Monday, February 2, 2015

Dreaming of Sticks

 Cole here...
I don't know if you noticed but Winter is here.
This year there is snow and ice, and my people continue to groom my hair! It's outrageous!

Cutting my coat off when it's 20 degrees outside. Mommy made me several t-shirts out of fleece to replace my home-grown fleece that she says begins to smell after a month.

 Sheesh you pee on your leg a few times...

 Check out the ice flow.

There's a glacier in the making.

Even a poodle's sure foot will slip here.

While walking along the tundra, I spy the cutest tiniest little stick.
A TASTY looking stick.

Being on the Stick-Relocation-Team, I picked it up to transport to the correct location.
Then I noticed just how, umm, yum... tasty it was.

My people started yelling at me for eating it. I mean, who could resist it???
They didn't want to eat it, so why shouldn't  I??
 Eeek it's hard walking on ice! Builds up an appetite!

Anyway... They made such a stink about it. Mommy pulled it out of my mouth, how undignified.
She threw it away and yelled about splinters and vets and "what's wrong with you Cole?!" and what a scene.
Anyway, when we got home, I found another stick to eat in the yard. I was right into it when here came DADDY this time. "Cole knock it off!" dragging the stick out of my mouth.

People are annoying.
I ate some kibble and decided to sleep it off. Tomorrow's another day.
Dreaming of sticks

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  1. Will they ever get it? Geez....... DiNozzo and McGee

  2. Lol. Sherman is dreaming of the same thing because the snow ate all his sticks ;)

  3. Kilo misses sticks too on this snowy monday.

  4. We don't get why humans don't want us to eat stuff they won't even taste!!

  5. Oh, you look so cute in your sweatshirt, Cole! Thank you for explaining about the Stick Relocation Team! Obviously Rita is on the team, but she never explained that to me!

  6. Jackson is with ya buddy!! He just discovered an old bone in a pile of melted he's pretty happy right now....but also doesn't prefer to walk on the ice either. :)

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    "Walk softly and cary a big stick" has many meanings!
    Cole looks very good in his winter gear!
    Would love to have you here at a retreat! The same, I would just love to sign up for a few of your courses! Who knows what the coming years will bring!
    Succes with that bed quilt!
    Take care,

  8. Thankfully no snow here but one of the pet shops near us sells wooden toys - mad! I'm with you on the splinters!

  9. LOL! My little sis Bailie loves to eat sticks. Mom is always taking them away from her and throwing them far away. Be careful on the ice. Snow is fun, ice is not.

  10. ROFLOL, that is probably exactly what he thought.

  11. Sticks can be the coolest toys ever! At least you and Harley think so!

  12. Poodles have such a character about them. I love how they prance about, so proud.

  13. You poor pup. Sounds like mommy needs to get you a hoof from Jones. That'll keep you from picking up random sticks. Just make sure to carry it with you everywhere you go.

  14. We had to put a stop to Ziva and sticks're mommy and dad are right! They can be dangerous, poor Ziva got a stick, took off running and it stabbed her in the back of the throat!
    We had to make an immediate vet trip to make sure she didn't tear anything, thank goodness she was ok. But she was not a happy puppy for a few days.

  15. We don't know what the deal is with our peeps and sticks! Geesh!!!

  16. Hey! Here is Ziva's stick incident. :-) Email addy is at the top of my page on the right of your screen.