Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cole remembers walks

Cole remembers when we used to walk...

Now it's just trudging through the ice and snow, in the middle of the street, where a poodle still slips on ice.
Mostly with the Daddy as the Mommy is less able to stay vertical on ice.

While I have you here, I'll tell you a little story. Both my humans were sick again this week so I had more back yard time than usual. As I was looking out the porch door, who do I see but more birds.

Okay, I might have left the porch screen door open again... this time TWO cardinals came in for a tour of the porch. A couple shopping for a new home. Big fat red one and big fat brown one.

 He mainly hopped around on my bed, unable to find his way out of the 'hood (porch) The lady cardinal panicked when she noticed me. Flinging herself against the screen over and over.

Duh the door is thataway.

She finally settled down on the fake tree next to my bed.
I guess they are looking to settle down somewhere and raise some eggs.
 I was unimpressed.

 After all, if you've seen one bird on the porch you've seen 'em all. Old story. Poodles need new stories which we'd find IF we ever do a real walk again. Cole
story of the First Cardinal adventure CLICK HERE


  1. Hi Cole and people!
    One day the snow and ice will melt away!
    Bringing with it new adventures and poodle chances!
    Take care,
    Don't chew the shoes!

  2. Enjoyed your story Cole! That pink cow is fabulous... Sandi

  3. You and Cole tell the best stories! Every time I see a red cardinal in the winter against the snow, it's a shock. I never get over how beautiful they are.
    Loved your pink cows from yesterday.

  4. I can't wait for all of this snow and ice to melt either Cole .... and this bitter cold needs to end... Brrrrrrrrr!

  5. Walks?! It's been way too long for us to remember! Happy WW!

  6. Always love the voice of Cole. He needs to be down here so he can walk and walk to his heart's content. Tons of happy chirping cardinals here too!

  7. Tell Cole, Harley is in the same funk. He found a patch of grass yesterday and almost lost his mind. BOL

  8. I can't imagine how traumatic it must be for dogs and their owners when their ground is snow covered for days. I read that putting down a child's swimming pool and then (when the dog wants to go out) turning it back to expose some grass works. Of course maybe not with as much snow as some areas have had.Sorry Cole's people have been sick!

  9. Oh, Poor Cole not getting to go for walks! And the nerve of those birds coming in to taunt you. (The pics from the other cardinal "visit" were amazing. Love cardinals - we don't have them here. Glad you could get him outside! We've had a bird in the house a couple of times, and it always freaks me (and the dog) out!

  10. The birds here are hunkering down in our carport to keep our of the cold cold rain. They freak me out whenever I walk out the back door! I guess i freak them out too though.

    I love love love the cows! And I kinda like that heart as well. Definitely eyelashes, definitely!

  11. Hi Y'all!

    Hope your humans are well soon so you can go back to having great walking adventures.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Hopefully you can go walking again soon!