Wednesday, August 20, 2014

why is he doing this?

Why does he love to lick my knees? And mostly the right knee. Does he know something I don't know? Is he trying to heal my PCL tear?

Then he laughs! Gotcha mama!


  1. Cole the comedian! He is either kissing your knee and saying, "Mama you are so sweet," or he is licking your leg and laughing because he is saying, "Mama, I slimed you with doggie drool!" Your choice or it could depend on Cole's day. Romeo likes to give you a little kiss on the back of your calf (probably because he couldn't reach our knees unless he had a step ladder).

  2. Aren't we lucky our animals love us??!! One of my kittens likes to knead (that pinching motion) my neck, preferably in the middle of the night. I hold her paws to get her to stop and we have a little cuddle before I make her go and find her sister to curl up with.