Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Music & Dance & Creativity all at once! 2015 MiniFest

This blog is a celebration of Creativity!
My husband I were able to celebrate many forms of creativity last weekend at the FSGW Mini Fest.
Music, dance, handmade crafts, song, story telling all came together for a day of fun. I would love to share it with you.
The above picture is a fabric scrap coiled basket. The artist makes a lot of fabric items and  humbly said "it's just scraps"
HA! She doesn't know who she's talking to!!
The photo is a testament to cropping by the way. When you saw the whole bowl, it was beautiful but when I came in close to get just a portion of it,  the artwork takes on new meaning. Now it's about line and color.
 There were musical instruments being played and sold.

The displays were artistic and the instruments exciting. DH has just begun guitar lessons again as an adult.
He is having a great time learning.
Musical notes vibrate at the same frequency as color
It's all good, and all makes us more creative.
Look at the odd instruments here...
The blue circle thing sounds like a marimba
 There were many options for dance.
We thoroughly enjoyed the tango lessons. The band would have been worth the cost of admission alone.

I interviewed a musician who played the bandoneon.
It's like a large concertina. He said he loved it from the time he touched one.

Like I felt with fabric.

These are two friends that we often dance with at contras. Lindsey and Elliott. Such style.

Over the afternoon we also attended two contra dance segments, a cajun zydeco session, a hambo (Swedish dance form) lesson,

that was really the hardest form I tried all day

And my husband tried his hand (or foot) at

That's him in the white shoes, stomping, clapping posing! Ole!

The leader made a striking picture, all in black, with these red dancing shoes, flying and rhythmic. So different from other dance forms, so mesmerizing. Drew had a lot of fun. There was an 85 year old man next to him, who battles with spinal problems, nerve issues and doesn't let them stop him from the joy of dance!
Whew! We had to rest our widdle feet for a while after the flamenco!
to rest we watched these ladies doing some form of dance wearing clogs. Joanne? Seen this before?

We watched and listened to a variety of Morris Dancers jingling their bells, hitting their sticks, wearing masks or not. I skirted around them to get to a hand dye clothing person where I chose a new dance skirt in purples. It all comes down to color for me! Plus it had an uneven hemline, and was rayon which is cool.

We were really tired after 5 hours of dance and went looking for story telling, and concerts. We both fell in love with the band called The Squeezers. Three types of concertinas and a bass. The richness of sound they created entranced me totally. If I had heard in on a sound track, I would have had no idea it came from these 4 instruments. Rich. Layered. Like my quilts, it was full of light and dark, heavy and light, high and low. Resonant. Lovely. A great way to end a great day. We left tired and smiling.

Remember, my husband and I met dancing... a long time ago...


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  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a great way to spend a winters day!
    Your description of the music makes me want to see if I can find any of it on Youtube!
    There are a few international folk dancing groups here. I joined in for a few years when I first moved here. Fun!
    I reccognised those white shoes immediately!
    Take care,

  4. what a lovely day painted in your words for us to enjoy and photos to view!
    sweet you two can dance a day away. and interveiw!
    will we get to see the new purple skirt someday?

  5. I had no idea dancing was so interesting and fun. I have three books about making those baskets. One day.....

  6. I love that you and your husband still go dancing together. Sounds like do much fun.

  7. That looks like so much fun. I'd love to try flamenco. My OH's idea of dancing is running on the spot!

  8. What a great day out - you guys seem to find the best things to do. Great picture of the coils - you are right, it's all line and colour.

  9. Looked like a ton of fun! Love Drews dance shoes!

  10. Sounds like an amazing day-thanks for sharing it with me!

  11. What fun to have a dancing husband! I didn't even know there were events like this; great combination of talents.

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