friends do.

 I expect some people never outgrow that as well, hoping to find a place to fit into the world. 
That's natural too but carried to an extreme we could lose our unique selves. 
Flowers are natural. 

These flowers are so interesting because they show the maker in them. I recognize them as flowers, but the whimsical aspect shown is from an artist sharing themselves and their view of the world. 

It's really why we make art. 
Self expression. 

Sensing life in some way, visually for instance, and interpreting it from within oneself. 
This little lady doesn't scare me, she intrigues me.
 She says, "don't judge me on looks! I have a baby here, who looks different, like I do. So what?!!"  
Many people will judge a woman's value based on looks, and it makes me furious. 
Okay, it's just a whimsical doll, and I am aware some people don't find Halloween as enjoyable as I do.
 I can only be me, and...
Be natural, not normal
warts and all. 



  1. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"!
    So well said by Oscar Wilde !!

  2. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! Used to have big parties with exotic costumes. lf we could recogmize you, you could come in, we were famous for them for many years.

  3. what a wonderful post... the lady and her baby touched my heart... I would love to have her and her baby here in my house :o)