Friday, February 27, 2015

More new projects and one old one

One might think, when they have a meeelion WIP's that one might consider finishing something before beginning another project.
I am teaching two workshops soon, "Words on Quilts" and "Binding 12 ways". When I am about to teach or do a presentation my thinking cap goes on and lots of new ideas flow thru to my brain. I can't ignore them, can I??
From Sew Precise software

The first picture will become one quilt, and these paper piecing letters will be a valance over the studio window.

Two new ways I will use words on quilts and I've already done it lots and lots of ways.
The point is, there is always a new way, if you listen to your muse.

I have not forgotten the really big winter quilt being quilted in sections.

This is one of two side borders, size 16" by 77.5", layered, ready for basting and quilting.

Then here it is quilted...

It's amazing how long it takes to sew straight lines. First there is the measuring and placement of masking tape to guide the lines.  I especially like lots of repetitive lines on a border but had to take care not to over quilt it, to keep a balance with the middle of the quilt.

Looks like it will match the center. That's a relief!! Measure 25 times, cut once. My plan is to go ahead and bind this outside edge now, leaving a long tail for joining to the remaining borders. Trying to put a binding on this long onto a quilt this big and heavy will be too hard so I had to invent a way to get 'er done. I think kind of a purply blue, double fold turned to the back and hand stitched. They look better for big quilts.

 Next I have to quilt the other side border, put them both on. Then do the final top and bottom borders.

My little niece Tiffany, the nurse, just turned 25 yesterday.

She has a picture of me holding her baby-self and says she'll send it to me.  She has 25 yo things to do first...

She wants a tote bag to hold her nurse stuff.
I asked, you have nurse stuff??!
Aren't these cute fabrics to make a little tote?

She has turned into a great adult. With stuff to tote.

I can relate, how about you?
All these fun projects and the studio remains a disaster area. I am still coughing, it's still snowing, the Hampton show is going on with one of my quilts hanging there and I'm NOT there to see it. Life is just so daily.


  1. Looks like you are feeling better; yeah! Wish I could take both your workshops. Love the nurse fabrics!

  2. I love the words. I think the back of my next quilt needs some. Keep getting better. And feel free to send any snow or rain to the west coast, please.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    More snow? And can't get out to a quilt show! And you sound like you've been ill. But you sure are creative and working hard! :) The workshops sound very interesting! What I see looks very inviting and I want to join in on those courses!
    Love the last sentance....Life is just so daily! So it is!
    Hope the snow melts and you feel beter soon!
    Take care,

  4. 'Life is just so daily' - oh, I so know what you mean. But spring will soon be here and then everything seems just that bit better. Your classes sound great - I wish I was near enough to join in.

  5. You tempt me with the letters. I've done some letters before, and loved it. Maybe I should go for some new letters. I'm too far away from your classes. Hope to see some pictures.

  6. Like the idea of words on quilts. Hope you feel better soon!


  7. I'll be looking forward to the nurse tote...she's going to love it! Feel better soon. Ugh....hate those winter colds, they are so exhausting.

  8. Wish I could take your binding class. Sounds fascinating. And what a fun niece. Love the nurse fabrics.

  9. I really love those letter blocks and will have to check out Sew Precise. I'd love to have a small FOCUS wall quilt - thanks for the inspiration!