Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Things I Like" Thursdays #4

Welcome to "things I like" Thursdays! Glad you are here, pull up a chair, choose a nice cup of something comforting to sip, and see if you relate to my list this week. (As usual, I haven't set up a link party yet as we were gone, but let me know if you do a "like"  post and I'll link to your blog)

1. The beach. Just about any beach.
Walking on the beach, the feel of sand under your toes, the breeze and clean air, the sound of waves in rhythm as well as calling gulls. Cool damp sand giving your feet a spa treatment for free. And as of this weekend, dogs sharing the beach with their people, all very well behaved, all finding peace and something to sniff.

I have several posts coming on our little beach experience including a cool video tomorrow.

2. Dogs at the beach, sharing the experience with their people and each other. It's sort of Heavenly to me, seeing all the different groups under the spell of a beach, getting along only pausing to acknowledge each other with a nod.
This dog and his person stopped for a little snack, just to keep up their energy you know...
"...nothing special, just one of those shrimps, thanks!!"
You'll be happy to know a morsel was given to the pup.

3. Hand sewing and finishing something even if it's small....
I juggled this challenge piece, for an upcoming hop done by Alida, with beads and threaded needle on our car ride to the beach and home. I was happily able to finish it including hand couching the specialty trim, beading the poodle feet, and adding embellishments. Yea! I love my traveling bag of goodies, several hand sewing projects all tidy in their little containers, all tidy in the green bag ready to make me happy on a trip.

4. A breakfast I can live with...
See the little note? DH leave me one each morning, love
I know, I know breakfast is the most important meal... yeah, yeah. Ever since I became unable to digest eggs and pork it lost it's appeal. I am always on the hunt for a protein I can digest, and often fall to a banana with organic peanut butter and cinnamon. I am currently in love with green tea, actually gunpowder green from NUMI. I think my inflammation reduces after a cup. I heard a doctor on TV say to drink more green tea.
at the Thai restaurant... loved the presentation
I grew up in Florida to Southern parents and iced tea. I didn't learn to drink hot tea til I lived in Canada but am having a moment now of a cup of hot green tea on my breaks. I still keep a container of cold tea in the fridge all year long, and make the iced tea from constant comment (or other flavored teas) and green tea bags steeped strong enough to mix in filtered water. The quart of tea usually lasts me 5-7 days. The cold tea has a lot of flavor.
   4.2. Food. Specifically Thai.
Oh, sorry, ate it so fast I forgot to show you the lovely presentation. We haven't had Thai in a long time, and I don't know what magic they use to flavor it, but I wanted to lick the plate. Really. The lunch special was salad with the best EVER dressing, and a plate of spring roll (delicate vegetables and crispy), sticky rice, and a glorious concoction of chicken and eggplant with other vege.
I don't enjoy cooking lately but still enjoy eating!

5. Stopping along the way on a road trip
I love a car trip and we like to stop in little towns to walk around. This time we stopped in Centerville to visit a quilt store. ( 
What a find!! Make sure to visit if you can.
When I went in, a lovely woman named Ellen came up to introduce herself. She and I have exchanged emails about our dogs, and specifically my recent loss but we had never met in person.
What a life gift!! It totally lifted my spirits and gave me a sense of connection.
We are all connected. It's a good thing. Now that we have hugged, it will mean even more when we email.
(I forgot in my shopping excitement to get a picture of us)

Then we stopped in historic Denton for a walkabout and lunch. The art galleries were closed but we had lunch outdoors in fine Fall weather. I like fish and chips, fried and probably not good for me...

The thing is, we were together, we got to learn about another place and it's history, I got to look at gorgeous old houses and imagine what life was like back then, and I was with my sweetie.

Kind of amazing that less than an hour from home, it felt like a very different world. I asked my husband what he would have been doing in 1750 Denton. He said it all depended on his station in life but I imagine we would have owned a store, like shoe making or clothing, and lived over the storefront.
I suppose travel opens your mind, even local travel. I suppose creating a story of "what if..." is creative too.

This is the short list, with more good things to follow in the next couple days.
What have you found to like this week??
Love, LeeAnna

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  1. I like your "Things I Like Thursdays" posts. I'm with you on the whole beach thing; spent last week at my fave beach in fact. So sorry for the loss of your beloved Cole. I know how big of an empty hole it leaves. We lost our Baxter in July 2015 and we're getting a new puppy later this month. It took a long time for us to be ready. Best wishes that you'll work through your grief with creativity.

  2. You and I do the same things with those glorious old homes. I've been fascinated by old architecture since I was a kid...wondering who lived there and what kind of life they had. You need to write a book.

  3. I can second the beach, dogs on the beach, green tea, thai food and old homes! Sounds like a nice trip.

  4. I am salivating at all the noshing you did. Yum-may! What lovely little escape to be able to take with your hubs. With each week, I find I am loving this weekly post more and more. It makes me think of all that is right in this world but especially the making of connections with wonderful lovers of art like you. ღ

  5. Wow! I'm so jealous of all that beach fun you're having! Lovely pictures. Well you asked the question and I will give you my like for this week ... Lol... Macadamia hair oil, with only my fourth application it is helping my damaged dry hair from all of the abuse I have put it through;)

  6. Everything! I love everything you said!!! But I love that dog placing his own order!

  7. What's not to like with that selection.

    My like is rather boring: I made serious progress on a huge project at work. But man, I am liking it. :-)

  8. Walking on the beach is tops on my list of things I love, that is for sure! If only I could attach a picture to this comment! I live in Colorado, so getting to the beach is a big deal for me! We just recently went and spent a week near San Francisco, and visited Bodega Bay. Beautiful there, and hearing the ocean is good for the soul.

  9. Got my good things on the blog! I love your photos! I love the beach this time of year, it's my favorite time to go!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs, Mickie

  10. I miss the beach so much! Yes, there are beaches here, and I like them, but the beach I miss is back in CA where the furbabies and I used to go during the week when the beach was deserted and we could all run and chase balls and seagulls without offending anyone.
    Your trip looks like it was great! I love exploring "new lands". I really like checking out other people's gardens, since my thumb is so brown. It just does my heart good to see what people can do with live plants!

  11. A lovely list! Escaping away for a beach minibreak is right up there at the top of my list too!

  12. It's great just to put a few things in the car and discover a new area not too far away!
    You're so good at "creative car journeys"!

  13. I love the sand...don't ask me why ;) Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  14. I love the beach too... and the footprints of the pups in the sand are always a little bittersweet for me, I ponder too much about things that will be or not be :o)
    I like the way with the little notes in the morning...

  15. I love a beach, and the sea in general, even without a beach.

  16. Your Thursday like lists posts are so much fun. There is a feeling of contentedness when you take the time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

  17. "Dogs ordering takeout" reminded me of going to a drive-in for hamburgers. It was one of the places that you order from and eat in the car. Next to us the dog had moved into the driver's seat and looked like he was ordering food while his owner was away. - Margy

  18. Great idea for a linky!! I'd join enjoyed your post...JRT are so happy huh...and they LOVE the beach!!

  19. A wonderful post! I always enjoy watching dogs play at the beach. They embody fun and freedom!

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

  20. I love the beach, too. Right now I live in the midwest and although we have lakes it is not the same as the ocean!

  21. So nice to hear from you. Hows the weather up there? Looks like it's still somewhat mild. That fish looks so doodle*licious.... Makes me want to go find a platter for myself!