Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"I like" Thursdays #5

Funny, my waist is not that small but I could rock that hat
Welcome to another week of "I like" posts!
This week I like:
1. Barbie. specifically this Barbie at the beach with her buds. From a shop in Rehoboth last week. I got my first Barbie about the time she came out and noone was concerned about body image in little girls.
It started quite a love of Barbies and I collected not only variations of her, clothes and shoes (those little stilettos) but her friend Midge, her boyfriend and his friend, her house, car, wardrobe, and lots more. I used to go into my own little world and build a town with little houses so they had somewhere to drive in that convertible.
 can you read these?
You're never too old to try something stupid  and who is this "moderation" we're supposed to be drinking with??"

Do you ever miss 'playing'?
The feeling of being immersed in your imagination? Making art has taken Barbie's place for me. It still feels great to enter my playroom and sew.
Speaking of which, I used to make her clothes with little fusible tabs to connect the sections. Remember those?

2. Essie Nail polish. I'm a girly girl, I like make up, jewelry, new clothes etc. As a little girl one of my fave gifts was a new pair of plastic high heels, the kind with elastic to hold them on. And pretend lipstick.
Well, I have so much fun these days, old as I am, with all the available colors of nail polish. Essie is made well, long lasting and without the dire chemicals cheaper brands have. It treats my fragile nails great and lasts a long time.
 I'm having a ball playing with color! This periwinkle color is titled 'pret-a-surfer'
I usually wear lavender or pink but thought I need to branch out! It fun to work with your hands, look down and see a bright color!
3. This Mayo is made with avocados. That's healthy. The really great thing is what it's not made with especially soybean oil.  Soy products make me sick, make me swell, and make me gain weight. They seem to be the new American obsession, stepping right up along side corn syrup. I'm allergic to corn too.
Soybean oil seems to be in almost every product at the store now which has caused us trouble since I like to eat.
Don't even suggest making my own Mayo. As much as I love it, and I do, I am not interested in cooking.
Anyway, if you have trouble with soy, check out this brand, it's good. And now I can have tuna salad again!

4. Entertainment wise.... I will share a guilty pleasure with you my friends... I love TV.
Apologies now for those of you who can't get these shows outside the US. I feel your pain as I want to watch the Great British Sewing Bee and can't.

Right now, I would love to start a discussion group with others who like what I like, specifically
a) Dancing with the stars  ( I so enjoy the race car driver, and never heard of him before this) I am a dancer, studied ballet for years along with ballroom, zydeco, contra, latin dances. Do you watch? write me
b) Survivor  This is one of the most fun seasons to me, Generation X vs Millenials. Oh how deliciously fun.
c) Bravo's housewives series, all of them but especially Beverly Hills and NY
d) Project Runway. Omg, I so wish there was a PR for quilters. I'd so do it! A group of clothing designers have to follow guildlines for a weekly challenge. They not only choose fabrics in a rush, but make their own patterns, fit the models, style the models hair and makeup and accessories, but construct the clothing well.

Anyone watch these, and want to compare notes?

5. Creativity- wise I love reading blogs. Not sound bites, or just pictures, but blogs that show the real person behind the art.  One I recently discovered is Soma's (
Wandering Camera link party. I just have the best time with my camera, and appreciate the effort to make a beautiful photo. She attracts a lovely set of bloggers who take some awesome pictures for this party. Check her out.

6. Decorating for Halloween and I'll post a video of our decorations next week.
For some reason I am just in "like" with Halloween lights & silly decorations.

7. I'm reading a Rhys Bowen mystery in the Molly Murphy series. This is set in early 1900 with a female detective. I got behind in the series so I am catching up with  City of Darkness and Light  
I am enjoying it a lot. Her characters are developed and plots fun to read. I like her Royal Spyness series as well.

( Last week I did a post (here) on recent purchase which was similar to I Like posts for more likes)

If anyone else did an I Like post this week, tell me and I'll add it to the bottom of this one. 
Also sharing good things posts this week are:

I have not heard back from the rescue group... wah! but I am not giving up. I'll find a pup with whom to share my love. Meanwhile I am petting just about every pup I run across... fur therapy
It may go without saying I like you all. I like the community of fun people that come to visit me here. I look forward to your comments and learn so much from you. I Like you! LeeAnna


  1. Ahhh! I *love* Project Runway! How is it possible that Roberi hasn't won yet? Let's dish! :)

  2. Oh, and I felt so connected with you ... Never had a Barbie (could be I'm too old), don't like stuff on my nails, don't like avocado (also don't have allergies), don't like Halloween, and have never read a Molly Murphy mystery (though it sounds like something I would like). I DO like TV, especially The Great British Baking Show, but my guilty pleasures are The Voice, Salvage Dawgs, and Barnwood Builders. I do appreciate blogs that focus on creativity, though, and will check out Soma.

    1. Don't give up! We still have so much in common! And, you can do an I Like post to tell us your likes so we can share! luckily liking all the same things isn't a prerequisite to friendships! lol

  3. I like all but the housewives~chat away (I'm rooting for Erin)! I love avocado~and mayonnaise...will have to check that one out! Halloween fabrics are some of my favorites~

  4. The avocado mayo sounds interesting.

    I've added Molly Murphy to my reading list. I'll give the series a try. What fun!

  5. This is the first time I haven't started DWTS and I miss it. I will be more into the "I Like..." when I get back into the house. The flood is still controlling my life. And I HATE it!

  6. I love avocados, so I am gong to have to try the mayo. From your list of TV shows I only watch Project Runway. Did you see the series where they had teenagers competing? Those kids just ruined the adult competitions for me! They were so sweet to each other and seemed genuinely bummed whenever one was sent home. The adults can get so "catty" sometimes! But I still love the show. I watch a lot of Cops, even though I think I have seen every single one of them. Mostly the TV is background noise for me. I'm reading the book I won! It is a wonderful tale. I am finding some similarities between Emma's life and mine...maybe I am going to learn a lesson from her!
    I met a guy today who had a Great Pyrnees in the bed of his truck. (Tied down so he was safe) He gave me the number of a GP breeder up here by me. I may be getting a puppy to watch over my outside critters in November! GAH! I have always wanted a Great Pyr!!! I already have a name picked out!!! Spirit. She will be a good companion for my still playful German Shepherd, who has no one to play with, because my other big dog s an old Grumpy guy and won't play with her. Gosh...I've gone on haven't I?

  7. Ever since you've started your likes I've been thinking about doing a post. I took a photo a part of my colored glass collection. It's where the light shines through it. That's one thing I love. Another is blogging and getting to know more neat people. I guess because I like people. Colors, of course, the best part of quilting, how they interact. It's a constant learning experience. I love learning, probably the most. It makes me feel so alive, learning little or big things. So I guess I've learned just now by writing this that l like learning and sharing it the best.

  8. I'm a fan of the housewives too... I specially love RHONY... sadly Easy's dad is a nuisance factor with making choking noises the whole time :o)

  9. I posted another Good Thursday on my blog. Have you tried the Mid Atlantic Poodle Rescue? I suspect that is the group you contacted. Let me know how that goes! Hugs, Mickie

  10. Hi LeeAnna,
    I learn so much from you nad your blog!
    Thanks for the nail polish tip! This brand souds great! I might just have to give it a try!
    Soy! bad for the environmet as well! It's hard trying to buy something with out reading it in the list of ingredients! That mayo sounds good!
    Take care,

  11. Very interesting post LeeAnna. I've learned a lot of who you are. I understand the fur therapy thing. I love cats. I don't own one anymore. When the neighbour's cat crosses the street to my side, boy! do I pay myself a good session of fun with a four-legged friend. Always so awesome and relaxing. It a different kind of love.
    I am not a big TV listener. I liked the Project Runway big time but we don't get it anymore :^( I also like Downtown Abbey and things like that on PBS, or the Discovery Channel and HGTV. Otherwise, the TV is off and the audio book is on. I had a few barbies and Mom made some clothing for them. I was a girly girl indoor. As soon as someone opened the front door, I was out and climbing trees or chasing frogs. Yeah, that's the kind of girl I was lol.

  12. I love your "I like" posts and look forward to them every Thursday! I guess I should try writing one of my own. I LOVE Dancing with the Stars! My son told me he is a fan of the racecar driver, so I am rooting for him this season. I've never been a dancer, but discovered in the last few years that I love Zumba Fitness (a class I go to at my gym)!!! Makes me feel like a dancer, and keeps me moving! I also had a Skipper doll, and my mom made all of our Barbie and Skipper clothes. I don't know what ever happened to all of them, though. I now wish one of us (my sisters and I ) had been smart and kept all of those handmade things. I hope you hear from the dog rescue people - we could all vouch for you and what a loving poodle mom you are.

  13. I loved Barbie.... what am I talking about I still love Barbie 💗

  14. I'm not sure why you're shopping for new friends when you already have me (vbg)! I LOVED Barbie as a child. And I adore Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars.
    Pugs and kisses,

  15. That's one gorgeous blue polish! More often than not, I paint my toes a similar color. Or black. Can't decide which I prefer more. 😇

  16. I don't like any of the shows that you like. Cant eat fat, on a gull bladder diet. Love SyFy. Love quilting and have been reading your blog for a few weeks. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Will try your brand of polish and maybe even blue. See we could be friends.

  17. So glad to get to "know" you. I love Project Runway. Don't think I've missed a season. And always watch DWTS. I also love the Great British Baking Show. Didn't know there was a Great British Sewing show. Can we watch online?

    1. I watched the first season of Great British Sewing Bee on youtube. Then they didn't allow it shown outside the UK... wah!

  18. I am thinking poodle thoughts for you. My husband and I have had at least one standard poodle at all times since we bought our first house! I've always love your quote from Anne Rodgers Clark, and can say her assessment is true, having had both types of dogs. And I love your approach to quilting and creativity!

  19. I am a faithful readier of your blog, even if I don't comment that often. I love
    PR, but none of the other reality shows. My latest obsession was Outlanders, which I binge watched. Now I can't wait for Season 3.
    No food allergies here, but as a avocado fan I would be interested in that mayo. Where did you buy it, a regular supermarket or a specialty store?

  20. This post made me smile all the way through. I still have my original Barbie, Ken, Midge, Skipper (and more) along with way too many accessories. I also consider my sewing room as my play space.

    And I love reading blogs for the same reason you do - because I don't just want a sound bite, I want the stories.

    I love Survivor and DWTS and love to watch Food Network and HGTV even though I don't enjoy cooking or decorating. But I'm entertained by the shows.