Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Well, red is a color...

 What's wrong with this picture?
Cole's porch bed cover has blown off?
There is a box in the chair?
The cardinal is INSIDE the screened in porch?!
 That's it!

Cole and I were chillin' in the Family room, I was having another cuppa coffee, he was watching the yard, and

A flash of a brilliant orange-ish red on the porch.

What!?! Poodle alert!
 I tapped on the sliding glass door, and the gorgeous cardinal f-r-e-a-k-e-d out!
Maybe it could see the  predator 8 feet away, and hear the high pitched whining thru the door.

It was beautiful, and all shades of red,  and in full blown panic. It could not remember how to get out! 

I COULD remember the time a bird flew into the house thru our front door, thru the living room up the stairs and into the open office upstairs.

It was a looooong night. We ran up, it flew downstairs. We went down it passed up flying back up to the office.

No rescue organization was interested in helping.

 I finally got an idea. They are attracted to light, so we turned off the overhead light, shown a flashlight on the floor and it went for it, I threw a blanket over and we re-located the bird outside.

Meanwhile, the poodle is running up and down the stairs in a frenzy of frustration! Barking. He almost never barks. (news flash, if you're a hunter, you don't bark and warn the prey)
Cole leaves the porch door open when he goes out to the yard and critters sometimes find their way inside the porch. It always causes a ruckus. I mean that bird was pacing around on Cole's bed.

Cole was not amused.

He looked at me, and I didn't need a psychic to tell me what he was thinking.
"Oy! My mother is the WORST hunter EVER! Open the door!!!
All I could see happening was Cole getting covered in bird poop. Oy for reals!

Luckily when our collective backs were turned, in prep to deal with this, the cardinal left the building.


  1. So glad the cardinal left peacefully :) One evening when our book club was meeting (during the summer) a hummingbird found it's way inside the clubhouse. That poor little thing just kept flapping those wings trying to figure out how to leave those premises. We finally did a similar thing with the lights. We opened the door and stood in the dark and finally that little guy made his way toward the outside lights. We waited, though, and watched .. our heads going like we were at a tennis match, for about 45 minutes. First he flew to one side of the room, then the other, then back. He had quite the stamina to fly all that time .. practice for crossing the Gulf of Mexico in the fall I guess.

    Then there was the time we had a squirrel in the basement .. but that's another story for another time :) Pat

  2. At least it wasn't a bat. My friend had a bat fly in and up to her craft room. They are a protected animal.

  3. Oh My! You do lead exciting lives. We had a rattlesnake in the bedroom in this house but never a bird! Yet........

    My mother had a pigeon in the walls, had to tear out two walls to get to it.

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a way to get a few great photo's of a Cardinal!
    That's getiing really close to nature!
    Take care,

  5. What a great shot! Mom never would have pulled that off! BOL!

  6. I have had to capture bats to get them out of the house but never a song bird! That was quick thinking-- turn your back and let the bird escape lol.

  7. so glad he escaped! we had a bird stuck inside one night and the biggest problem was that there's a window above our front door, so every time we shone the light outside to try to lure him out, he would try to bang through the window...

  8. Such a trauma when a bird gets in the house! Even if it is s beautiful Cardinal.

  9. Wow, that would have been some excitement.