Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pink Quartz Rocks

 I am a writer. I say that because I like to write, I love words, and I am writing so I define myself that way.
My writing assignment today was to describe something normal, or ordinary in your yard. This is what I wrote:                           Pink Quartz Rocks
 The object is to really see an object.    I choose to see my pink quartz rocks.
We bought these from a quarry years ago. Back so long ago when  our house and yard were new to us.
We had dreams... and felt it was worth effort to make it our dream home. We only lacked money.

So we improved our yard with our hands, until it felt like an outside home.
We had sections of beauty, lighting, vistas, focal points.
The pink quartz stones were special. Different. They represented individuality, comfort, beauty. NEST.
Every year they are the focal point between two tall oaks, mostly trunks in view as they are old. They frame the pink rocks.
Ferns were planted, and have surrounded the rocks. Graceful, dancing in the shade. Lovely and filling the empty space with a sense of fairies and magic.
Plaster angels... white then gray as they aged. Wings broken by playful dogs and storms, they still watch the rocks.
An ordinary stone wall was added, surrounding the area lending an air of safety.
An old lotus shaped fountain no longer working was moved between the trees beyond the rocks. So lovely the shape, it also grows gray with the years. A metal heron sculpture stands rusting nearby. Four solar light globes on stands come on at night after the rocks cannot be seen. The globes change color sometimes in unison, sometimes it varies. They lend another sense of magic into the evening. These sentinels glow through winter when barren is the adjective and we are nestled inside viewing from a back door. Still they glow, right on time.
The pink quartz rocks started it all. A white metal sculpture of a word stands just to the side now, but one's eyes are drawn to it... Hope.
Pink quartz rocks size of bowling balls. More emanating pink than actual pink. Faceted like engagement rings of the Earth.


  1. You probably already know that rose quartz is called the heart stone for its healing qualities. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Your garden is lovely.

  2. Such a pretty garden, LeeAnna! Looks so inviting!

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    The writing with those photo's is so inviting! I just want to come over and visit! Your garden looks great! Big trees, ferns, ornaments! Love it!
    Take care,

  4. Hi LeeAnna, I love your garden, I love the pink quartz but most I admire the ways you define yourself, with your words and with your art.