Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine Dance Adventure

On Valentine's day we got all gussied up and went to a special dance.
The Baltimore Folk Music Society (bfms) has an all day dance on V-day each year, in a lovely church called St Marks on the Hill. We arrived in time to take the Swing dance lesson. Then went on to couple dances and an advanced Contra.

We learned some new moves and got a chance to dance with new people and long time friends.

The committee decorated the church to look very cozy and cheerful.

It reminded me of old time birthday parties growing up in Fl.

We'd go to outdoor pavilions, hang lanterns and crepe paper streamers and play music on portable record players  for parties. As a child it was magical and this reminded me of that feeling.

As the day went on, it began to snow. So pretty looking out the leaded windows and seeing snow.
We had looked at the forecast and weren't worried as it wasn't supposed to accumulate.
In Severna Park.   However...
We were currently north of Baltimore.
When we left the dance mid way at 7 pm (before the chocolate contest and evening contra) it was ramping up to white-out conditions and the road was thick with snow already.

We crept along the Baltimore beltway at 30 miles an hour instead of the usual 65+ clinging to ruts from the car in front of us.You really couldn't see the lanes. Cars made one lane out of the usual 3.

 It was nerve wracking and got worse as we went. At one point the truck we were following started to skid, and right before our eyes hit a car already stranded in front of them.

Due to Drew's good driving we were able to stop, and thankful to our angels, the car behind us was able to stop as well. It was unnerving to watch something like that in slow motion, and  hearing the sound.
We made it home,  a normal 45 min drive turning into 2 hours,   happy that we were safe.
Y'all be careful out there... it's a wily winter! 


  1. You're lucky you got home within two hours with no scratches, and no dents. That sounds like a fun dance party.

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Winter roads, Valentine's activities....February! Brings back memories! So good to hear you made it home safely!
    Take care,

  3. It is 70 sunny degrees here at QuiltCon!!!!!!

  4. Glad you made it back in one piece. Sound like you wont't forget this Valentine's Day in a hurry.

  5. So glad you were safe. Careful husbands are a blessing.

  6. Good to hear you're safe but sound like the dance was worth it. We tend to get in a rut or at least I do. Doing things like this will keep the love strong :-)

  7. Wonderful evening with a scary ending. I'm so glad you are home safe with Cole. It was fun to catch up on all your recent posts today.

  8. Fun dance. Glad you made it home safe to Cole!