Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tiffany's Tote

Size 13" wide by 15" long by 4" deep
I showed you the nurses fabric collected to make my niece Tiffany a tote bag. I had a half yard of black and two quarter yards of the others.

The tote came out so cute! The picture isn't great but the bag is. If I were a nurse I'd want it!

One side has a quilted pocket with cool sayings on it.

This is the other side.

I used peltex stabilizer for body, including the straps.
I covered a strip of stabilizer with red fabric, sewed lines of quilting to support it.

The band aid fabric is pieced in with a little flange of white, to remind you of old time crisp white nurses hats.

It stands out a bit, can't see it in pics but it does.

I pretty much used up all the fabric.

I had a little bit of the words fabric left so I made up a little zipper bag pattern. Thanks to my friend pugmom for showing me how to do the zipper end covers. tutorial

I lined it with some hearts because I love her.
I taught her to quilt when she was about 8. We were at the fabric store, and when I asked if I was buying the fabric in her hands she asked, " well, who gets the scraps if you buy it? " 

a peek into the insides
  Want to see the fabric my friend (link Maggie Winfield)  sent me from her fabric romp through LA.
It was a double surprise seeing something in the mail from Maggie, and seeing doggie fabric! Love it, love her!! Thank you for making me feel special, Maggie!
Yesterday I got this in the mail
A piece of hand inked, screen printed special fabric from my friend Lisa Filion (
I was visiting her blog, and saw her playing with color and mentioned I sure would love this.

 She sent it to me! Wowie! Lucky me and now I need to make something fun with it. To remind me that it may be raining ice today. I may still be coughing. I may have a studio disaster area, but I also have some great friends.

Have you ever wished you could set up a special little neighborhood with all your special friends living nearby? Ahh, if I were queen....


  1. Wowza! I love the bag..and the zip bag is awesome. You did an amazing job. She is gonna love it:-)

  2. Lucky niece. If I was a nurse I'd want it too.

  3. great nurse tote and back story.
    yes, and ifif you were in my neighborhood, i would be blissed out!
    and shortly be borrowing a cuppa....

  4. Wow! LeeAnna! That was a quick project! You just showed us the fabric!
    Looks great!
    At least we have blog land and emails to keep connected!
    Take care,

  5. I love the tote! and the fabrics are so cute! I love novelty fabrics! Glad the tea cup arrived! It would be fun to live in art/craft filled neighborhood of friends! Have a great week!

  6. The nurse fabric is just great -- and the tote turned out so well. What a special gift!

  7. So fun projects! Thanks for sharing those fun fabrics, I have people in the medical profession in my family and now I know which fabric to use in their next christmas presents ;)

  8. Lovely tote! I love the doggy fabric though!

  9. Lol! Aughhh if we were queen is gathering all our bffs on one neighborhood would be so fun!!! Afternoon tea at a different spot everday! to say love the nurse tote and especially the fabric! (Bandaids❤️)She is going to wear this one out for sure! IM inspired to watch out for teacher fabric now!