Sunday, August 31, 2014

As for fabric stores along the way...

I was like a little quilter bee, pollinating fabric stores along the way on our trip. Another little guilty secret? We make sure we leave enough time to visit Pennington Quilt Works near Princeton on the first day.It's a large store with  the latest in everything. A big sale section too, although this time it was full of modern designer's lines that don't excite me. I have bought many a $5 book there on sale and deeply discounted kits but not this time. Still I got this:
I couldn't resist the orange and black stripe to bind this year's skeleton halloween quilt. The winter prints are fat quarters and so so so cute. I like cute. 
Remember you can click on pictures to see details, I recommend it!
At Old City Quilts in Burlington NJ, another candy store of everything you will want I confined myself to the sale on Christmas fabric at 5 dollars a yard. Oh, yes, and the reg price stonehenge...
 The next day we had to stop in Selkirk NY for my other favorite store, Log Cabin Quilts. The owner is so dog loving she lets Cole come in and recline while watching over my choices... I got these fabrics, all but one on sale and the Adirondak pattern. I think I will be able to make all these quilts this life... wonder if you can hide a stash, and commit the location to memory so you can find it next life???
Here's a close up of one of those fabrics but the camera didn't capture the awesome gold sparkliness of the circles. It's heart poundingly wonderful

 At Ballston Spa near Saratoga, there is a really fun little shop, always full to bursting with stuff I want. There are shelves and shelves of sale fabric, which I looked through and decided on this stonehenge with gold metallic. This time getting a whopping 2 yards as it was such a great price. The halloween fabrics were too cute, and the blue will go in the final hexies of my enormous kind sized hexie quilt. See I "needed" it.
I finally remembered to get a row by row pattern, missed that at several shops.
 The Joyful Quilter was a must see on our way home. I used to go to this shop in Woodstock NY and kept missing it after they moved. It is so cool now, all big and light and airy. Lots of bargains here, the whole store was 20% off that day! Even the scrap bag, (I know, I know, don't I have enough scraps?) which held 6 fat quarters as well as lots of batiks in 4 inch or larger strips all for 4 bucks! I gathered a couple more halloween prints because they were too cute to leave.
We went to Adirondak Quilts in Glens Falls and I can't find my purchase, it could be mixed in with these other pictures. That's a great store, lots of sales, lots of patterns not to be found anywhere else. The owners have two little doggie greeters who stole my heart.
 I might have gotten these there... What a fun trip squeezing in fabric stores along the way. I love a fabric store and know you do too!


  1. We firmly believe that one can never have enough scraps, let alone too many.

  2. Looks like you spent a very productive holiday. Lucky you to fit so many fabric shops into your trip.

  3. nice haul! you were in my neck of the woods... Glens Falls! Hope you made it to the lake!

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    Looks like your car was full of great holiday purcahases by the time you got home! Well done for "see, buy, drive"! You really enjoyed your time out on the road!
    At the airport here, they have "see, buy, fly" on their duty free bags!
    Take care,