Sunday, October 9, 2016

Purchases from Beach and Beyond

How cute is this handpainted wooden mermaid?!
This could be another "I Like" post. I like a mermaid. I've done several mermaid quilts, I have mermaid ornaments, and now a wooden one. Found at a tourist trap store in Rehoboth this week. Treasure!!

While we're at it, " I like" cows! Yep. Love cows.
 Black and white cows. On bikes who's wheels spin in the wind...
And had to get these readers even though they are stronger than my usual because they were colorful, and sunglasses. Now I can be in the sun AND read. Win win.
Hey... what's behind those glasses?
Fabric. Specifically batiks from Bear's Paw quilt store in Towson MD. I LOVE this store. They have it all and are friendly too. Some of these are gonna be gifts, not sayin' for who yet, and the striated one is for a beach quilt I've been making for years. The thread is DMC broder cotton 50 weight, 2 strand. Very fine, and great in a bobbin to disappear into quilting, or hand applique, or basting, or for tiny paper piecing so it takes up less room in the seam line. I love this thread.

This Halloween fab from Timeless Treasures is so moody and dramatic, bought at my recent trip to Peggys Sewing center. Very nice shop and so friendly. They have so many gadgets, tools and organizers like this one that I could not leave without...
Stands up on a table, purple around clear plastic. It has pockets, it has a large open area, and a zippered compartment on the other side.

I saw this in action used by people at a retreat in the shop, their Sassy Tote was stuffed and very useful.

Plus, when you want to go somewhere... it folds up and has a shoulder strap!

LOVE! "I Like" an organizer!

Here it is in action, slung on a shoulder.
This studio belongs to a working artist.
It does not belong to a "Martha Stewart" style sewist.
I work in here, and things get messy and that's just my normal. There I admit to not being extremely tidy.
I mostly know where things are. Mostly. And if I can't find it, well, couldn't hurt to have a spare, right?

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  1. So glad you didn't choose this weekend for your beach visit!

  2. Lots of great purchases here, I'm with you on the sewing studio messiness - it's how it should be!

  3. Extremely tidy is boring!
    Love the goodies you purchased!
    Especially the cow on a bike! That would be so much fun to watch!

  4. Mermaids and flamingos! It must be our Florida childhood!

  5. Loving that tote--looks really functional...your mermaid is so cute...hugs, Julierose

  6. Nice scores! I'm always suspicious of neat-niks. Someone once told me you shouldn't trust a tidy person. They are obviously up to something no good. LOL

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    Fun stuff! And a see through tote/organiser! Perfect!
    I came across a quote here, in dutch, but it translates a bit like... Tidyness is for the dumb, the genius controls the chaos!"

  8. I love the organizer, it is a super clever idea that you can see the things... 4 paws from Easy, he would like such a well organized toy box too :O)I love cows too and I'm a fan of your biking mow :o)

  9. Oh! Look at the hat red hair. Your. Ermaid is channeling ME!!!!

  10. I had a plaque hanging over my desk at work that said "Creative minds are rarely tidy". Words to live by.

  11. OMG! That mermaid & That cow! Can't wait to see that cow spinning in your yard 😊

  12. I love that cow too. And the organizing tote is amazing. I hate bags and totes without pockets. Thank you for sharing all these findings at The Really Crafty link Party this week!