Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Things I Like" thursdays # 6 Puzzles

Welcome back to "things I like" and this week it's puzzles.
I not only like puzzles, I LOVE puzzles. (quilt making is a type of puzzle)
Before I go into the specifics, isn't that a cute little carrier with a great message? I got it recently because I love a cute little container. Here look inside before I stuff it full...
Made of some kind of stiff cardboard but looks kind of quilt-y right?

I have a giveaway for tomorrow's post, a riddle to answer not a puzzle exactly but.. you will have fun with it
Back to puzzles...
One of my earliest memories is doing the big wooden block puzzles as a little girl. Over and over again.

I branched out to crosswords, math, jigsaws (the more pieces the better), those little ones kids push around within a plastic frame, and well, just about any puzzle but the following in particular...

1. I used to get this kind of puzzle in the  Dell vacation puzzle books, but there were never enough. The whole book is my kind of math puzzles:
Yep, I do them in pen
1.2  And I do like sudoku but they are usually too easy. Now I only like the ones that are five puzzles overlapping...
Like this
Luckily my husband located these books for me and I get them as extra gifts at Christmas.

2. I still like jigsaw puzzles but now I do them online (less spillage and fewer back aches)
the link is:  jigsaw planet
The link I gave you is to the first of many pages of quilt puzzles but they have all kinds of images. To navigate, you can click on 'explore' to find another category. Then when you choose one to do, you can hover over "play as" to choose how many pieces, or just do the puzzle as is.
The cool thing is you click and drag pieces around, and they make a satisfying click when they connect, and they are oriented the right way. Makes it a little easier. You can click on an icon at the bottom that makes it full screen. Another icon shows you the finished image. FUN! Warning, a real time waster.

3.  Wooden block puzzle is a free app for the ipad.... I have a really old IPAD but my husband has a smaller version (a year old) and that version has this app. Free! I follow him around the house in the evening to snag his device so I can play this puzzle game over and over. It's a tiny bit along the lines of tetris. Addictive.
There are ads... it's annoying but it's free.

4. Of course, quilting is the ultimate puzzle. When I piece odd shaped little pieces into a bigger piece of fabric, it's like putting a puzzle together. 

Then there's paper (foundation) piecing. I have gotten some terrific patterns for free by following        Janeen designs block of the months, mystery blocks, and most recently a lot of little ghosts for Halloween. Paper piecing is just like a puzzle!

5. Puzzled about dogs? I couldn't waste a chance to talk about dogs. I am watching (on Netflix) A series on dogs by Martin Clunes...
I love dogs, and I love Martin Clunes. He loves dogs, has two cocker spaniels and a lab. He did some fascinating video research on dogs who share 99% DNA with wolves. If you like dogs, watch his two part show. I was laughing and crying, missing my boy Cole...
We said goodbye three months ago this Friday. I cried a little when Martin Clunes showed his dogs, introducing his lab as his son. It was also fun to see him with wolves being nipped on the nose.

Speaking of dogs... my husband bought me a bracelet to remember Cole by, from
The artist added a charm for me... so special. She has lovely jewelry and I like that the little silver beads move around the spiral... like worry beads...

So that's it for this week. I am trying to focus on the good things in life, so I will keep doing this on Thursdays. If you do a post I'll add it in to the bottom of this so check back as people add to the good things. Love, LeeAnna

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  1. My mom and hubby are jigsaw your little Cole reminder. It's hard to think it has already been three months. I miss his adventures and humor too. :)Thinking of ya!

  2. the mama is no fan of puzzles... she has no patience... and she helped herself with a scissors to "solve" her furst puzzle :o) the little carrier is too cute... the mama still has her blue one... she once packed it with a plush monkey and a book to leave the house of her parents forever... or till she noticed that a plush monkey and a book are not the perfect survival kit for an 8 year old girl LOL

  3. I love puzzles too, maybe that is also why I like quilts! I love your bracelet, how very special (-:

  4. I love puzzles - although it looks like you're more of a die hard fan than I am. Programming is a lot about solving a puzzle, which is probably why I like my job. And of course there's quilting.

    Such a pretty bracelet. Love the charm on the back.

    So I picked up Molly Murphy and her Royal Spyness. They were perfect to bring with me on my trip. Light reading; I liked them. Thanks!

  5. I love jigsaw puzzles too! i do one every day online at but i joined the one you talked about too!

    that bracelet is so wonderful. I love the paw. What a great memory

  6. It's good to focus on the good things. Sometimes it's hard, but it's always helpful.

    I love puzzles too - I've never seen those overlapping Sudoko's before. Cool!

    I never heard of that Netflix show. Will definitely check it out! Thanks for the rec. We are always looking for good shows to watch.

    Love your new bracelet! It's nice to have something to wear that's a remembrance.

  7. I'm also addicted (I admit it) to Puzzle Planet which I found from the bi-weekly quilt puzzles on the Quilt Show site. I like sudoku, too, and will have to look for the linked ones. Also acrostics.
    I'm enjoying your Thursday Like posts.

  8. I love Martin Clunes - we have been watching Doc Martin for a few years now! I didn't know that he had this other show. I'll have to check it out. The hilarious thing about him loving dogs so much is that they portray it exactly the opposite on Doc Martin, and there is this adorable little dog who loves to follow him around!

  9. Hard to believe fur angel Cole left 3 months ago! The fur kids send digital puppy kisses. As for puzzles, I'm jealous of you. I'd rather set my hair on fire than solve puzzles. The absence of any math DNA must account for the visceral attitude I have about them but admire those who do. Now I understand my inability to make quilts. ღ

  10. I love jigsaw puzzles and some math and word puzzles, but not all. I'm a bit of a lazy puzzle doer! Except quilts, those are the best puzzles ever!
    Your memory bracelet is so pretty, great husband, you have to keep him! ;)

  11. Geesh! I keep thinking of more things I dislike than like. Gotta get a more positive attitude!!!

  12. OK! I LOVE puzzles of any kind. I cannot go to sleep at night without doing at least one Sudoku puzzle. I feel it exercises my aging brain, but it also takes my mind off the day's doin's.

  13. Loved seeing the pic of Cole , miss him ! The bracelet it so awesome, great memory keeper

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    Thanks for the puzzle link!
    Just the last week I had a lightbulb moment about quilting! It is fun to create your ouwn pattern! Much more of a "mind challenge" and relaxing at the same time!

  15. I'm overloaded with travel and meetings but will post on Saturday. I love your puzzle piece. Can't wait to see that dog documentary and your bracelet is so sweet!!! Thanks and hugs!

  16. Hi LeeAnna
    Thanks for the mention. I also love puzzles!! Im sure it shows...
    Glad you're enjoying the patterns.

  17. What a beautiful bracelet. And you can do jigsaws online? You learn something new every day.

  18. Puzzles have been my favorite thing too! I was told that the first thing I did when I entered kindergarten for the first time was sitting at a table and do puzzles! All the kids then wanted to help because they saw how much fun I was having :) thanks for sharing your list of favorite puzzles, very inspiring!!

  19. 5 puzzle soduko??? I can barely do the very easiest soduko. But I'm usually pretty good with word puzzles -- can you say Words with Friends? I've been doing online crossword puzzles but I've set it so it tells me whether the letter is correct -- less frustration, more playing. I'm going to check out your online jigsaw buzzle . I use the Jig Zone's Daily Puzzle. Don't know if there is an app because I have it on my laptop.